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  • Activity mat
    A quilted floor mat with toys dangling from an arch. These are great for gazing at, reaching for and kicking. Perfect for tummy time.
  • Air Purifier
    Also known as an air cleaner, this is an appliance that cleans the air by removing impurities.
  • All– Terrain stroller
    Three-wheeled stroller, built for a smoother ride on all types of surfaces. Front swivel wheel allows for easy maneuvering through urban streets or suburban malls.
  • Angle Indicators
    Device that lets parents know whether the car seat is appropriately positioned and at the right level of incline on the vehicle seat.
  • Applique
    A pattern or design that has been cut out of one fabric, and sewn on another fabric with a "satin stitch" (a very tight and smooth zig zag stitch). Appliqued items give a wonderful dimensional and custom look, especially when compared to bedding designs with screen printed or stamped themes.
  • Audio monitors
    Monitors that allow you to hear your baby. Most include a visual sound display, which will alert you even if you've turned the volume down too low to hear.


  • Backless booster seat
    Booster seat that uses the vehicle's restraints as the child's seat belt. If your vehicle does have head support, a backless booster is fine. However, some younger children prefer a high back style, as the side "wings" allow for more sleep support.
  • Base
    A solid plastic frame that holds and locks in the infant carrier. The base can remain in the car or travel along with the infant carrier (see detachable base).
  • Bassinet
    A basket– like bed for babies from birth to a few months that keeps them feeling comfy, cozy and secure.
  • Bathtub
    Plastic basin that's just the right size to keep little wet bodies from slipping and sliding.
  • Bedding set
    A bedding ensemble that will fit a standard crib with the approximate dimensions of 28" X 52".
  • Bibs
    A bib is a garment worn hanging from the neck onto the chest to protect clothing from spills and food.
  • Booster chair
    An ideal solution for toddlers who have outgrown their high chair, but aren't quite ready to sit in a regular chair. They provide your child with the independence he wants while keeping him safe and secure.
  • Booster seat
    Used forward– facing in the car with the car's seat belt rather than the LATCH system. Available with or without back. For kids about 4 to 8 years old, weighing approximately 40– 80lbs. (Use until car's seat belt fits child properly, typically until children reach 4'9" in height.)
  • Booster seat (Toddler/Youth)
    Used forward– facing in the car. Weight range is approximately 20– 40lbs plus. Some convert into a belt– positioning booster seat for children 40– 80lbs.
  • Bootie
    A bootie (or bootee) is a short soft sock or boot– like garment used for warmth or protection. Booties for babies are usually thick and knitted, to keep the baby's feet warm.
  • Bottle brush
    A long, skinny tool with bristles for cleaning baby bottles.
  • Bouncer
    A cushioned seat that bounces and can be entertaining or calming for a child.
  • BPA
    The chemical bisphenol A is found in many plastic products, including some baby bottles and its health consequences are controversial. buybuy BABY's feeding department is BPA– free.
  • Breast ointments/gel pads
    Soothes cracked and sore nipples resulting from breast feeding.
  • Breast pads
    Slip right into your bra to help absorb milk and prevent leaks.
  • Breast pump
    A device that extracts milk from the breasts of a lactating woman– available in manual and electric versions.
  • Bumper
    A crib bumper is a pad that lines the inside of a crib and is the same height all the way around. Crib Bumpers should have both top and bottom ties and come in fabric and breathable versions.
  • Bunting
    A warm and cozy jacket for a baby.
  • Burp cloths
    Small soft cloths used to clean up spit-up when a baby is being burped.


  • Car Lighter Adapter
    Allows you to charge your breast pump while on-the-go.
  • Car seat cover
    These covers fit over the entire car seat, protecting the seat from spills and crumbs while also making it easy to change the look of your seat. They are usually machine washable.
  • Carrier
    A baby wearing product that holds your baby close. Great for retaining use of your hands while still bonding with your baby.
  • Changer/dresser
    A dresser that doubles as a changing table, saving you space.
  • Changing pad
    Soft, secure place for diaper changes. Straps to a dresser or changing table.
  • Changing table
    A small raised platform designed to allow a person to change a baby's diaper.
  • Childproof
    Made safe for young children, as by the removal or alteration of potential hazards.
  • Cleaning wipes
    These are great for cleaning your breast pump, toys, or even sticky fingers anytime, anywhere.
  • Cloth diapers
    An alternative to disposable diapers; cloth diapers can be washed and reused.
  • Coils
    Wire is turned in a circular direction to produce a mattress coil. There are several types of coils used in crib mattresses– double cone coils, barrel coils and pillar coils. The heavier the gauge of steel, the better and more durable the mattress.
  • Comforter
    A box– quilted type of blanket with non– allergenic resin– free poly– fill that coordinates or complements a crib bedding set. Dimensions of crib comforters are approximately 38" x 48", depending on the edging. For the early months of infancy, a comforter should not be used directly on or under the baby. However, later on in the toddler stage, a quilt can be a very comforting item for the child. They identify with the theme or colors and it gives them a feeling of security which they have become accustomed to with their nursery decor.
  • Convertible car seat
    Can be used rear or forward-facing. The longer the baby stays rear-facing, the better. Weight range is approximately 5– 40lbs plus.
  • Convertible crib
    A crib that grows along with your baby, changing first into a toddler bed and then into a full– size bed.
  • Corner/Edge bumpers
    A childproofing item placed on the corners of furniture.
  • Co– sleeper
    A small bed that either lies on top of your bed or attaches to the side of it, with sturdy sides to keep you from rolling over onto your infant while you sleep; a convenient and a safer way for your baby to sleep with you.
  • Cradle
    Similar to a bassinet or crib in that they are all types of small baby beds, cradles are typically used for a baby's first six months before they transition to their own crib in their own nursery. Baby cradles are often built on rockers allowing for gentle, soothing motions that babies and small children enjoy while sleeping.
  • Cradle bedding
    Bedding designed to fit standard– size cradle mattresses, which measure approximately 18" x 36".
  • Cradle cap
    Infantile seborrheic dermatitis. A condition when a baby's scalp has flaky, dry skin that looks like dandruff, or thick, oily, yellowish or brown scaling or crusting patches; Commonly seen in infants to 12 months.
  • Crib mattress
    A good quality mattress provides the proper support for growing bones. See innerspring mattress and/or foam mattress.
  • Crib rails
    Necessary to convert a convertible crib to a toddler and/or full– size bed.
  • Customizable safety gate
    For oddly shaped spaces. Sections connect in different configurations to block off an area or to create a free– standing secure play area.


  • Density
    This is a measurement of polyurethane foam (used in mattresses). Density refers to the weight of one cubic foot of foam. There are no industry standards for what is identified as "high density" or "super high density". However, the greater the weight of the foam the better the mattress will be.
  • Detachable base
    Can be left in the car or at home. A car seat snaps easily in and out but the seat is also usable without the base.
  • Developmental toys
    Play time is not just fun for baby, it is also time for them to learn and develop key skills necessary for growth. Toys and interaction are the tools of play, and choosing the right ones to match the age and development needs of baby is important.
  • Diaper bag
    A diaper bag, or nappy bag, is a storage bag with many pocket– like spaces, big enough to carry everything needed by someone taking care of a baby on a typical short outing.
  • Diaper pail
    A pail for discarding diapers; helps reduce odors, limits your trips to the outside garbage can, and helps to keep the nursery germ– free.
  • Diaper pail liner
    A waterproof bag that dirty diapers are stored in until washing (cloth diapers) or disposing.
  • Diaper rash
    Also called "diaper dermatitis," a diaper rash is a skin inflammatory reaction localized to the area usually covered by the diaper. It can have many causes including infections, chemical allergies (perfumes, soaps), sweat and plugging of sweat glands
  • Diaper Stacker
    A decorative item used to store diapers– either cloth or disposable. Diaper stackers usually hang near or on the changing or dressing table for convenience and will make diaper changing easier. Diaper stackers should not hang on the crib.
  • Door knob covers
    A childproof/safety item placed on door knobs to deter curious children from entering rooms or closets that might contain a danger.
  • Double/Multiple Stroller
    A stroller that accommodates more than one baby or child. Can be double, triple, quad or sit– n– stand model. Available as side– by– side or a tandem.
  • Dual firmness mattress
    Has a firm side for infants, to help reduce the risk of breathing issues and help promote bone growth. Can be flipped to the other side, for a slightly less firm feel for children over one year, to maintain support but add more comfort for the older child.
  • Dust Ruffle / Crib Skirt
    Crib skirts are decorative in nature and hang below the crib mattress area to hide unsightly crib hardware and storage areas under some cribs.


  • Entertainer
    Seat inside a wide frame decked out with cool toys to explore. May swivel or bounce.
  • ExerSaucer
    A brand name of the stationary play centers made by Evenflo; modern name for a stationary play center. See Stationary Play Center.


  • Feeding set
    Includes extra feeding bottles, caps and nipples.
  • Five point harness
    An option when purchasing car seats: two shoulder straps, two hip straps, one strap between legs.
  • Flame resistant/retardant fabric
    Must not ignite easily and must self– extinguish quickly when removed from a flame in order to meet the government's flammability requirements. Found in children's sleepwear, flame resistant fabrics are designed to protect children.
  • Frame stroller
    Similar to a travel system, but the "stroller" is just a frame for the car seat. When the baby outgrows the car seat, she'll need another stroller.
  • Front-facing car seat
    When your child has reached the weight and age limit, he or she can have their car seat turned so that they, like you, are facing the front of the car. You can buy a front facing car seat or a combination seat with this option.
  • Full size stroller
    Features a fully– reclining seat and/or an attachable bassinet. Many have a car seat adapter you can buy and some offer expandability options for siblings. Typically easy to fold with ample storage.


  • Gauge of steel
    Wire is measured differently than most other items. With wire, as the number gets lower the thicker the wire is. For example, a 6 gauge border rod is heavier and has more steel than a 9 gauge border rod. Likewise, a 12.5 gauge coil is heaver than a 13.5 gauge coil. With steel, smaller is better.
  • Glider
    A gliding chair for feeding, story time and cuddling.


  • Hamper
    Holds soiled baby clothes. May match your bedding pattern.
  • Hard– mounted safety gate
    The most secure gate and the only one for use at the top of stairs. Screws into doorframes, wall studs, sheetrock, or stair railings with mounting kit.
  • Harness
    The car seat straps that keep baby snuggly and safely within their car seat. Not to be used on their own to secure baby.
  • Harness adjusters
    These allow you to position the harness securely and safely while it prevents the restraints from moving or twisting. Adjusters should rest parallel with baby's armpits.
  • Harness covers
    Soft material that wraps around the harness, usually at shoulder level, to prevent harness from 'digging in' to baby.
  • Head support
    A soft pillow– like pad that surrounds the baby's head. Meant for car seats, infant seats, and can be used in strollers. Keeps baby's head secure.
  • High back booster seat
    If your vehicle has low seat backs or does not have any head restraints, you will need a high back booster to provide whiplash protection for your child.
  • High chair
    A piece of furniture used for feeding older babies and younger toddlers. Allows baby to join at the table.
  • Humidifier
    Regulates air humidity for comfortable breathing, especially when baby has a cold.
  • Hutch
    Optional storage unit that sits on a dresser for extra storage.


  • Infant car seat
    To be used rear-facing only. Offers best fit protection and portability for newborns. Weight range is approximately 5– 20lbs plus.
  • Infant spoon
    Eating utensil made for putting mushy foods into little mouths. Has a soft tip for gentle gums and budding teeth.
  • Infantile seborrheic dermatitis
    Infantile seborrheic dermatitis See cradle cap.


  • Jogger stroller
    Three– wheeled stroller featuring a hand brake and either a fixed front wheel or a lockable swivel front wheel. Check with your pediatrician before beginning to jog with your baby (typically okay once baby has reached six months or older).




  • L.A.T.C.H.
    Stands for Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children, which refers to a way of securing the car seat to the vehicle with straps or tethers.
  • Layette
    A full set of cute clothes and soft accessories in very small sizes. Includes such things as little blankets, shirts with snaps, and one– piece outfits with feet.
  • Leveler
    A long, round, pillow-like device that rests on the vehicle seat to even out the car seat and prevent it from leaning too far one way.


  • Microwave sterilizer bags
    Kills germs on bottles, caps, nipples, pacifiers and breast pump accessories.
  • Mobile
    A hanging structure with shapes that move on currents of air or batteries. Wildly entertaining for babies and for anyone who loves to see them smile.
  • Monitor
    A device that allows you to hear and/or see your baby from another room. Offers peace of mind for the parent.


  • Nappy bag
    See diaper bag.
  • Newborn Mittens
    Newborn babies have paper– thin nails that, while soft and pliable, can easily scratch a baby's sensitive skin. Newborn baby mittens are a helpful way to keep the baby from scratching themselves.
  • Night sight
    A car mirror system designed to allow you to see baby in the back seat while driving at night.
  • Nursing bra
    Provides extra support and easy access while breast feeding.
  • Nursing cover
    Keeps things under wrap while you're nursing in public.
  • Nursing pillow
    Pillow that wraps around the midsection. Positions baby so breastfeeding is comfortable for nurser and nursee.
  • Nursing stool
    Helps you maintain a comfortable position while breastfeeding.


  • Onesie
    A onesie is the trademarked one– piece undershirt available only through Gerber.

    Also known as a baby bodysuit, it is a common piece of baby clothing that usually snaps both at the shoulder and between the legs. You'll also see it referred to as a "baby snap suit."

    Designed to accommodate easy diaper changes, these t– shirts are usually sold in packs of three, and are available in both long and short– sleeve varieties.

  • Organic cotton
    Organic cotton baby clothes are manufactured without the use of toxic chemicals. This means that, while in the manufacturing process, the clothes will not be subjected to dyes or bleaches, nor will they be sprayed with formaldehyde to preserve their "fresh look" before shipping.


  • Personal shops
    An escorted walk through our store with an expert registry consultant, who will answer your questions and provide education and recommendations for all you will need to prepare for life with baby.
  • Play saucer
    See Stationary Play Center.
  • Playard
    Portable piece of furniture with nylon mesh sides. Lets your baby sleep or play in a safe environment absolutely anywhere.
  • Portable/Mini Crib/
    Portacrib Set
    A bedding set that will fit a travel or mini crib with the dimensions of approximately 24" x 38". A 3– piece portable crib bedding set includes the bumper, sheet and blanket.
  • Pressure mounted safety gate
    Good for blocking access. A pressure bar locks it firmly between door jams. No tools needed.




  • Rain shield
    Designed for infant carriers, they cover the baby from the rain and zip up around the carrier.
  • Rear-facing car seat
    Larger car seats for when baby has outgrown the infant carrier, but still must remain rear facing. You can purchase a rear facing or a combination seat.
  • Recall
    When a product has been called back by the manufacturer because a defect or problem has been identified. It is important to fill out your warranty card in case a recall is necessary.
  • Receiving blanket
    Blankets that are wrapped around infants soon after they are born.
  • Registry Time Savers
    A tool designed to help make registering easier. Time Savers allow the expectant parent to scan the basics and essentials without having to walk around the store.
  • Restraints
    Seat belts that hold the child or the car seat in place.


  • Safety mirrors
    Mirrors that attach to your car visor so that you may see baby in the back seat while you are driving.
  • Seat protectors
    A plastic guard to protect the vehicle seat from any sort of damage from the car seat. Rests between vehicle seat and car seat.
  • Seat shade
    A device that shields baby's car seat from the hot sun while your car is parked.
  • Size limit
    The height and weight restrictions placed upon individual car seats. Not all car seats have the same height and weight limits so be sure to look for this information.
  • Sleeper
    Also known as a gown, sleepers have soft elastic at the bottom which makes midnight diaper changes more bearable.
  • Sling
    A wide swath of fabric worn across your torso and over one shoulder; a good hands– free option that allows you to do other things while keeping your child close by.
  • Sound machine
    Provides soothing sounds to relax baby.
  • Stationary Play Center
    A play center that helps baby learn to stand while enjoying built– in toys and activities; only should be used once baby has gained head and neck control.
  • Storage bags
    Specifically made for freezing and storing breast milk.
  • Swaddling
    An age– old practice of wrapping a baby very tightly so limbs are restricted. Swaddling is known to provide warmth and comfort to newborns.
  • Swing
    A free– standing unit that imitates the rhythmic rocking motion of the womb and works magic on some cranky babies.


  • Tether straps
    Anchors that attach to the vehicle and the car seat so that the car seat is more secure. (Many vehicles now come with built in tethers; if not you should have one installed.)
  • Thermometer
    A device used to measure the temperature of a baby's body.
  • Three in One car seat
    A car seat that offers three options: rear-facing, front-facing, and booster.
  • Three point harness
    Has three straps: two at shoulders, one between legs.
  • Travel system
    Includes a stroller, infant car seat and car seat base that can be used together. Infant car seat goes straight from a car base into a stroller without disturbing sleeping baby. When baby outgrows the seat, you can use the stroller without it.
  • Travel toys
    Toys that easily attach to infant carriers and provide pleasure for the baby.


  • Umbrella stroller
    Lightweight stroller that is easy to carry, store, and steer in tight spaces.


  • Valance
    Window valances fit at the top of your window for decoration. The balloon valances may be stuffed with tissue for a "balloon" look or may hang straight. Dimensions are typically 18" x 84" and are designed to fit the large 2 1/2 inch curtain rod and can be stuffed or left to hang straight. Tab top valances measure approximately 64" x 16" and leave a generous 3" header.
  • Video/Audio monitors
    This type of monitor lets you see and hear your baby. Audio / video monitors consist of a small camera that you place on a table near the crib or mount to a wall and a small television or handheld television. Some models even have infrared cameras so that you can even view your baby in the dark.


  • Warranty
    Given by the manufacturer, it guarantees a product for specific uses for a given amount of time.
  • Weight limit
    The maximum capacity that the car seat can hold.
  • Wrap
    A wide piece of fabric usually worn around your body and over both shoulders – a good hands– free option that allows you to do other things while keeping your child close by.