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Safety 1st® 8-Pack Adhesive Magnetic Locks with Keys

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MrsWoggs . 3 years ago

This product allows safety without the eye sore of a regular lock. There's also a feature where you can turn them off so wouldn't necessarily have to take them out of the drawer one of my child is older. Super easy to install but they do take up a little bit of space.

Great product

Cal2017Tennessee . 3 years ago

Great design and easy to install.


LadyDi . 3 years ago

Easy to install and easy to use.

Simply THE BEST DESIGNED cupboard and drawer

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 4 years ago

I am very familiar with cabinet fittings, but I have to say that this is the best designed item; not only does it function very well, but the thought that has gone into designing a fool-proof method of installation is PURE GENIUS. Normal two part fixings are difficult to line up because they are on two seperate pieces of an opening cupboard or doors. These units come complete with a a device that lines up the 2 components easily and accurately. Safety first, first class

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Better Than I Expected

MamaMani . 4 years ago

Super easy to install/attach. Works better than I expected them to, however, a few of my cabinets are too thick for the magnet to catch so I didn’t install these locks on those cabinet doors. Overall, these have been a huge help in keeping my strong 1-year-old boy out of my cabinets for the past several months that these locks have been in use.

Hands down, best safety lock

Babyjeep . 4 years ago

This is the most well thought out design and installation process was so easy. My husband installed 16 of them in 30 min after the initial learning of the steps. It lines up perfectly and you don’t need to screw them in if you just want to use the adhesive. The only thing that we encountered was the backing of the adhesive was a little tricky to get off because of how sticky the adhesive is! A pair of tweezers made it easy! We will use these again if we need to add additional locks on cabinets.

Not Compatible With Many Cabinets

Lisa . 4 years ago

Huge issue to consider when purchasing these. The magnetic latch only works when it is not near any metal. This is a big problem if you have metal hardware near the latch or if you have wood cabinets put together with metal staples or if your cabinet is just plain metal. The concept is great but doesn’t work at all unless your drawer has no metal within about 2 inches of the install.

Perfectly Practical and Discreet!

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 4 years ago

These magnetic locks are amazing! Do not underestimate the strength of the adhesive on these locks. My husband stuck it on and it was just a tad crooked... when he tried to readjust it, he realized the lock was stuck. We couldn't take it off easily at all, so we left it. Thankfully, the lock was just barely crooked... nothing noticeable and you can't even see it from the outside anyway once the cabinets are closed. These are great for keeping your kitchen and bathrooms looking clean, neat, and tidy without the looks of obvious childproofing, not to mention these work and does the job amazingly. Thank you so much, Safety 1st!!! Awesome product!!!

LogoOriginally posted on safety1st.com

Easy to Install, Work Like a Charm

RJG22 . 4 years ago

These were very easy to install after following the instructions, and they worked great with our son. He would tug and tug on the locked cabinet door, but the lock would keep it shut. Could sometimes be a hassle to have to get the magnetic key to open, but for our child's safety, it's well worth the hassle. Much better than other locking systems.

Baby proofing lock that really works

Cocochies . 4 years ago

I purchased this product because I wanted to lock our kitchen cabinets without my 1yr old pulling and breaking the locks because he is very strong and most adhesive locks breaks and damages my cabinets. This product had great reviews and I am glad I gave it a try. It does as advertised and my cabinets looks nice since it is hidden inside. My baby boy can’t break them now, and I like the options that you can either set to lock or not. I do wish it came with more keys. Very easy to install. Very pleased with this product, best baby lock so far!

I have and will continue to buy this product again and again

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 4 years ago

Installed on all bathroom, laundry room and kitchen cabinets for the safety of my aunt who has Alzheimer's. Functioned perfectly. Were very easy to install. Highly effective in keeping her from continually accessing the cabinets during episodes of Sundowning.

LogoOriginally posted on safety1st.com

Love the product but Hate the lock & key Ratio!

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 4 years ago

I found this product to be a Great Solution to a problem my church group was having with trespassing. However, we were VERY Disappointment with the locks & key ratio. If the key gets misplaced, were screwed! We plan to contact the company to inquire about purchasing multiple keys only. It just seems like a no-brainer; what other type of lock is sold with only one key? None, absolutely none!

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I Didn't Lose the Key!

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 5 years ago

FYI, I received this product in exchange for my unbiased opinion. I wanted to wait a bit to write this review to see if I`d lose the key....Ha! And the good news is, I did NOT! We just kept the key in a top drawer next to the cabinets and made sure to put it back in that drawer immediately after we used it. I do wonder what happens to your cabinets if you lose the key though. I assume you just find a different magnet? They work great, though. They were a little intimidating to install with all the pieces, but it wasn`t so bad. And I like that you can`t see them from the outside at all. Only con is that the sticky back didn`t stick enough for a couple, but I just used the screws for reinforcement on those. And once you are past the age of baby proofing, it`s very easy to put some wood filler in the screw holes so they`re like new. I recommend these, for sure.

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happy customer

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 5 years ago

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased opinion. Magnets such as these are the only product that keeps kids out of cabinets. I`ve tried others and these are the types that I`ve been using through 6 kids and 9 years in my home. In the past I`ve used other brands and these function in a similar way, and I especially appreciated are the interchangeable keys. I was so excited to see the description that said no tools needed and was disappointed to find that the fine print said that for press-wood I would need a screwdriver. I wish the box would include this information. The instructions are clear and straight forward and relatively easy to assemble. It looks like it should hold up another 10 years. Overall, I am very happy with this product.

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Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 5 years ago

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased opinion. this product was nice and easy to use. good quality.

LogoOriginally posted on safety1st.com

Solid product

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 5 years ago

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased opinion. This product is such a cool idea, and it works really well. It's super nifty, sort of high tech (just sort of. I mean magnets...how do they work?) but after installing it I am REALLY REALLY nervous about this little unlocker going missing. Then what? Until then, it works great and isn't too hard to install at all. I have used this on my cleaning cupboards under the sink because I don't want to take any chances with that stuff.

LogoOriginally posted on safety1st.com

Great product and Great Idea

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 5 years ago

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased opinion. These locks prove to be pretty handy. We are not much for locks on anything in our house with our children because it seemed to be a pain each time you wanted to open a cabinet or a drawer. Even though you have to get a key with these ones it is much simpler and fingers do not get smashed trying to open something that should not be opened. The product is of good quality, but did prove a little more difficult to install and these locks did not fit on all of our cabinets and doors due to their size. BUT you can have them lock or keep them unlocked which is great for when your child doesn`t need the safety feature anymore. They were packaged well and easy to get in and out. They did include directions which were helpful, but as mentioned before the size is what proved to be more difficult. I would buy these for sure and recommend to a friend or family member. Great concept and great idea.

LogoOriginally posted on safety1st.com

Easiest child locks to install!

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 5 years ago

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased opinion. I`ve used several different types of child locks for my kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Having three children and lived in three different houses, we`ve had opportunity to try different options. These were certainly the easiest to install. I liked that I didn`t have to drill into the cabinets to install the locks, like some other magnetic locks require. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. I prefer the magnetic locks to those that require you to push a button and pull the locks apart. The magnets easily open and you can`t see the locks from the outside, which keeps my cabinets looking clean. I will be buying more of these to install on the rest of my cabinets, before my newborn gets to the age where he is getting into everything!

LogoOriginally posted on safety1st.com

Ward off invaders

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 5 years ago

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased opinion. I previously volunteered in a nursery that had magnetic cabinet locks and they were such a lifesaver! However, I was not interested in putting lifelong holes in our brand new cabinets so I was super excited to receive a strong adhesive version. Install was quick and simple without any special tools or know how. It`s nice to not have to jump up every time she gets close to the cabinets and she can safely use the handles to stand and cruise. We are careful to return the key to the same spot every time so it doesn`t run off and it`s simple enough for our kindergartener to use if she needs to get something. If you`re worried about guests not being able to use it you can simply disable the lock. I think if it withstands the test of time I would keep them on past my children being toddlers to use if a friend brings over a little one as well. The price is a little steep if you have a lot of cabinets but may be worth it if you have a really curious little one. Quality wise - it`s a well made product and will ward off any future invaders. I`d give it 5 stars if I got a few more bangs for my buck.

LogoOriginally posted on safety1st.com

A mommy must have

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 5 years ago

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased opinion. This item is a mommy must have!! I have a 7 month old that`s just starting to move around. Having the item gives me a sense of peace. I also have a tiny 6 year old that can`t figure out how to use it so it comes in handy with her as well. It`s extremely easy to attach and remove when needed. I would recommend this product to any mommy with a busy baby. Having a 12 year old I can say that baby proofing have taken a more secure and creative way of doing things now. It`s stylish and very innovative.

LogoOriginally posted on safety1st.com

Showing 1 - 20 out of 52 reviews