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Nanobebe 8 fl. oz. Breast Milk Bottle in Teal

24 Reviews

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24 reviews ·24 ratings


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customer reviews

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Danielle H. . 1 year ago

This was the 4th bottle we tried and our baby would finally drink from it.

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Brittany H. . 1 year ago

super fast shipping! can’t wait to use my products

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Shannequa H. . 1 year ago

I HIGHLY recommend this bottle to my breastfeeding moms!! IT was a MUST to add them to my girls Registry! And Boy am I glad I did these bottles are absolutely PERFECT when it comes to feeding the girls not only does is mimic the shape of the breast but it’s definitely a go to for Dad when he helps with feeding the twins while one may be actually breastfeeding from Mommy the other is latching on the the nanobebe ! I definitely have to get more of these bottles #breastfeedingmom #breastfeeding #breastfedbaby #twinsbabies #breastfedbabies #breastfed #breastmilk

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Audra H. . 1 year ago

Love these bottles! I’m able to both bottle feed and breast feed without nipple confusion. It has made traveling so much easier!

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Jaimie C. . 1 year ago

Little one is breast fed and is starting to refuse bottles at daycare... saw this and just had to try it out! She cups this bottle just like she would be boob and loves it!

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Hungria D. . 1 year ago

I love alll Nanobebe products. It’s all my newborn uses from the pacifiers to breast milk bottle to transition bottle and the silicone bottle.

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Olivia C. . 1 year ago

love love love the bottle. The shape makes it super easy for babies to grab on early on!

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Julia H. . 1 year ago

My sweet girl. She loves her bottle!! She was almost 2 weeks old in this picture! I love nanobebe bottles because they are easy to clean, amazing quality, perfect flow an my baby loves them.

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Patricia B. . 1 year ago

My baby loves these bottles funny thing she only take it which her sister or someone else but not from me so I’m hoping one day when she can hold it she’ll hopefully take it regardless of my presence but I’m glad she drinks out of them because she wouldn’t take no other bottle

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Ashley R. . 1 year ago

I feel like Just like the binkies these transition bottles are a wonder.

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Laura M. . 2 years ago

I love this brand I had purchase most every single item from this brand and my baby loves it. Specially the pacifiers are magnific, he didn’t like pacifiers until he tried this brand, I also got the breast pads and absolutely loved with them. The bottles are super fashion on top of how good they are, the price is affordable.

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Hollie F. . 2 years ago

I have been trying to wean my 2 year old from breastfeeding for a while now, I came across these bottles and he seemed to have interest in them when he seen the pictures. Since we’ve gotten the bottles he very seldom asks for the breast. I’m so glad I bought these and would highly recommend.

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Vusal G. . 2 years ago

It is very useful and authentic bottle I have seen ever.

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Deborah K. . 2 years ago

Love how the bottles can be taken completely apart and cleaned and sanitized in the microwave!

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Riyadh S. . 2 years ago

Best bottle for breast feeding Moms who want something your baby with have an easy time transitioning to. The shape really helps my little one believe she is still nursing! Highly recommend.

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Love this bottle!

Brieanna . 2 years ago

My daughter suffers from acid reflux as well as being colic. Made the transition from breast to bottle & this has been the best one by far! We’ve gone through 3 different brands and will stick with this one. The breast like shape is amazing and the nipple provides a great milk flow. Great purchase

Keyla V. . 2 years ago

I like the shape of the bottle. Switching her to the transition bottle wasn’t so difficult due to the breastmilk baby bottle being similar. My daughter had no problem with nanobebe products.

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Love At First Site

Calismommy . 3 years ago

This product is amazing. I love that fact that daddy can share in the bond of feeding our little Calliope. I started out exclusively breast feeding so the transition was a little hard. We tried to many different bottles but Cali didnt like them. We tried the Nanobebe and Calliope took to it right away.

Love this bottle!

Ajariza . 3 years ago

I went into the store without any ideas of what I wanted to try for my little guy! I had already tried a different brand and he didn’t take it at all. With breastfeeding, I saw this bottle and was instantly fascinated! I bought it on a whim and it is now his favorite! He does so well with it. It’s easy to use and it helps him with gas as well. It has an intriguing design and I love that there are different flow nipples you can buy as well, because he needs slow flow. If you’re looking for something that feels as natural as breastfeeding, try this bottle!


Horrible designed baby bottle

Patricia . 3 years ago

I thought I will like this bottle for my baby, but the design is horrible, it leaked formula all over her clothes, she was so wet around her neck area that I had to change her into a new clothes, I won’t recommend this product to any parent, I won’t even consider to donate the bottle to the goodwill, I wish I can get MY MONEY BACK, this bottle has a serious leaking problem.

Showing 1 - 20 out of 24 reviews