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Munchkin® Super Scoop Bath Toy Organizer in Grey/White

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So easy to put up

Ashley G. . 2 months ago

So easy to put up on the bathroom wall and easy to use. Just perfect for toy collecting in the tub.

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Cindy . 3 months ago

Great to have to hold your Grands bath toys.

Super Scoop™ Bath Toy Organizer

Deborah S. . 3 months ago

Purchased for bath time when my two-year-old grandson stays over. He enjoys playing with the letters & numbers set that I purchased to go along with it. When the bath is over, the scoop stores & dries everything until next time. I definitely recommend for parents and grandparents.

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rbcc1981 . 9 months ago

product was damaged but box was fine so packaged when the item was damaged

Doesn’t stay on wall

Laura . 9 months ago

I was super excited about this product, but unfortunately it does not meet expectations. It only stays on the wall for an hour tops before falling off. With the large handle, there is really no where else to put it other than hanging it. Since it won’t stay on the wall, it’s pretty much a waste of space and money. I don’t put heavy items in it but it continues to fall off the wall each time I try to get it to stay put.

Bathtub fun

Evelyn . 1 year ago

Having this definitely made cleaning up toys easier and faster for my boys. They have a lot of fun cleaning it up thinking it is a game. It stick very well and its very portable.

Perfect for Keeping Up with Bath Toys

lacey . 2 years ago

We have a small bathroom and storage is a constant issue. When we started collecting bath toys I didn't know what we were going to do and I didn't like the idea of putting them away because I was concerned since they would be wet. This is a great solution. It hangs right on the shower wall, its easy to scoop the toys out of the tub, and holds a lot more than I expected. It hasn't popped off the wall and has held up to having quite a bit of weight in the basket. Plus I don't worry about the toys being wet since they can drain through the mesh. Great solution!


Jhava . 2 years ago

Holds a good bit of toys. At the end of bath time I just scoop up my daughters toys, rinse and hang. I love how the mesh material allows the toys to dry quickly. We don’t have to worry about water sitting in the toys anymore causing them to smell horrible. Makes clean up quick and easy.

Very durable!

mstew07 . 2 years ago

Spacious bath-toys organizer. The suction is strong. It keeps my children toys dry. The mesh is a quality fabric. Easy to remove and install.

Awesome Scooper

Pamelad . 2 years ago

The Super Scoop Bath Toy Storage is great for quick clean up after bath and play. This scoop easily picks up bath toys for easy storage. I was able to get all the toys in one scoop. It is perfect for bath time play.

Close to perfection

Jessi . 2 years ago

I did receive this product in exchange for my honest review. I was given this product to test, and for the most part I really do like it. It is easy to use, fits most of my kid’s bath toys. My only concern is it doesn’t stay up on the wall that well. It’ll stick on the wall, then randomly will fall. I do like how easy it is for my 4 year old unclip it, and clean up the toys. It really had helped making cleaning up afte bath time a lot less stressful.

This is awesome

Smashdragon . 2 years ago

I received this product in exchange for my review. It’s been a very long time since having a baby, and gone are the days of draining the tub, picking up each toy and tossing them into a bucket, moving the bucket, etc. you scoop, hang and done! Because it’s mesh the water just drains right out of it. The suction cup doesn’t stick well to my tile however it did come with an extra piece that is stickier to solve that issue. Makes bath time clean up a breeze and I don’t have to remember to move a toy bucket and dump it trying to take a shower! It holds a lot more toys than it looks, Atleast for younger babies. Will probably get a second one

So helpful!

Kristina C. . 2 years ago

This has been so helpful during bath time! It's great to keep all the bath toys together hanging up right there on the wall from the powerful suction. It's so easy to scoop up the bath toys with it and they dry right off in there. It's just so simple to use and very convenient. Highly recommend!


BB&B Customer . 2 years ago

I received this product in exchange for my honest review and I love this! My son has all kinds of bath toys but as a busy mom of two after bathtime it's so easy to scoop up his toys and hang it on the holder for them to drain and dry off until next bath. My son thinks it's fun to clean up all his toys after bathtime now! He knows were to get them when he starts bath and where to put them back after. Also helps me save space in our bathroom. I highly recommend!

Great toy scooper

Kayla Hedrick . 2 years ago

This is a great little toy scooper. I love that it comes with a little suction thing to attach to the wall but also a little sticker if the suction thing doesn't work on your walls. Makes cleaning the toys out of the bathtub so easy. You just grab the handle, scoop the toys, then hang it on the wall. So much better than trying to put the toys in a bin where they'd still be soaking in the water left of the toys from the bath. I love that it comes in a gender-neutral color as well.

Easy to install, holds the essentials

BB&B Customer . 2 years ago

I received this product in exchange for my honest feedback. The bath scooper was easy to install. It attaches to the wall with a suction cup that has held well so far for me. It came with a self-adhesive mounting plate to give you a solid, flat surface to attach the suction cup to. Ive got pretty big tiles in my shower, but I used the mounting plate just to give myself some extra insurance that the suction cup would stay. A hooked arm extends down from the suction cup - that is what the scooper hangs onto. The scooper has a lip on the back that settles right into the hook on the end of the arm. Its pretty easy to lock the two pieces together - I don't have to do that annoying thing where I try to look behind and line things up. I imagine that most kids could easily hang it up on their own after scooping up their toys. I don't use a lot of bath toys, but this bag holds my daughters shampoo/body wash, rinse cup, and rubber duck with quite a bit of room to spare. The mesh bag lets everything drain and dry easily, even when we use the shower and it gets wet from our splashing and moving around. I have not tried detaching everything and moving the organizer, so I cant say if that's possible or easy. If you're able to attach the suction cup straight to your wall, then its probably fine. I wouldn't classify this as an essential, must-have item for every parent, but if you've got a lot of bath toys or you're tight on space, it's useful. We could manage without it, but it is nice to have everything in one spot together.

Super helpful

Keith d . 2 years ago

We are very happy to have added this to our bath time routine. It has made clean up a breeze. I am able to get all the toys with one swipe and hang to dry. I love that it is grey

Must have !

Sun510 . 2 years ago

Great product to have ! Love the suction and great for organizing kids toys. The super scoop is made of mesh and plastic. Great way to dry bath toys and organize them.!

Loved it so much

Msbueno . 2 years ago

I really love Munchkin Super Scoop Bath Toy Storage with Quick Dry Mesh. The quality is great and definitely durable.. The fast and easy setup was so convenient. Suction is great. I love not having tons of little water toys all over the bathtub. It works great by helping with dripping all the water and keeping everything dried after every use. Overall I love it and definitely recommend it. My kid really enjoys having it.

Good scooper

MaitegaV . 2 years ago

This bath toy scooper worked well for us with the exception that it kept on falling off the bathtub wall. I used the suction cup option because I live in a rental and cannot put adhesives on the walls. The scoopers mouth is a great size that picked up all my little ones toys in one scoop. It drained the water thru the mesh perfectly.

Showing 1 - 20 out of 56 reviews