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LÍLLÉbaby™ LÍLLÉlight Multi-Position Baby Carrier in Pebble

61 Reviews


61 reviews ·61 ratings


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customer reviews

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Comfort is an issue

Momof5NJ . 2 years ago

I've been using this 3 weeks and it's not as comfortable as I had hoped. It's also very tricky to get the strap over my head. I love my other LÍLLÉbaby is an Airflow and this one just doesn't match up to it. The material and design are wonderful, but as far as the fit is concerned I find it lacking.

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My best baby purchase

Hayley . 2 years ago

This is my 2nd Lillebaby carrier! My other lasted 4 years through 3 kids.. so to say a new one for our new baby was a necessity seems like an understatement! I decided to try a newer design this time & LOVE it. I can actually carry my newborn in this one, very comfortably. I recommend these to everyone I know having a baby! If you're on the fence, try it! You won't regret it.

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Issue for newborn as extra pillow is required

Andree . 2 years ago

I just received the carrier and now realise that it needs an infant pillow for newborns. This was not mentionned anywhere prior to buying it. I tried to find this LilleBaby pillow and it is out of stock everywhere.... So, this may be a great carrier for older infants, but might be problematic for a newborn. I am not impressed... This is a present for my daughter in law who is due in April, and now I am not sure whether or not to return it.

Spreading the lille love

Zipcode . 2 years ago

I got a sapphire pursuit pro and I love it. This, I got another one for my friend who is having a baby soon. Very soft and love the pockets.

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Amazing fabric

JessicaJazbec . 2 years ago

I was weary buying this carrier since its a completely new style for me. After having back surgery, I've become used to having the lumbar support. I was surprisingly shocked when I put the lille light on and how comfortable it was without the lumbar. I love the non bulky-ness of the waisteband and how airy the carrier is. This is my go car carrier now, as it folds up so small and takes up no room in the car!! My 17 month old fits nicely in this and I can not wait to try it out with our newest baby in February!

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Maggie . 2 years ago

This is what my on the go, always traveling, crazy working mom life needed! The fact that this can roll up so compact and small compared to other carriers is amazing. Also, the more I'm using it the softer it's getting. Like it's getting worn in and we are loving it! I would 10/10 recommend.

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Perfect carrier to keep cool

Janelle . 3 years ago

This carrier is fantastic. It's light weight and easy to adjust to a perfect seat. The material is super soft and breathable. It is perfect for close snuggles !

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Great carrier!

Chelsea . 3 years ago

Love this carrier! I have tried about 4 other carriers before this one, and just couldn't find one I liked. This carrier is beautifully made and so easy to put On! My 1 month old falls asleep within minutes. So happy I found this carrier!

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We Love the LilleLight!

Megs0404 . 3 years ago

Our new LilleLight in denim came earlier this week and we are already in love! It’s so soft, beautiful and easy to use!

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My new favorite carrier

Asia . 3 years ago

I love love love this carrier! It's incredibly light and comfortable. I love the tie at the bottom, it helps to customize the fit. I have a fairly petite frame and I love that I'm able to tighten it just right. My almost 1 year old who's 20 pounds fits comfortably and easily falls asleep. This carrier also distributes the weight perfectly so i can wear this carrier all day! The cross straps are also a nice touch along with the snaps in the front that prevent the carrier from riding up. All in all, I love this carrier and I think Lille hit the nail on the head. This is what was needed!

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Perfect lightweight carrier to grab on the go

Samantha . 3 years ago

LILLElight has been my carrier choice to grab on the go. It's soft and foldS up well to fit in baby's diaper bag. I prefer to wear this carrier for leisure around the house, chores, and quick trips to the store. I love the simplicity of it which makes it different from other Lillebaby carriers. Denim matches just about anything I wear.

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Easy to use and light weight!

MacFejz . 3 years ago

LILLElight is such a wonderful new product. We have been using it a lot around the house and for quick ups since it is very user friendly. My son absolutely loves it as well and snuggles right in while in it. The Shibori print is also beautiful.

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Light yet supportive.

Emily . 3 years ago

Simple, minimal, and and beautiful. Very comfortable, I love that you can get the waist as tight as you need it! It is very supportive in both front and back carry. Really enjoying how far up the panel comes!

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LOVE this carrier!

Emilia . 3 years ago

This is the perfect blend of soft structured carrier and mei tai! It’s so simple to use, and gives us such a comfortable fit. I had a hard time deciding on which colors to choose, because I love the neutral color palate used in this collection. I’ve already ordered another!

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Light and comfy!

Shayna . 3 years ago

We love our LILLElight! My son is just shy of 30lbs and fits comfortably in it and mom is comfortable to!

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Great features!

Brittany19 . 3 years ago

I bought this a few weeks ago and absolutely love it! I’m not a fan of wraps but this a a good go between with the wraps verse the complete carriers!

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The lightest carrier out there :heart_eyes:

Jessica . 3 years ago

I never thought I'd try this type of carrier, but after a few weeks of wearing it - I'm in love. Despite it being a solid panel, I'd argue it's the coolest carrier I have. It's lightweight with a thin but sturdy cotton/hemp blend fabric that reminds me of a soft canvas. There is a learning curve to back carry, but after some practice we get up quickly and safely. As a larger mother with a larger chest, it took a while to figure out how to chip in when I'm back carry, but it's getting better when every attempt. This is our go-to for all chores right now, and I'm looking forward to getting more colors!

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It’s perfect!

Ashleykins2010 . 3 years ago

So far I love it! It’s the perfect quick trip diaper bag carrier! It’s not overly bulky but provides more support than a ring sling in my opinion

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Great new addition to the LÌLLÈ family!

Kellyk425 . 3 years ago

I just received Shibori and it is love at first sight! I absolutely love the pattern and the sleek new design. This carrier is lightweight and breathable, perfect for hot and humid South Florida summer! My son is 18 months and 25 pounds and we are comfy! This carrier is perfect for petite baby wearers because it allows you to tie is as tight as you'd like! I will be purchasing another one in Pebble very soon!

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Absolutely Unique!

A_Clarkson . 3 years ago

The Lillélight is like no other carrier I’ve ever had. It’s sleek, chic, and classy. Perfect for holding baby close and getting in all the bonding time. The unique tie waist band allows me to fit it perfectly to my body and get an amazing fit. The colors of these carriers are so modern and fashionable yet fun! Shibori is pure love. I recommend this to everyone, it’s one of a kind.

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Showing 1 - 20 out of 61 reviews