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Lansinoh® Simple Wishes Size Large-Plus Hands-Free Pumping Bra

131 Reviews

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Most Helpful Positive Review

A must have!

SecondHandStokes.8 years ago

Due to problems breastfeeding, I am exclusively pumping. Until today, I was using the Medela hands-free bra with the holes in the front. First of all, I had to put it on and take it off every time I pumped (8 times a day). It would not be comfortable to keep on all the time, and even rubbed my nipples the wrong way as I was getting it on. Also, you can't fit the flanges through the front, you would have to weave them through the inside, again hitting and hurting your nipples. I just received the Lansinoh bra and am obsessed with it! It adjusts to any size, lets you choose to zip up or down, and doesn't have gaping holes in the front, allowing me to keep it on all the time. (It might not look right under certain tops if you're are heading out though, but for when you are home with a baby all day, it is perfect!) The fabric that covers the nipples is nice and soft (though I am using nursing pads for leaking). And you can easily slide the flanges in through the front! There is a vertical slit on the outside and then another layer of fabric with a horizontal slit so the flanges stay in place and can easily be adjusted. If you are on the fence, buy this! This is coming from a very picky person too :-)

Most Helpful Critical Review

Breast pump bra

undefined.8 years ago
Not Recommended

It's okay. Not really that supportive. I am a bra size 42DD and purchased the plus size.

customer reviews

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Sanity saver

Naomi . 1 year ago

After finally getting this bra in the mail it felt like such a relief. Being able to pump hands free gave me so much more time back in my day. It was easy to adjust the fit to suit me and getting it on and off with the zipper is fairly simple once you get the hang of it… It even works inside out when you’re half awake and exhausted! Reasonably comfortable, though sometimes feels a little high under the arms.

Jenna . 1 year ago

Pumping bra is a life saver! Love pumping hands free! This brand is comfy and easy to get off and on!


Nicole . 1 year ago

Size was a larger than I thought but it is adjusted so it wasn't a big deal. Its my first hand free pumping bra and I find it works great. Holds everything in place. No leaking, easy to use .

Great bra for multi-tasking!

LlamaMama . 2 years ago

I really love the way this bra fits around my body. It offers great support and for all body sizes, as it can be tailored and adjusted to the way you want it. I like to be able to do other things while pumping, such as being on my laptop, and this bra helps secure the bottles in a firm position without fear that it may leak. Thank you to Lansinoh for giving me this product to try.

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Best pumping bra for working moms!

Samik22 . 2 years ago

I received this product as part of a testing program and it has changed my pumping experience! As a full-time working mom to a 4 month old, 26 month old and an energetic labradoodle, I have to pump while juggling many other tasks. I have tried pumping bras from other brands and was not satisfied. The bras from other brands did not hold the flanges or bottles in place while sitting, let alone while on the move or chasing after my toddler. I have to say that I have finally found the bra that allows me to pump the same volume while doing chores or sitting still. I really like that this bra comes with straps, which allows me to wear the bra to work. I work 10 to 11 hour shifts and pump three times a day while there, so it's really important that I utilize my breaks efficiently with a quick transition from working to pumping. I also like that this bra works with all electric pump brands because I use a different brand at work than I use at home. It really does feel like a custom fitting bra with the large velcro adjustable back panel on the bra and the layering opening where the flanges connect. I recommend it to all mommas who are pumping! Thank you to Lansinoh for giving me this product to try!

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Excellent pumping bra!

CaterpillarGirl . 2 years ago

I have tried a variety of pumping bras, and this is my favorite! The adjustable back means that I don't have to worry about fitting right - it always fits perfect. I like the removable straps as well. This bra is also versatile enough to accommodate flanges that don't detach unlike some other pumping bras that only have small slits for the flanges. There are some things that could be improved. The distance between the openings in front is too small for me, resulting in flange placement that is off-center. If you notice that this is a problem for you, you can order a 1 inch strip that zips in seamlessly in the front and should help. Another thing I'll caution you is to make sure you ensure that no velcro is exposed in the back. If you misalign the velcro it will rub against your skin and drive you crazy! The final thing for me is the nipple protrusion that happens, especially after pumping. To solve this, I either put in breast pads or I just use the bra for pumping only and replace with a regular or nursing bra after I finish pumping. Thank you to Lansinoh for giving me this product to try.

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very comfy

laura . 2 years ago

Thank you to Lansinoh for giving me this product to try. I love this pumping bra, it is very comfy and the pink color is adorable. Also it is very easy to wash .

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Very solid product!

Brittany . 2 years ago

I got this pumping bra and it’s very well made and not thin like moth others. My only issue is that it’s a size xl-l and it did not fit me, as my size was 40D prepregnancy. But if it was in my size I would for sure wear this none stop! I’m going to rush to buy a bigger size now!

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Tati . 2 years ago

It's comfortable, it's easy to use, and it does exactly what it's supposed to

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The Best!

Lauren . 2 years ago

I bought a few different hands free pumping bras but found this one to be my favorite. It really holds the flanges in place. I also like that it is adjustable and easy to get on and off.

Perfectly Hands Free Pumping

Hands Free Mama . 2 years ago

I am utterly surprised by how well this bra held the pumps. I am very satisfied. This bra is not for daily wear, it is for pumping, exclusively, unless you like your nipples hanging out. As for sizing, I am 5'8 and at the begging of my pregnancy a 38C and 210lbs (I am 2 weeks postpartum, not sure of my current measurements) - I bought the XS-L bra - it is tight but not in a bad way, I believe this tightness helps hold the pumps. If your bust size is bigger and you have more weight on you I would suggest sizing up as the velcro closure only stretches so far for me.

Maribel . 2 years ago

easy to put on and to adjust. very convenient when pumping at work and to have my hands free. I like to material, it is stretchy and strong.

Effective but also not the most comfortable

Mom of two . 2 years ago

You've got to practice a bit before you get the fitting right and it's not the most comfortable bra. Never wore all day just zipped it on for pumps while working at my computer.

Comfy and frees hands

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 2 years ago

Daughter loves this bra which frees her hands while pumping.

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Breast pump bra

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 2 years ago

It's okay. Not really that supportive. I am a bra size 42DD and purchased the plus size.

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Best pumping bra I've tried

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 3 years ago

This bra is sturdy, very adjustable and cute. It actually holds your flanges in place and the double-layered fabric allows you to place them exactly where you need to. It comes with straps that add additional support. It's a pretty pink color. I recommend it.

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Fits the bill

Al Pal . 3 years ago

This isn't glamorous, but it gets the job done. It's a little compressive and awkward to get on; otherwise, I'd give 5 stars.

Awesome product!

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 3 years ago

Works wonderfully, high quality, and is exactly what I wanted.

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I would recommend to everyone

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 3 years ago

This bra has made pumping so much easier and secure.

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Yes I would buy again

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 3 years ago

Love it easy to use fast shipping comes in hand when doing school work and mommy work

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Showing 1 - 20 out of 131 reviews