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Lansinoh® Momma® Bottle with NaturalWave™ Nipple

465 Reviews

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customer reviews

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The lansinoh bottle were

elizabethr403 . 1 year ago

The lansinoh bottle were the only bottles my little one loved. I tired 6 other ones any this was the only bottle she would use. They were easy to clean, didn’t not have a lot of parts to like which was a big plus. They never leaked which I loved, and it was easy to warm up the milk.

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COLLEEN . 2 years ago

I love these bottles. My 3 month old daughter can finish a bottle quickly without chocking or or getting gassy. The size is small but still fits 6 and I can fit it in my mini fridge (same height and diameter as a can of soda which is rare). EAsy to clean too.

Small bottles

Judith . 2 years ago

Great reviews

Love these bottles. I

fidlerfun . 2 years ago

Love these bottles. I like that there are only three parts. My breastfed baby took to the nipple shape very easily. No issues with extra air in his tummy. I recommend these bottles to everyone.

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Nipples break

Momof4 . 2 years ago

I have been using these bottles for 313 weeks now the nipples are deafly not slow flow they dribble and they break concept is a good idea as far as the nipple shape but any normal breast-feeding mother is going to want a truly slow flow nipple so babies don’t prefer the bottle they need to work for it these nipples are not so slow and having to replace his nipples over and over because they break isn’t worth the price

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Read all of the reviews before getting them

melissa . 2 years ago

I have use these bottles with my last three children I actually have four the plus side to these bottles is they are short nipples so works great for gag reflects they are also typically easy for my children to latch onto who are usually tongue-tied but we do have it taken care of. that is the only good of these bottles and nipples. the nipple shape is perfect. slow flow is not a slow flow. it will still dribble out. the nipples themselves do not last very long and actually break. you will see the picture. I have replaced the stupid nipples countless times. we are currently on a hunt for a new bottle and I actually replace the nipples with each child so no the nipples are not old because my youngest is only 13 weeks old and I’ve already had to replace nipples and I’m done with these bottles. also they talk about these are breast-feeding friendly help to avoid confusion but they don’t make preemie size nipples if you really want to help all breast-feeding mothers you would have a preemie size nipple preemies get breast-fed to and most breast-feeding mothers prefer to use a premium flow to avoid nipple bottle preference


victoriaw98 . 2 years ago

My second born took these with no problem, my only issue is that it would leak where the nipple attaches to the lid. If there was a way to make it not leak it would be absolutely perfect for my BF baby.

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Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 2 years ago

These bottles are great for breastfed babies! I used them with one of my nanny babies for a few months

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Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 2 years ago

My baby really likes these bottles, they’re great for nursing moms, to make sure baby still has a wide latch. They’re also very easy to clean! I do wish the nipple wouldn’t flow as fast

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Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 2 years ago

My daughter is breastfeed we have tried 4 other brands but would only tolerate mam. Yesterday we got this with the manual pump and decided to give the bottle a try, she took this easier than any, she didn’t have any trouble latching into it, didn’t choke, and has no issues switching from this to the breast! I will certainly recommend these to all nursing friends!!

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Loved while breastfeeding & beyond

BB&B Customer . 2 years ago

We switched to these bottles when my daughter was diagnosed with a tongue tie and she took to them right away!

itzkate . 2 years ago

I have tried every bottle brand over the past 9 years and this is the only one to at has ever been successfully taken by my ebf babies. It must be the shape of the nipple

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Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 2 years ago

I love these bottles. I can pump breast milk and my husband can feed our baby and then for the next feed baby isn’t confused about latching on for nursing.

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perfect bottles for breastfeeding moms

annasmom . 2 years ago

This bottle was the perfect transition when I went back to work for my baby, they are easy to clean and my baby has had no reflux with them. & when I’m home baby has had no problem breastfeeding!

lcdoyal . 2 years ago

These bottles are so cool! If you are a breastfeeding mama like I am, and you want a bottle with a nipple as close to what yours are when your baby comes off the nipple, look no further. These are the closest thing I have ever found to what a real nipple looks and feels like on a bottle. The bottle itself is sturdy and easy to clean, but the nipple is really what makes this bottle cool. My daughter loved these the best out of the spectra bottles, the avent bottles, and these.

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vivnao . 2 years ago

The only bottles we used. My baby didn’t like dr browns but took to these kind immediately. She’s one and we still use them, now with the medium flow

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gabriahh . 2 years ago

I use these more than any other brand. I mostly breastfeed and baby takes well to this bottle on the occasion I have to bottle feed. The nipple and flow closely mimic breastfeeding

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katieess . 2 years ago

Baby wouldn’t latch... it’s also not a non colic bottle. I do like the lasinoh pump though!

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Best bottles!

Kathryn . 2 years ago

We tried so many different bottles before finding the Lansinoh brand. The others were not conducive with breastfeeding, were too quick or leaked constantly. For any breastfeeding mom, these bottles make it so easy to go back and forth from breast to bottle. We are so happy to have found these bottles!

itstheliddlethings . 2 years ago

My breastfed baby who got used to using a nipple shield would not accept ANYYY bottles - until we found these. Please try these bottles if your very particular EBF baby turns her nose up at every bottle you have tried, especially if you have been using a nipple shield.

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Showing 1 - 20 out of 465 reviews