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Lansinoh® Momma® Bottle with NaturalWave™ Nipple

465 Reviews

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customer reviews

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BB&B Customer . 4 months ago

so soft the nipples i just love it.

Highly comment

hanhh7 . 6 months ago

My baby girl been using this since she was born, it perfect for anyone want to breastfeeding and bottle feeding at the same time because the nipples from this bottle are so soft just like our nipples. And the milk not come out too quick so the baby hard to choke. Easy to clean also

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Helped our BF journey !

thecosmicgrl . 8 months ago

These bottles actually helped baby get more comfortable at the breast. I saw such a big improvement in BF only after we started on these

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I really like these

kristyns14 . 9 months ago

I really like these bottles. They are easy to use and they are easy to take apart to clean. I also like the fact that if you have the breastpump you can directly pump into the bottles.

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Great bottles

priuspulida . 10 months ago

My little one didn’t breastfeed for long and we supplemented with formula from the beginning. She was a very gassy baby and even had colic. I tried so many bottles on the market but nothing worked for her. Dr. Brown’s anti-colic bottles didn’t help her. They would leak and so many parts to clean. I got these bottles for her when she was around 3 months and latched onto the nipple so easily. I was worried about the nipple shape being different but she drank out of these bottles without any problem. She’s now almost 11 months and still drinking from the slow flow nipple. I really recommend these bottles!!

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I love these bottle

michellet . 10 months ago

I love these bottle because they work with my pump. I can pump right into them and then feed him or put it into the fridge and I have multiple so that I don’t have to keep washing the same ones over and over it’s very convenient

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My Order has yet to come

BB&B Customer . 11 months ago

I ordered my item on 3/14 and it's now 3/28 my estimate delivery date was 3/17-3.22. I am truly disappointed and I need my items delivered soon or my money back.

my baby loved this

haileys164 . 11 months ago

my baby loved this bottle and she’s very picky! it definitely worked great for us ! they are really easy to clean as well ! you can pump into the bottle store it with the storing cap and then just snap on the nipple which makes it alot easier in the middle of the night.

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My baby used these

lalag1 . 11 months ago

My baby used these bottles and she loved them ! These were the only bottle she would take ! It was hard buying them in store because they only had them online.

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I’m a breastfeeding mama

trinhh4 . 11 months ago

I’m a breastfeeding mama that was looking for a bottle with a nipple that’s actually similar to a nipple shield or breast. This is easy to clean and dry quickly. This is the best I have found so far.

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Lansinoh Breastfeeding Bottles with

bellan29 . 12 months ago

Lansinoh Breastfeeding Bottles with NaturalWave® Nipple are the only bottles that worked for my baby! He couldn’t latch properly & he was taking in too much air but this was the best bottle for him !! I still use them and I highly recommend these bottles and this brand !

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I currently breastfeed my

natasham9c21 . 1 year ago

I currently breastfeed my daughter and for awhile she was rejecting every bottle I tried except for these. This is the only bottle she will take. Affordable and easy to clean and it considered a breastfeeding bottle.

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These are really great

latoyaw12 . 1 year ago

These are really great for breastfed babies. The nipple is soft and pliable. Easy for baby to latch on. The cap is easy to take off with one hand. Affordable. Just a great brand overall. This was the only bottle that my son would feed from other than my breast

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My baby wasn’t picky

makennam15 . 1 year ago

My baby wasn’t picky on bottle types but these were nice and I could use them as storage bottles also. Easy to clean also

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Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 1 year ago

YES YES YES. HANDS DOWN the best bottles. My baby would only take these after trying 20 different types of bottles. She loves the shape of the nipple and it's the most like mommys! Thanks, Lansinoh! I'll be using these for our next child.

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These are the ONLY

lindseyt377e . 1 year ago

These are the ONLY bottles my breastfed baby would take. I plan on using these for my baby due in January as well. I never had an issue with them leaking unlike some brands. They are easy to clean as well.

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These bottles and nipples

shannonm283 . 1 year ago

These bottles and nipples are the bottles that my first daughter would use. These also helped hugely with the nipple confusion that my daughter was having when latching onto the breast. I feel like if I did not find these bottles that I would continue to have latching issues. I highly recommend these to any breastfeeding mother.

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That’s the best bottle

muimuic . 1 year ago

That’s the best bottle for baby. The nipple is soft and the design is definitely can reduce the gas.

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Love these bottles! My

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 1 year ago

Love these bottles! My son is very picky about nipples and these are the only bottles he will take to.

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We have been using

leaht59 . 1 year ago

We have been using these bottles since baby was about 3 months old and they are great! Baby eats well out of these bottles, the bottles don't leak and they are easy to clean. We have the 5 oz and 8 oz sizes and we all of them everyday,

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Showing 1 - 20 out of 465 reviews