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Lansinoh® Momma® 2-Pack Fast Flow NaturalWave™ Nipples

122 Reviews

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customer reviews

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Slow flow, too fast!

Girlmomx3 . 1 month ago

Love the bottle but the slow flow nipple is definitely way too fast for my breastfed newborn. She was choking because the flow is way too fast. If you hold bottle upside down, the milk comes out fast. I was confused until I checked the nipple and it said nipple size 2. Such a bummer as I really like these bottles. Will have to find a new bottle to use.

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Hate it

Sruff . 3 months ago

I hate that this does not come all as one with a twist top. Another step you have to go through to make sure everything is together. I spilled half of my milk supply thinking the nipple was secured to the lansinoh bottle. I will not ever use it again. I was using it because it came with my pump but it’s trash to me.

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These were easier for

monap13 . 11 months ago

These were easier for both of my kids to latch. They were much better than most other brands we tried.

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Favorite bottle nipples, these

trinhh4 . 11 months ago

Favorite bottle nipples, these are perfect for breastfeeding moms! My son only takes these as they best represent breastfeeding. Shape of nipple and silicone is similar to actual one.

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My both babies were

tessal23 . 11 months ago

My both babies were easily transfer from breastfeed to bottle feed. I tried dr brown, avent, motif bottle. Nothing works, until I got lansinoh for my babies.

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LOVE these both of

michelles664 . 12 months ago

LOVE these both of my breastfeed babies refused a bottle for awhile but my first only took this nipple!! It was a game changer for us!

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Recommend for nursing moms.

mommom . 1 year ago

Recommend for nursing moms. Good for breast care. No cons just pros. A little expensive but worth it.

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The only nipples and

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 1 year ago

The only nipples and bottles my child drinks from. The nipples are stretchy and flexible like a breast

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Please make a preemie, extra slow flow nipple

Nancy . 1 year ago

Please make an extra slow flow nipple or preemie nipple. Even the slow flow nipple was too fast for my baby. I love the shape of these nipples!

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nipples break

momof4 . 2 years ago

I have use these bottles with my last three children I actually have four the plus side to these bottles is they are short nipples so works great for gag reflects they are also typically easy for my children to latch onto who are usually tongue-tied but we do have it taken care of. that is the only good of these bottles and nipples. the nipple shape is perfect. slow flow is not a slow flow. it will still dribble out. the nipples themselves do not last very long and actually break. you will see the picture. I have replaced the stupid nipples countless times. we are currently on a hunt for a new bottle and I actually replace the nipples with each child so no the nipples are not old because my youngest is only 13 weeks old and I’ve already had to replace nipples and I’m done with these bottles. also they talk about these are breast-feeding friendly help to avoid confusion but they don’t make preemie size nipples if you really want to help all breast-feeding mothers you would have a preemie size nipple preemies get breast-fed to and most breast-feeding mothers prefer to use a premium flow to avoid nipple bottle preference


batoolk . 2 years ago

Lansinoh is always my go to . This is the best product soo far and these are the only nipples baby will latch to easily . I think they feel more like real skin. It’s a Amazing brand great quality . Worth to try if you having issues ..

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lindseyt377e . 2 years ago

The only thing my breastfed baby would takes! I tried so many bottles and he instantly latched on to these. They are super easy to clean and have different flow options for when baby gets older. Will definitely try these for my next baby!

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leighn7 . 2 years ago

My son did well with these when transitioning from breast to bottle. I love how soft and flexible the nipples are. Using again with our daughter.

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mahrukhm2 . 2 years ago

These nipple caps are a life savior. They save me from so much and have 100% met my expectation.

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beckyb92 . 2 years ago

My daughter took to these nipples with ease. She was exclusively breast fed til almost 7 months.

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Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 2 years ago

Lansinoh is always my go to. This brand it’s amazing. Good quality and affordable. I recommend

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itstheliddlethings . 2 years ago

Through trial and error of probably 10 different kinds of bottles/nipples, these ones were the winner for my breastfed (using nipple shield) baby! So if you use nipple shields to be able to nurse and your baby refuses all bottles I highly suggest trialing these.

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lundemilyk . 2 years ago

Worked wonders! Loved it and purchased more right away. I’d recommend this to any new momma who is trying out breastfeeding.

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taryn42 . 2 years ago

These worked great with my baby. I was so worried about nipple confusion messing up our breastfeeding journey when I started back to work, but the slow flow nipples kept her right on track.

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asopevers . 2 years ago

I had no idea about different flow nipples when I first had my baby but we went through the slow and then progressed to the medium ones and these are the only ones that she would drink out of!

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Showing 1 - 20 out of 122 reviews