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Lansinoh® Manual Breastpump

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    Most Helpful Positive Review

    LOVE IT!!!

    CookieMonster.8 years ago

    I love using this manual hand pump. There are times when I just need a quick pumping session to relieve the pain especially at night when your baby decides to sleep more then usually (awesome) using the electric pump would be too noisy and having this manual pump is perfect. Quiet, easy to use and clean. Definitely would recommending having one of these on top of your electric breast pump.

    Most Helpful Critical Review

    one more thing....

    sugar5299.8 years ago
    Not Recommended

    This new design changed the thread size that holds bottles making it exclusive to the Lansinoh bottles. The older style allowed for more flexibility when attaching a bottle.

    customer reviews

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    Really liked product initially

    SarahD . 2 weeks ago

    When I go this pump it worked really well but some milk got in the top and when I took it apart to clean it the suction stopped. It makes a small wheezing sound when I try to pump it like it has an air leak. I only was able to use it twice before it stopped working.

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    Love to travel with this

    ashlynnb14 . 4 weeks ago

    This was an absolute life saver when we traveled. We were on the road a lot and this was seriously my go to when I didn’t have a plug handy or my pump was charged! Highly recommend this if you are traveling a lot!

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    The BEST pump, but especially for on the go..

    The Honest Reviewer . 5 months ago

    Listen ladies, much like a lot of you, nourishing my baby with the best is SO important to me; but also like many of you, I had to go back to work not too long after having my babe, and was nervous about how I was going to keep up my supply while I was away. Well let me tell you I am SUPER grateful I had this pump in my corner. Here’s why: -For one, it’s easy to put together and has very uncomplicated parts. -The strength on it was very good, and helped me express tons of milk ( from both sides) even on my short 15 minute breaks. -It’s super easy to clean as you can rinse it directly after use, and just wipe it down, and it’s ready for the next session, -Doesn’t take up alot of space as it’s not bulky and the parts detach. I used to carry it in a cooler/lunch box/bag. - You can actually place just the pump part (minus the cup/jar it comes with) into a Lasinoh breast milk storage bag directly and cut a few steps to save time! -The price is VERY AFFORDABLE, and for how much easier it will make your life it’s definitely worth every penny. I have a motorized pump as well, and have actually caught myself just using this pump as it’s less hassle, and faster to use than my motorized pump. So ladies definitely save yourself some money, and a headache, and invest in one of these it was a life saver in my busy schedule; I used to bring it with me to BOTH jobs as I had a daytime job, and part time night job, long road trips to express in the car while my baby was sleeping, and pretty much anywhere I had to be for long periods of time. I moved recently, and a small part got lost, so I’ll be needing another one, but I’ll definitely be a returning customer of Lasinoh and their awesome products!

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    Handy get it😅😂😅

    arionnas . 5 months ago

    Sometimes I don’t feel like dragging my sons heavy electric pump or I’m in the car and need relief this one is so convenient. No pain when I’m engorged which is always a plus

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    Perfect for on-the go!

    ameliac65 . 6 months ago

    I love having my manual breast pump to be able to use after breast feeding. It gets all the milk out, that my baby doesn’t. I received about 3 oz, just after 4 minutes of pumping.

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    Loved it at first

    MommaBoys12 . 6 months ago

    I loved this pump at first. I felt like it emptied me out faster and with a higher output then my electric pump. I pump all the time. Little one was a NICU baby and never took to latching. Anyway, I am now very disappointed. Now it doesn't work right anymore. I even changed the valve. But all it does is make a loud squeaking noise and barely any suction and dropping my supply.

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    Great for on the go

    chipotliz . 7 months ago

    I have an electric pump that can be plugged in or used with batteries. I was looking for something manual I can take with me on the go and decided to try this manual pump. I love it! Easy for me to take to my daughters softball games and pump when I need to. I love that it comes with a nipple so baby can take the bottle straight from the pumped milk. My other pump only came with bottle cap not nipples. If you’re looking for a manual pump this is a great option. Gets my milk out faster than the other pump.

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    Stopped Working After 4 Months

    Swinters10 . 7 months ago

    This worked great at first and really helped as we weaned off night feedings. However now after only 4 months I get zero suction. I expected it to at least work throughout the rest of my breastfeeding journey.

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    Love it but I lost a part

    Say . 7 months ago

    Great pump. I love using it in the morning before nursing. I lost a part and can’t find a replacement for that piece only. Lost the white plunger that pulls up the diaphragm.

    LogoOriginally posted on

    Its a pump to

    member637e01 . 8 months ago

    Its a pump to use if u need to leave ur electric pump. I forgot a piece to mine and went to store and got this it got me 3 oz out of my normal 5 oz i get with electric

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    Good but now squeaks

    error asmr . 8 months ago

    Good for 2 weeks now squeaks with every use & suction does seem a little less at times...not sure what to do about this loud squeaking

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    Great for the price!

    membercb9cd2 . 9 months ago

    Great for the price! At times the handle would get a little wonky and you would have to readjust, but it gets the job done ! Super easy assembly we well

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    Stopped working after two weeks

    Momof2 . 9 months ago

    I was really happy with it for the first two weeks I owned this. It was easy to use and I was able to pump a good amount of milk. After two weeks it started having this loud squeaking noise and wouldn’t pump as well.

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    beccav1995 . 10 months ago

    If you’re a breastfeeding mom, you need this in your life! I am an exclusive pumper and this hand pump has made my life way easier. This is the pump I bring along with me when I’m out, as it’s easy to put in a diaper bag. Sometimes I feel I get more milk using this as opposed to my standard electric pump. Would recommend!

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    This is hands down

    jennyferh . 10 months ago

    This is hands down my favorite manual breast pump. It's super easy to assemble and use on the go. It was very effective at extracting my milk, so much so that I actually preferred this over my electric pump. I definitely recommend this breast pump over the other ones on the market that were more expensive and didn't work as well.

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    I like this pump

    mandiec4 . 10 months ago

    I like this pump enough. I bought it in an emergency because I forgot my pump at home and was becoming engorged. The flange was extreme comfortable.

    LogoOriginally posted on

    for a manual this

    kellyf118 . 10 months ago

    for a manual this is a great option, the manual pump doesnt make the hand tired with this one and it is well developed

    LogoOriginally posted on

    had trouble getting my

    haileys164 . 10 months ago

    had trouble getting my supply back to and then i tried this and it worked like a charm. it is a little tough to go from the first setting to the next but other than that it’s as great product! definitely recommend for if you’re needing a supply riser.

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    I have several electric

    Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 11 months ago

    I have several electric breast pumps, but found that they did not produce much milk. This manual pump was a game changer. Although, it is a bit more uncomfortable at first it works so much better.

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    This pump was recommended

    danyellea4 . 11 months ago

    This pump was recommended to me through a Facebook breastfeeding group. It did it’s just but I felt like I got more output with the medela hand pump I’ve owned in the past.

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    Showing 1 - 20 out of 366 reviews