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Lansinoh® HPA® Lanolin 1.41 oz. Breast Creme

3933 Reviews

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3,933 reviews ·3,941 ratings


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Most Helpful Positive Review

I buy this product again and again.

undefined.3 years ago

I have been using Lansinoh for many years. Lanolin is the best thing for cracked hands, rough heels, sore nose from a cold. Obviously it is the best for sore nipples but I am well past those years, however it is a wonderful balm with many uses. It is the best on the market.

Most Helpful Critical Review

Did not help

Aozz.3 years ago
Not Recommended

I brought this to the hospital as I planned to breast feed. My baby has a perfect latch however was slightly aggressive with his latch causing my Nipples to be really sore, dry and even blistered. I used this cream and it did nothing. I ended up buying another brand which helped immensly.

customer reviews

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Great for soreness

helent79 . 3 weeks ago

I breast fed 3 of my kids, two at the same time. This cream is a must have for breastfeeding moms. It relieves the soreness and is safe for mom & baby.

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Good for moms

gracet107 . 3 weeks ago

So I’ve never even use this product before because i don’t need it but I’ve heard good things about it. 

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Best nipple cream

sarac494 . 3 weeks ago

I had try 2-3 other brands with no relief before I found Lansinoh’s nipple cream. Highly recommend for any Momms out there suffering. This will help!

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maryb386 . 3 weeks ago

Both of my daughters used Lansing lanolin Nipple cream. Both of my girls breastfeeding both of their children. This is a game changer.

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Heaven sent

prvrbs315 . 3 weeks ago

I’m all honestly this is the only thing that helped chapped n*****s after have all 4 of my children. Highly recommend this item for new mothers.

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Excellent as a lip balm

ashleyf511 . 3 weeks ago

After dealing with dry, peeling lips that lip balms did nothing for, I decided to try lanolin. And it’s amazing! The lanolin feels like Vaseline when you first apply it, but it quickly absorbs and leaves my lips feeling softer than ever. Despite feeling thick and greasy at first, it has never caused breakouts or clogged pores for me. My skin loves this stuff. The tubes are super convenient to toss in a bag or to keep wherever.

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Helped me a ton

_harley_ . 3 weeks ago

This nipple cream is one of my favorites and helped me a lot when I was starting to breastfeed. I tried many different kinds and this was one that I went back to.

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It works!

zandram5 . 4 weeks ago

They gave this to me in the hospital. I never needed more thankfully. This stuff is oily but it works so well! Especially when I started breastfeeding I used this a lot.

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Needs more information

MaeeeBb . 1 month ago

I wish you would put a picture of the consistency of the product. That's a better way for people to decide which one would be right for them

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Life saving

alissaw27 . 1 month ago

This literally saved me when I started my breastfeeding journey! My baby never rejected the boob because I had it on and it is safe to keep on when feeding, I always keep a tube around

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Must have for breast feeding

hayliew7998 . 2 months ago

I went through so many bottles of this when I was breast feeding my daughter and when I would pump. I would apply it before pumping and it made a whole world of a difference. No pain and I never had chapped nipples. If you are a new mom or breast feeding this is a must have! Saved my nipples!

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Sounds really weird

maggiec132 . 2 months ago

Sounds really weird but I love this product for my lips. It is better than Aquaphor and stays of longer and makes my lips so soft!

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Great product

tatumnt . 2 months ago

Got this when I was pregnant with my first baby and used it a ton at the beginning of my breastfeeding journey! Best one I’ve used. Also an amazing chapstick!

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Best relief

heatherb1925 . 2 months ago

When had my kids this was only thing I could use to help with dry nipple after breast feeding. It only takes just a little.

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Best hack for chapped lips!

elizabethgot123 . 2 months ago

I am not a breast feeding woman - but I have been using this for years for chapped lips! Super thick, so I just put it on at night time, but it really helps to heal chapped and dry lips!!

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Life Saver!

jessiem103 . 2 months ago

This product totally saved my nipples! During breastfeeding my nipples were super sensitive and would also crack, this kept me going for my first baby and he was breastfed for a very long time!

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Good but I prefer balm version

laurann24 . 2 months ago

This is Good and I have no conplaints but I like the balm version better. You put a little on your fingers and rub together to warm up so it will spread easier and This is more tacky than the balm. The balm melts on your hand and spreads easier. I still use this cream though. It is actually a clear thick gel, not a white cream like a lotion.

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I swear by this!!!

sophigaa . 2 months ago

It was very difficult and painful to breastfeed my baby. I almost gave up until I tried this. It protects your nipples and soothes them. I was able to breastfeed successfully due to this. It’s a MUST!!!!

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haileyr97 . 3 months ago

As a first time mom that breastfeeds this is an absolute must. I will definitely not forget to put it in the hospital bag for the next baby. Such a lifesaver for your cracked sore nipples

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Not my favorite but it works

shelbyvd971 . 3 months ago

This nipple cream is very thick and challenging to squeeze out of the tube if you have weak hands. You need to warm it up to be able to apply it to the nip of it feels like you’re going to rip the whole thing right off. I do love it for a multipurpose to keep in the diaper bag (lips, nose, cuticles etc.)

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Showing 1 - 20 out of 3933 reviews