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Lansinoh® Breastmilk Collector

64 Reviews

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    customer reviews

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    greentink193 . 7 months ago

    I got this because I was in desperate need for another haakaa and my store didn’t have on in stock. I figured this would work just a great because it was right next to where the haakaas usually are and it’s got a similar design and the function is supposed to be the same. I was so disappointed. The suction is horrible and because of the small amount it holds it just didn’t sit right and couldn’t catch all of my letdown. It took forever to get on and I was so worried about my baby kicking it off (which he did end up doing and em ever had that happen with the haakaa) I really wanted to love this because this company hardly ever has anything for nursing moms that I haven’t loved but this I don’t like at all. I was very upset and it could be so wonderful if they make some changes to it. As it is now though it’s flimsy and no good.

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    I have always loved

    digmarya1 . 10 months ago

    I have always loved this products let’s not even talk about how soft everything is made out of , starting from moms to babies stuff , it’s very comfortable to use , I still have mine you can storage it and it will not go bad on you

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    Not good

    Arod39 . 1 year ago

    When I can get it to actually grip then it’s decent but it doesn’t last long. It pops right off. I have another different silicone pump that I use and easily express 5 oz on one side. It never comes off. It is very hard to use this pump.

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    Drea88 . 1 year ago

    It's was awesome Absolutely loved it worth the buy

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    Any nursing mom need

    katiet159 . 1 year ago

    Any nursing mom need one i used mine on every time i fed my kid to catch let down on the other side

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    This one compares to

    kellyf118 . 1 year ago

    This one compares to the haakka and I had both doing equally the same thing. They are great for supply issues or when you are out of the hiuse

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    Didn’t work even in

    vanessakbe6d . 1 year ago

    Didn’t work even in the slightest for me. I tried all the tricks when I was breastfeeding to use this so that I wouldn’t have to bring my entire pump on car trips and stuff like that, but it just didn’t do the trick. Maybe it was because I have very big girls, but after a couple uses and failures, I ended up giving it away.

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    So easy to use.

    cheneymayam . 1 year ago

    So easy to use. Easy clean. Attaches well and collects more milk than both my electric and manual pump without doing any work!

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    mika_mslee . 2 years ago

    Love it 🥰 my savor. This has helped me nurse and collect the extra drip to full my babies belly. Stays in place even when my baby is kicking and wiggling. I encourage any breastfeeding momma to get this. No wasted milk 🍼Lansinoh Silicone Breast Pump

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    azeretn . 2 years ago

    I am so happy I purchased this. It saved so many clothes from getting wet and saved a lot of laundry as well. This is amazing and I would totally reccomend it to every mom. I love that it had a strap to hang around your neck and it's adjustable as well so you can always have it at the right length. It takes a little getting used to when feeding baby on one side and attaching this on the other. No more having to manually pump or wash all those parts to the pump when you're done. This pours easily into any milk storage bag and then a quick wash and it's done. Love that it also comes with a lid to cover when you're done. It has a suction cup at the bottom so you won't easily spill if you accidently bump into it. 10/10 reccomend.

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    elizabethb311 . 2 years ago

    This breast pump works great, and it never hurts me is easy to use and easy to clean.

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    Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 2 years ago

    Some people call this a haka! I just put it on the other breast while baby is feeding on the other side. This is really great when your baby will only eat from one side.

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    katied3 . 2 years ago

    This is a MUST for new moms! This was so helpful is collecting all that precious milk that you would be wasting while nursing on the opposite side! The suction was great, has a handy top, and even had a suction cup on the bottom to prevent spills after placing on a table. Even if you do not continue with your breastfeeding journey, use this to collect milk that would be spilling into breast pads! I definitely recommend.

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    skylarl3 . 2 years ago

    This is great to catch breast milk, it’s easy to use! It waste no milk for the baby! It’s very helpful! I would recommend it, if you are breastfeeding!

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    Great buy!!

    Mkirt . 2 years ago

    I’m so glad I learned about these. I overproduce milk, so with my first my let down would cause me to leave through my clothes and onto my daughter. With my second I learned about these from a YouTuber and now my milk is caught and saved. Our clothes aren’t drenched after every feeding and I’m able to save some milk in the freezer. I bought two! They are great!!!! Easy to pour, great for measuring, has a lid, the strap is convenient as well, and the bottom helps keep it from falling over on hard surfaces. Great price! Great purchase. Bought them at Target.

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    lamiller . 2 years ago

    Life saver when it comes to a letdown and managing milk supply! One of my favorite products to use when I stopped pumping to also help me when I needed some relief!

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    beautybybecamua . 2 years ago

    This breastfeeding machine was a little difficult but I got it because it was covered by insurance. It did the job, but was hard to clean!

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    Perfect for nursing moms!

    Mamabear5 . 2 years ago

    I am submitting this review as apart of the 2020 Lansinoh Moms Feedback Sweepstakes, but please accept this as an honest review from a mom who truly trust the quality of Lansinoh products. I love this breast milk collector! It made it so easy to collect my letdown milk from the side I was not nursing on. I was then able to store it as a freezer stash. I normally collected an 1.5 of extra oz using this product. Really great product and I highly recommend!!

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    rozn1 . 2 years ago

    This really quite pricey for this stuff but works. It dont suck that good but still help a little to pump. Its a little hard to use have to figure out and takes a while before it fits/works right.

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    guanajuato . 2 years ago

    This small milk hand held pump was big time saver when on the go , when ever we would go out I could pump milk in car quick instead of it wasting on pads and my breast hurting from being full

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    Showing 1 - 20 out of 64 reviews