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Lansinoh® 2-Pack 20mm Contact Nipple Shields

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meganhb808 . 6 months ago

I like the thickness of these. Wish the nipple was a little longer like the other brand. Love the Carry case. Very good purchase

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I had received this

jolis2 . 6 months ago

I had received this product while I was first breastfeeding my daughter and they worked exceptionally well

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Unnatural at first

victoriab346 . 7 months ago

These came with a little bit of a learning curve for me. But they really were a lifesaver to protect my nipples when my first didn’t have a great latch. We worked with a lactation consultant and a speech therapist and they recommended these. Things got better and we didn’t need them anymore!

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Lansinoh Nipple Shields

sierrag48 . 9 months ago

These are the only reason I was able to breastfeed my baby. I know LCs say not to continue to use them but they worked great!! I used the shields for three months before getting my baby to latch without one. These shields were my favorite because they fit the best and stayed put.

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Super comfortable to nurse

leslielez90 . 10 months ago

Super comfortable to nurse with specially at the beginning when breastfeeding is so hard. Only thing I found annoying was that they were so flimsy to put on but that helped my baby attach better so I can’t really complain. I would totally use them again if I find the need to.

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These saved me when

jessim43 . 10 months ago

These saved me when my daughter wouldn’t latch! Love that they have a case to keep them in. After three months of using these, she was ready to latch on her own.

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This nipple shields are

sarpxoxo . 10 months ago

This nipple shields are a must I love how your nipple doesn’t have to by rubbing against anything making it more comfortable for a mom who always have sore nipples

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Love these way more

sabrinao31 . 10 months ago

Love these way more than the nursing pads. Especially when you have sore nipples, these help the nipples be free while still being protected. they were a big help during breastfeeding. the price is affordable but the comfort is priceless.

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This was a life

amandar466 . 10 months ago

This was a life saver when I was breastfeeding my son. He wouldn’t latch on so these helped tremendously to be able to breastfeed him. Would definitely recommend to someone who’s trying to breastfeed.

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These worked so good

shelbilgetchell . 10 months ago

These worked so good on helping my baby latch. They easily went on and stayed in place while my son nursed. They are easy to clean and the storage container is very convenient. They are very thin too so it doesn’t even feel like you are wearing them and didn’t seem to bother baby.

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My baby didn’t like

naturally_tanya89 . 11 months ago

My baby didn’t like using these so I don’t have much to say. They were priced well and came with a carrying case. Maybe offer a different shape variety as well

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Great for sore nipples

stephaniehernandz . 11 months ago

Great for sore nipples and bad latching. Will help the baby bite better and see the latch

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Lansinoh contact nipple shields

jessicat416 . 11 months ago

Lansinoh contact nipple shields are a life saver no more blisters or painful marks from baby biting down to hard has definitely helped me a lot

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I didn’t even know

flnutter0607 . 11 months ago

I didn’t even know these existed until recommended by the lactation consultant. They helped to improve the latch of my baby and made breastfeeding much less stressful. I really liked how they came with a carrying case so I could easily pack them in the diaper bag and keep them sterile.

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Really saved my breastfeeding

jessicar308 . 12 months ago

Really saved my breastfeeding experience the first time around. Easy to use snd clean

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The nipple shield I

vanessag358 . 12 months ago

The nipple shield I don’t think it worked for my son and I. I don’t think a can blame the shield but a momma has to try anything to give the nips a break and that’s exactly what the product did.

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A huge help while

sophiep4163 . 12 months ago

A huge help while breastfeeding my baby, helped him latch so much better and prevented sore nipples

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These saved me with

mekelly1 . 1 year ago

These saved me with my second daughter who did not have a great latch. It took a few weeks for me to heal and using these while nursing was the only thing that really allowed me to continue breastfeeding. I only needed them for our first month nursing, and we made it just past 12 months so I would definitely recommend to those that need a little extra protection.

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I used these when

kyrag2d87 . 1 year ago

I used these when I first started breastfeeding but after a few weeks I didn’t need them because he latched so well and I didn’t feel like I needed them

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My little guy had

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 1 year ago

My little guy had a hard time learning to latch and made breastfeeding frustrating for both of us. These nipple shields helped us with latching and allowed us to be able to exclusively breastfeed for 2 months before moving to exclusive pumping. Try these out if you’re struggling with latching to help baby get that milk!!

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Showing 1 - 20 out of 1400 reviews