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Lansinoh® 100-Count Disposable Nursing Pads

2611 Reviews

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Anonymous . 2 weeks ago

I read on the box that can be reusable, how can you clean them up or are they wash up with the bra ? sorry this is my first time using this pads

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Holy grails to night time leaking !

damarisg42 . 2 weeks ago

I used these with all three of my pregnancies and they were life savers ! No more leaking on sheets in the middle of the night or leaking when you’re out in public . These were always in my diaper bag , purse and car !

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Okay product

meganv98 . 2 weeks ago

This product stays in well but i personally exclusively pump and this means i have to change the pads every time i pump due to the sticky backs as i have to take them completely out of my bra. I wish they did not have the sticky as I do not have issues with other nursing pads becoming misplaced

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The best

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 3 weeks ago

I don't use any other nursing pad while breastfeeding. They are soft and comfortable. I love that they are disposable and I can easily put in my diaper bag.

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My preffered choice

ladyfett94 . 3 weeks ago

These nursing pads are the best! After having 4 kids and either partly or fully breastfeeding each of them, this was the one and only that heald up to the leaky boobs and rarely left me with a soggy bra and or shirt. As well as they have stickies to stay more put and in place.

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yamilexh4 . 3 weeks ago

Y’all when I say these were in my “must haves” I mean it lol. They stick and absorb veryyyy well. Definitely buying again for baby #2!

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Must have

rachaelr16 . 3 weeks ago

As a new nursing mom, these are a life and laundry saver. These stay in place in my bra and keep me dry without leaking out if they get full. Every new mom needs these to not soak through your top’s constantly!

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erinv42 . 4 weeks ago

I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have these stay dry pads. They are definitely a game changer when it comes to exclusively breast feeding. 10/10.

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Must have if Breast feeding

margaritad15 . 4 weeks ago

I cannot believe I never even knew about these! They definitely help offer peace of mind for leaking accident! Add a few pairs in your diaper bag to go !

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Go to

jordanj3 . 4 weeks ago

These are my absolute go to pads. I don’t like any other brand. These are super absorbent and useful

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So good

alexae1020 . 4 weeks ago

I use to leak so much with my first kid so these would really help so much , I just put them on and get to throw them out when I was done . Life savers really no more wet shirts lol.

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Amazing but did not stick well to my bras!

peytonbschrader . 1 month ago

I finished my breast feeding journey and I used these the entire time! They’re non-irritating and absorbent. I used them every day and have some left over for the next friend who has a baby, haha. The only reason why I’m making it 4 stars is that it didn’t stick to my bras and sometimes slipped out after a while so I had to be aware of that.

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jadeg126 . 1 month ago

These nursing pads are a MUST. I skip my night time pump sometimes (oops) and just wear these at night and they work so well. They NEVER leak. Definitely my holy grail for nursing pads.

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Does the job

alishah70 . 1 month ago

These were super useful in the days/weeks after giving birth. They do the job and absorb a decent amount of milk before having to toss/replace

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They Work Well

ReviewMama . 1 month ago

These are a little bit more expensive than store brand versions. They get the job done but I don’t see any differences between these and the cheaper ones that are of the same quality. I buy these when they are on sale but not worth the extra cost of full price.

The best on the market

raquelb9 . 1 month ago

I have tried different brands of disposable/ and reusable nursing pads, but these are by far the best. They last all day, stick great, and don’t need to be washed! It is definitely more costly than reusable but I will only use these.

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Stay dry

estefaniag30 . 1 month ago

I used this right after having my baby and I had a lot of milk, this was a miracle and never had to be worried if my clothes will get wet.

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Very absorbent

shaniam09 . 1 month ago

I’ve been using these for 2 months now and they are one of mh favorites. Not too thick, they’re soft and quite absorbent

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bergenznizki . 2 months ago

These nursing pads are great, they do their job! Very absorbent and they stay put. I’ve used cheaper ones that worked ok too though

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Life savor

kaitlynf74 . 2 months ago

Being a breast feeding mother is hard. I am an over-supplier so I leak all the time. These help keep my clothes dry and I don’t feel so embarrassed when I have huge let downs.

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Showing 1 - 20 out of 2611 reviews