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Kiinde™ Twist™ Breast Milk Cooler Bag

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    customer reviews

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    breast milk cooler

    Donna . 3 years ago

    It's a cooler...what else can I say, haven't used it yet as it was a gift

    Perfect for work!

    Laura g . 3 years ago

    This ya a great storage bag for work and travel. I keep my pumped milk in it while at work and it stays perfectly refrigerated for 8 hours.

    Not made as well as it should be

    Heather . 3 years ago

    It's a good concept but every other cooler we have is much better made than this. The material is very thin. The zipper doesn't keep the cold in, but I guess it's better than having nothing. We ended up returning it since our Rtic cooler is much better made.

    LogoOriginally posted on bedbathbeyond.com

    Great idea, mediocre execution

    Yesh . 3 years ago

    I love how organized and cold this keeps my milk. however i dislike that the internal zippers busted the first day as previous posters mentioned.

    Keeps my milk cold!

    Shukonda . 3 years ago

    This cooler kept my frozen milk frozen and the thawed ones nice and cold. I'm extremely happy with this cooler bag as an added addition to my Kiinde bottle system and it will work great when I go back to work.

    Ice cold!!

    Dbrown . 4 years ago

    This cooler is amazing! We brought it on a ten hour road trip and when we got there, the ice packs were still completely frozen and the milk was COLDER than it was when we took it out of the fridge at home!


    BabyBear . 4 years ago

    This holds a variety of different storage bags and in a pinch can fit in a small/narrow bottle or two.


    Madds . 4 years ago

    nice and sturdy, I imagine it will fit the kiinde pouches wonderfully once baby arrives.

    True to Form!

    mauryharwin . 4 years ago

    I work in a very, very ac blasting office environment. With the two freezer ice bags in place, I don't ever have to move my bag to the fridge after pumping. It definitely lasts from 6:45am when I leave my house until 4:45pm when I get home to transfer milk.

    Kiinde Cooler

    Pwinegar . 5 years ago

    I use this every day when transporting my milk from work to the sitter. I love it!

    Showing 1 - 10 out of 10 reviews