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Joovy® Nook™ High Chair in Charcoal

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Most Helpful Positive Review

Most Compact and Easy to Store Highchair!

Eileen.6 years ago

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] With a small kitchen and three children under the age of five, space in our kitchen seemed impossible. Thankfully, Joovy allowed me to try one of their newest versions of the Joovy Nook highchair. This highchair is perfect for those of us with a small eating area, and it has made such a difference in our kitchen. The Joovy Nook Highchair comes fully assembled right out of the box! I was relieved that I wasn’t going to have to waste valuable time reading instructions and trying to figure out how to put yet another baby product together. It comes folded in the box, but with the press of a button with my thumb and pulling a lever with my fingers, I was able to easily open the highchair with one hand. Since children come in different sizes, it is important to me that the tray sits close enough to the child so that food stays on the tray and not on my child’s lap. Thankfully Joovy has added four depth adjustment settings to adjust how close the tray sits to your child. Now instead of cleaning my child and the seat, the food stays on the tray. Joovy truly wanted to make it easy on us moms! When my playful daughter decides to pick up her plate and dump it on herself, I don’t need to worry about a tough clean up because the new Nook Highchair seat has an easy wipe clean leatherette fabric. Even if food does fall onto the seat, it is very simple to clean! There is also a dishwasher safe tray insert that sits on top of the main tray. I love this because this makes cleaning stress-free and quick after messy meals. As a mom of three, the less time spent cleaning up the kitchen means more time spent with my loved ones. I love that Joovy put a lot of thought into the design of this highchair to reduce a parent's struggle. One of the splendid aspects of this chair is that the tray swings open and closed with one simple lever on the right side of the tray. With my previous highchairs, I’ve had to balance holding my squirming heavy daughter while having to lift a tray on and off simultaneously. With the Joovy Nook Highchair I am able to hold my child in my left arm and easily use my right hand to swing the tray open to put her in. When she is finished eating there is no need to remove the food off the tray first in fear of food falling off the tray. Because the tray swings to the side and stays level I was able to leave leftovers on the tray and get my daughter down and cleaned up before going back to worry about cleaning up the remains from dinner. Joovy also put great thought into making this a chair that can be used for years to come with comfort. The seat itself is made out of a very cozy leatherette material with a five point harness system to keep our children comfortable and safe. When your child grows big enough to eat at the table, the tray can be completely removed and the highchair brought right up to the table for the child to sit at the table with the rest of the family. You will get quite a long time of use out of the Joovy Highchair because the seat is very roomy and can hold children up to 50 pounds. This highchair is lightweight and compactly folds for the ability to be stored out of the way. With a simple button and lever on the back of the seat, the chair folds down with only the need for one hand. I love that I am able to store it out of the way instead of having a bulky highchair taking up room in our kitchen all the time. The Joovy Nook is a great highchair to take with you on the go too! My 2 year old daughter and 11 month old nephew enjoyed using this highchair! Thank you Joovy for allowing us the opportunity to review this product! The space saving Joovy Nook highchair gets two thumbs up from our family!

Most Helpful Critical Review


jcollins.6 years ago
Not Recommended

I should start by saying I do not write reviews but felt an obligation to share what happened this morning. While preparing my daughter’s breakfast, my 1.5 yr old son was in the high chair eating. I heard a loud snap and saw him whiplash backwards with his head pointing/dangling at a 45 degree angle to the ground. The straps were the only thing that kept him from falling. I thought he may have found a button and pushed it, but the joints that connect the backrest to the seat on the back had cracked and broken. We ordered the chair in 2018 and certainly got our use and enjoyed it for the time we had it, but please take care if you own or plan to buy this- and always, always use the straps!

customer reviews

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Terrible for small babies

kimberly26 . 2 years ago

As a first time mom, I wanted a highchair that was sleek, simple and easy to clean. Unfortunately, this highchair appears to be all of these things but is not. It is impossible to clean with all the deep seams and the seat is so reclined that my 8 month old is always sliding forward and hunched forward which is not safe for him when eating. I have to place a cushion behind him and still readjust him almost every bite. I unfortunately can NOT recommend this highchair to other moms of young babies.

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One-handed wonder with a small footprint

manersue23 . 2 years ago

No, this highchair is not a simple swipe to clean (it has nooks. Children are messy. Do the math), but is has a one-hand tray opening (which, if left wide open, feels flimsy, but has never caused us an issue); small footprint (closes in one motion, with one hand) to the size of a small carry-on bag; AND is fuss free. Seriously! Why the in world would you need bells & whistles on a high-chair? It's main function is to hold your child while he/she eats/tosses food/ smears food/ presses food into the seat. I want a basic chair. All day. That said, after nearly two years of thrice daily use, the hinge on both sides broke at the spot where it bends, rendering it useless. But, Joovy was quick to remedy - submitted my warranty information and all is well again.

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Good high chair

Lakl . 2 years ago

I’ve had this since i got it as a gift for my baby shower. My only complaint is how the heck do i take the cushion off to clean! It seems impossible no matter what i do! But other than that i absolutely love it! Looks comfy and the perfect size!

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Impossible to Clean

EmilyD . 2 years ago

We originally wanted this chair due to how easy it is to fold and store but didn’t realize that it would never be put up once she started eating! It is IMPOSSIBLE to clean. The straps, crevices, space between cushion and chair. It’s so gross and so frustrating!

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Works great at Grandma's house!

Vovó . 3 years ago

We bought this chair when our first granddaughter was ready to sit up and try solid food. We are empty-nesters and don't have the baby with us full-time, so we didn't want a big, bulky highchair in the middle of the kitchen all the time. We love the way this one folds up easily and can be stashed behind a door, out of the way until needed. The one-handed opening of the swing-away tray is very helpful and the straps are easy to fasten and unfasten. We're thrilled with the bright blue color and we also like how easily it folds up. The removable tray liner is helpful but would be even more so if the lip curved over the tray a little bit more. As it is, the edge is right in front of the baby, and sometimes food gets on the tray and under the liner, necessitating cleaning both of them. It took at least one bumped shin to learn the best way to open the chair, but we love how easily it folds up.

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Great looking and Compact

Reclineless . 3 years ago

I really wanted to like this chair because of the looks, I love they way it fold down in NYC this is a must. It doesn’t have adjustable height feature which removes a star for me and it doesn’t recline either. I do not like the angle that my son sits at and he doesn’t either so after like 10-15 minutes he wants out of the chair before he even finishes his meals which is inconvenient for all involved parties.

Better highchair than most.

grandma . 3 years ago

My daughter loves this highchair. Sturdy and easy to use.

So Basic it Breaks!

Megatron_00 . 3 years ago

At first we liked this high chair... It's slim, folds nicely and isn't an eye sore. BUT, that's about it! We wanted this chair because of it's simplicity. We started using it when our son was about 6 months. Fast forward to now and an active one year old... It's impossible to clean, despite the removable try. The swing open try is flimsy. Last night with some rocking during dinner it snapped right at hinges. So the "great for squirmers" boast is far from true. I would recommend this chair as a back-up or for occasional use. The simple, "grow together" and lost cost design is lost in cheap plastic and spending more on a product that will last.

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Mom of Multiples - Great Chair

twinmom12 . 3 years ago

I love this Highchair. I'm a Mom of Twins and the features make it so easy and convenient . One hand to move the tray, safefy harness that is secure, easy clean removable tray, and compact for storing when not in use. I recommend this to any mom or mom that's got to juggle multiple kids.

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Great product, Great Customer Service

LASunshine . 3 years ago

I got this high chair as a gift and it has seriously been a god send. My daughter uses this for everything from eating, to coloring, to hanging out in. She's used it since she was about 6 months old, and she's 18 months now. I always felt safe with her in it, even when she was a super tiny baby. I love how the tray comes off for easy clean up and the seat wipes down super easily as well. A year into it the seat has started peeling and I called to see if I could get a replacement, they offered to send me one free of charge. Amazing product and amazing customer service. Will definitely be buying another one of these for my next kid!

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Great high chair and customer service!

Amy33 . 3 years ago

My son seems to like this chair. I like how the tray cover comes off and though I don’t think the seat is exceptionally easy to clean, it’s not too bad. Sometimes we just spray it down with the hose and let it dry outside. I chose this chair because it folds up and is easy to bring places.

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Great Customer Service

Rob M . 3 years ago

We bought this high chair about 12 months ago and it has been great; however, the tray cracked. I used the chat function on the website about getting a replacement and literally within seconds I had a note that a new one was being shipped

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Really wanted to give a better rating

HJmom . 3 years ago

This is a super cool-looking high chair for all the woke parents out there. As another reviewer mentioned though, the nooks and crannies in this thing are MANY and so hard to clean each and every time. Also, the seat cover is NOT machine washable, as the “leatherette” cover peels off like a cheap purse. This might have been fine, except it’s impossible to get all the food off the small cloth portions of this seat located right under the arm rests. No wonder the instruction video says “might want to wash it once a year” so that it’ll take you a year before you find out it’s not washable. Cool at first, not practical in the long run.

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impossible to clean!!!!

JR627 . 3 years ago

Avoid at all costs. Although it is visually appealing, it’s impossible to clean. There are so many nooks (no pun intended) and crannies that your little one WILL get food in that you can not clean even with a qtip. Also, the belt straps don’t come off so you can’t ever soak them to clean. It’s awful. You basically need to take this out back and spray it down with a hose to clean it. And even then I doubt you’ll get every spot.

Great high chair

MarMar . 3 years ago

I Love this high chair. I have it for my granddaughter whom is now 2 yrs old. It works well for us and it is easy to clean. I just spray it and wipe it down. The best feature is the fold, which is great for storage.

Great high chair

MarMar . 3 years ago

I Love this high chair. I have it for my granddaughter whom is now 2 yrs old. It works well for us and it is easy to clean. I just spray it and wipe it down. The best feature is the fold, which is great for storage.

Great high chair

MarMar . 3 years ago

I Love this high chair. I have it for my granddaughter whom is now 2 yrs old. It works well for us and it is easy to clean. I just spray it and wipe it down. The best feature is the fold, which is great for storage.

Impossible to clean

Jenn6780 . 3 years ago

Easy to fold and store / appealing aesthetic... IMPOSSIBLE to clean!! After a couple months of use with my 13mnth old all I wanted to do was throw the seat cushion into the wash.. though you’re not suppose to I did anyway.. taking the seat off the base was almost impossible and extremely frustrating. Getting it back on has yet to be completed. Position of chair is terrible causing him to slouch while seated and eating. DO NOT recommend - highly disappointed.

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Jennifer . 3 years ago

I’m not sure why this has so many positive reviews. Seat positioning for my 13mth old is terrible causing him to slouch while eating. Worst part is it’s impossible to keep clean. Only positive is it folds for tight storage.. highly disappointed overall.

terrible design

jatarsio . 3 years ago

We originally bought this for our newborn, now 11 months old. We didn't realize how bad it was until we bought the Stokke Tripp Trapp. The posture for them in the Nook high chair is terrible. She is not able to be positioned to sit up straight with her legs at 90 and cleaning the chair is a nightmare, there are so many crevices and bolt holes its almost impossible to clean by wiping down and the fabric seat is a PAIN to remove. I ended up taking the chair outside after a messy meal and spraying it down with the hose. The only positive for the chair is the ability to fold up easily.

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Showing 1 - 20 out of 93 reviews