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Joovy® Nook™ High Chair in Charcoal

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Most Helpful Positive Review

Most Compact and Easy to Store Highchair!

Eileen.6 years ago

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] With a small kitchen and three children under the age of five, space in our kitchen seemed impossible. Thankfully, Joovy allowed me to try one of their newest versions of the Joovy Nook highchair. This highchair is perfect for those of us with a small eating area, and it has made such a difference in our kitchen. The Joovy Nook Highchair comes fully assembled right out of the box! I was relieved that I wasn’t going to have to waste valuable time reading instructions and trying to figure out how to put yet another baby product together. It comes folded in the box, but with the press of a button with my thumb and pulling a lever with my fingers, I was able to easily open the highchair with one hand. Since children come in different sizes, it is important to me that the tray sits close enough to the child so that food stays on the tray and not on my child’s lap. Thankfully Joovy has added four depth adjustment settings to adjust how close the tray sits to your child. Now instead of cleaning my child and the seat, the food stays on the tray. Joovy truly wanted to make it easy on us moms! When my playful daughter decides to pick up her plate and dump it on herself, I don’t need to worry about a tough clean up because the new Nook Highchair seat has an easy wipe clean leatherette fabric. Even if food does fall onto the seat, it is very simple to clean! There is also a dishwasher safe tray insert that sits on top of the main tray. I love this because this makes cleaning stress-free and quick after messy meals. As a mom of three, the less time spent cleaning up the kitchen means more time spent with my loved ones. I love that Joovy put a lot of thought into the design of this highchair to reduce a parent's struggle. One of the splendid aspects of this chair is that the tray swings open and closed with one simple lever on the right side of the tray. With my previous highchairs, I’ve had to balance holding my squirming heavy daughter while having to lift a tray on and off simultaneously. With the Joovy Nook Highchair I am able to hold my child in my left arm and easily use my right hand to swing the tray open to put her in. When she is finished eating there is no need to remove the food off the tray first in fear of food falling off the tray. Because the tray swings to the side and stays level I was able to leave leftovers on the tray and get my daughter down and cleaned up before going back to worry about cleaning up the remains from dinner. Joovy also put great thought into making this a chair that can be used for years to come with comfort. The seat itself is made out of a very cozy leatherette material with a five point harness system to keep our children comfortable and safe. When your child grows big enough to eat at the table, the tray can be completely removed and the highchair brought right up to the table for the child to sit at the table with the rest of the family. You will get quite a long time of use out of the Joovy Highchair because the seat is very roomy and can hold children up to 50 pounds. This highchair is lightweight and compactly folds for the ability to be stored out of the way. With a simple button and lever on the back of the seat, the chair folds down with only the need for one hand. I love that I am able to store it out of the way instead of having a bulky highchair taking up room in our kitchen all the time. The Joovy Nook is a great highchair to take with you on the go too! My 2 year old daughter and 11 month old nephew enjoyed using this highchair! Thank you Joovy for allowing us the opportunity to review this product! The space saving Joovy Nook highchair gets two thumbs up from our family!

Most Helpful Critical Review


jcollins.6 years ago
Not Recommended

I should start by saying I do not write reviews but felt an obligation to share what happened this morning. While preparing my daughter’s breakfast, my 1.5 yr old son was in the high chair eating. I heard a loud snap and saw him whiplash backwards with his head pointing/dangling at a 45 degree angle to the ground. The straps were the only thing that kept him from falling. I thought he may have found a button and pushed it, but the joints that connect the backrest to the seat on the back had cracked and broken. We ordered the chair in 2018 and certainly got our use and enjoyed it for the time we had it, but please take care if you own or plan to buy this- and always, always use the straps!

customer reviews

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Love it except for one thing

eipow . 2 months ago

As a grandmother, I love the Joovy for its ease of use, the swing out tray, and the ability to easily fold it up when not in use. The only concern I have is that the back of the chair is tilted back and my granddaughter has to lean forward to eat. I have had to put a cushion behind her to enable better posture when she is eating. I hope you will consider looking at this feature and trying to get the back in a better position.

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Impossible to Clean

BB&B Customer . 6 months ago

This chair is terrible. My baby slouches back in the seat even when strapped in. His feet are no where near the footrest esp. with starting solids at an earlier age. He is way too small for the seat. In addition, there are so many nooks and crannies that you cannot get into to clean. I do not recommend this chair. The ONLY good feature is that the tray pops off to clean.

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Falling apart

Nicolev . 6 months ago

After only 4 months of use, our chairs are falling apart. The “machine washable” leatherette seat has bubbles and is peeling. We don’t even heavily clean it every day, often just wiping it down. We are going to have to replace these chairs soon and we had planned to use them until the toddler stage.

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Big NO

Kels . 7 months ago

It's hard to believe a parent designed it tested it with real children. Only good thing about it is that it folds up. Flimsy and impossible to clean. Would not recommend.

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Looks cute but is so hard to clean

Smh111 . 8 months ago

There are so many nooks and crannies on this chair that it makes it impossible to clean! There is some good features, but I used it less than a month before buying a different chair for my son.

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WTaylorRN . 9 months ago

I hate wooden restaurant high chairs. They are always gross, never get cleaned, and I’m sure would grow some new strain of bacteria in a Pitre dish! When we had our daughter, I swore I would never put her in one of those things and wanted an alternative. WELCOME JOOVY HIGHCHAIR. We researched and found this chair. When I tell you it has been EVERYWHERE with us, it’s true. Every restaurant, on the boat, to the beach, camping, family’s events and festivals. EVERYWHERE. it has been opened and closed a million times. Then I found out I was pregnant again, so we bought another one! Now we bring two everywhere we go. People may laugh at this review and think I’m nuts, but our Restaurant experiences are enjoyable! No up and down, no wanting to sit in our laps, no anxiety over what they are sitting in or touching. They have their own trays that we can put their food directly on, and clean when we are done. It minimizes mess, and makes the whole experience enjoyable. My children are 2 and 1 now, and I have 4 JOOVY Highchairs. Two stay in our house, and two stay in my Vehicle. I have many friends who have purchased this high chair and all love it like we do. The fold is one handed, the tray swings open and is adjustable. Get the chair. We love it!

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plastic joint break easily

mom of twins . 9 months ago

bought two of these for my twin sons, they were fine until they got to be about 19 month olds. The first chair broke at one of the back joints, glued it together with gorilla glue, it didn't hold. Second chair broke when my 21 months old leaned back hard and both back joints broke. It also wasn't as easy to clean, taking it apart was difficult. Definitely not worth the money.

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It's the one guys, look no further.

Katie24 . 10 months ago

I got this highchair for my son, who is almost two now. He loves to eat (kid comes by it honest) and makes big messes with his food as he loves it with his whole self. As I was cleaning it off the other day, I thought to myself, I HAVE to write a review for this thing, so here we are. This highchair is incredibly easy to clean. The tray insert snaps off for easy cleaning. We mostly put the food directly onto the insert, because why give him something to throw across the room?!?! Even after orange and green baby food and lots of spaghetti, still no stains or discoloration. And y'all, this kid eats A LOT of spaghetti! The seat material is super easy to clean too. The way that it's sewn, the seams and crevices are shallow so food doesn't get caked in there. Even cleaning the sides of the tray is easy. You know, where they inevitably grab on with their food-caked hands and try to drive the highchair to neverland and beyond, or try to escape, or just because that is what kids do, am I right? Yeah, all those parts are even easy to clean. I don't even know why. The overall design is just so sleek, it makes it hard to get very nasty. This thing also folds up soooo slim. We lived in a tiny apartment with an eat-in-kitchen that barely fit our small table and two chairs in. This highchair folds up so slender and no gimmick, with one hand. But, my absolute favorite feature is the swivel tray. It makes one handed opening super convenient. Also, again, when you don't have a lot of space, you don't want to be balancing a kid in one arm, and trying to find somewhere to sit a highchair tray (before or after meal time) with the other arm. Problem solved. You may be thinking this is a bit pricey for a highchair. I thought that. I mean, how fancy does a seat need to be for a baby/toddler?!?! Let me just tell you, IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY! It's minimal design and high quality will last many years and for multiple kids and even store well for those grand kids eventually. One more thing... customer service is great (my original tray insert arrived cracked on one clip, they replaced it immediately with no hassle). This chair still looks and operates as new, even after over a year of some serious usage. Seriously, no complaints. You should look no further, get this one. You're welcome. :)

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Wish I could love this high chair

TerpGal . 10 months ago

So we registered for this when I was pregnant because it had great reviews… or so I thought. The ability to fold it up is wonderful. However, it is impossible to clean. The nooks (pun intended) and crannies food gets in require a toothpick and wire brush to clean. Not an exaggeration. And the video that tells you how to take off the seat says you might need to wash the seat once a year?! Yeah right. I could wash it every week and still my child would be sitting in filth half the time.

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Hard to clean, doesn't allow proper eating posture

CathS . 11 months ago

I've used this high chair for both my kids, as I was too lazy to buy a different one. The good -- it folds up easily, the tray swings open easily, and I like that you can adjust the tray closer to/farther from the baby. The bad -- food gets caked inside so many nooks and crannies, both in the vinyl seat and especially inside the armrests. It is a nightmare to clean. Perhaps more importantly, this high chair caused both my kids to slouch. Nothing I do gets them to sit upright. The footrest is so low it's pointless. My tall 3 year old's feet still don't reach it. I've since learned that a good high chair needs an adjustable foot rest so even a baby's feet can touch it, and it should allow a baby to sit fully upright. If you strap your kid into this high chair they will be unable to sit upright. Posture is slightly better without the straps. Sharing all of this because I wish I had known!!

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Best high chair

Mom of four . 1 year ago

I love this high chair so much, I got two!!! It is so durable and convenient. It folds up nicely. Love the detachable tray for easy cleaning.

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jcollins . 1 year ago

I should start by saying I do not write reviews but felt an obligation to share what happened this morning. While preparing my daughter’s breakfast, my 1.5 yr old son was in the high chair eating. I heard a loud snap and saw him whiplash backwards with his head pointing/dangling at a 45 degree angle to the ground. The straps were the only thing that kept him from falling. I thought he may have found a button and pushed it, but the joints that connect the backrest to the seat on the back had cracked and broken. We ordered the chair in 2018 and certainly got our use and enjoyed it for the time we had it, but please take care if you own or plan to buy this- and always, always use the straps!



kns8582 . 1 year ago

We loved this chair. It was easy to use and store. However, the chair broke at the joints that connects the backrest to the chair. My child is about 33lbs... Much less than the advertised limit. Highly disappointed :(

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Love this high chair

Claire . 2 years ago

I have bought so many different high chairs for my toddler . They all seem to be very difficult to clean except this one . This high chair is so easy to clean and i love how compact it is. You can fold this chair while the tray is on , it’s magnificent. It also looks modern and it’s very eye appealing. Overall it is functional , elegant , compact doesn’t take a lot of space , and it is very easy to clean . The only thing is it doesn’t recline but I believe they have another model that does if you are looking for that option .

Bad arm design

JuliaW . 2 years ago

The main problem with this is that the arms of the tray don’t extend all the way back to the seat. That means food gets into all the mechanics of the chair arms. Wiping down the leathery seat is ok, but it never gets as clean as I want it. Doesn’t seem designed with very messy eaters in mind.

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Love the Joovy Nook!

Cpizz . 2 years ago

The small profile, clean lines and ease of use made this the perfect option for us. Easy to clean too!

Love this Chair & Great Customer Service

Sue55 . 2 years ago

I love this chair because I can fold it up easily and take it with me to visit family. It's so easy to wipe clean too. I had one minor issue with one of the legs cracking after about 9-10 months of use and Joovy immediately sent me a new chair. The customer service was excellent!

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I would recommend!

BB&B Customer . 2 years ago

Excellent! Easy to open and close. My grandson is very comfortable in this chair.

BB&B Customer . 2 years ago

Easy to use with baby in hand and easy to wipe down! Enjoying it so far! I do wish it had wheels though!

Impossible to clean

spogo . 2 years ago

Bought this highchair because of the one handed compact fold and slim design. But the nooks and crannies are IMPOSSIBLE to clean. You would think a basic design necessity for a highchair would be easy to clean. Very disappointed and actually pretty grossed out to be honest.

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Showing 1 - 20 out of 93 reviews