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infantino™ Balls, Blocks & Cups Activity Set

47 Reviews

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Shipping and Customer Service

Dee . 2 years ago

I have received 3 out of 4 of the items from my order. This last item was marked as undeliverable. I have cameras on our property so the carrier never attempted delivery and the customer service at BuyBuyBaby is pretty much nonexistent, all automated chats and phone systems, no email to contact. I also can't contact the carrier since it's shipped through USPS. This has been a poor buying experience... Please refund for this item or resend. Thank you.

Both of my toddlers love these!

Epicuria . 2 years ago

They love to scoop water in the bath with the cups, throw and chew on the different textured balls, and stack the cups then knock them down. I love that they get a variety of toys and colors to pick from making for open ended play. No batteries or flashing lights to distract. No sharp corners or hard sides to injure themselves. A great choice! I have received this item from Infantino to facilitate my review.

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Great toy set for a great value

Crystal . 2 years ago

This set was bought for our son of 5 months and he has thoroughly enjoyed it! This set has multiple uses and has longevity as he will grow. The stacking cups are easy for him to grab anyway they are placed. The cups have holes fun for bath time and when he is older great for sand play. The blocks are easy for grabbing as well. The balls are well sized and the sensory texture are done great. This set would make a great gift or baby shower present for any gender. Instead of buying these items individually the value can’t be bet. This set is well worth it and I well be purchasing this for a gift in the future.

Really motivates her to crawl and move!!

Amama . 2 years ago

I have received this item from Infantino to facilitate my review. I wasn't sure how much these toys would stand out to my baby given that they're very simple, and she plays with everything around her. I have to say, she loves them! My husband and I stack them up, and she's bent on knocking them down! She'll really push herself to move towards the towers even when she's not always motivated to crawl and usually cries to be picked up. Not so with these! Highly recommended!

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acenajas . 2 years ago

We received this set about a month ago and have been enjoying it nearly every day since then! Both of my kiddos (3 year old daughter and 6 month old son) love the variety of cups and balls- fun colors and shapes. My daughter likes to put the cups in their sides and “shoot” a ball into them- think golf. Great for imaginative and independent play but also guided play. My 6 month old likes to grasp the different cups and often hits them together. Durability is wonderful because he’s pretty strong. He also enjoys crawl chasing the balls when we kick them around our living room. Thanks Infantino! I have received this item from Infantino to facilitate my review.

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Excelente juego

Manteca . 2 years ago

Me llego hace unos días y mi bebé le encanta jugar con las pelotas

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Blocks are fun for any age!

britculb . 2 years ago

I have received this item from infantino to facilitate my review. Our 7-month old loves the blocks and balls from this set! The blocks are especially well-loved in our house due to the soft material that makes it easy for gripping. We use the stacking cups in the bath but were a little thrown by the counting - 1 isn't actually a cup and doesn't sit in the stack with the cups, but on top. Our baby is too young for counting just yet so it hasn't kept her from enjoying them!

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Open ended play!

Mama N . 2 years ago

My 8 month old is loving this set of toys right now and I know we’ll get lots more play out of it in the future. Cups are my #1 toy recommendation and these are so different and exciting. The different textures of the balls and the shapes of the cups are all unique. Totally awesome set of toys that will be enjoyed for years to come. (I have received this item from Infantino to facilitate my review)

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My Review for Balls, Blocks & Cups

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 2 years ago

I received from # infantino the blocks for my baby and he liked them a lot, they are soft, comfortable and the size of his hands, I loved them, I recommend them a lot, they are excellent toys, thanks

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So much fun!

littlebrownhouse . 2 years ago

We love this toy! My 9 month old is totally engaged with the colors and textures and spends a good while inspecting and playing with each part of this set. We've had it a few weeks and it has already enjoyed some time in the car, diaper bag, playpen, and bath! My three year old also loves to play with this and likes the stacking numbers on the cups. A toy that my preschooler and baby can both play with individually and together is a big mom win for me! I am adding this to my future go to birthday and baby shower gift list!! I have received this item from Infantino to facilitate my review

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Loved it!!!

Erica80 . 2 years ago

My 8month old loved it. she chews on the blocks.and even my 7 year old loves playing with the blocks.

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Greatest game

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 2 years ago

Es un juguete muy recomendable porque ayuda al bebe a desarrollar su actividad motriz

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Love the variety

Momof3 . 2 years ago

We love the variety in this set. While it was intended for my 13mo old, my 3yr old and 5yr old also love playing with them. The cups are great for bath time or bubble time in the kitchen sink for the older ones. It keeps them busy for quite some time. My youngest loves the balls and the different textures. I have received this item from Infantino to facilitate my review.

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My daughter loves this set!

rebecca.o . 2 years ago

I received this set for free to review through the Infantino Test & Tell. I could hardly get the toys out of the packaging before my daughter was trying to get at them to play. She loves chewing on the yellow ball and holding the orange ball. The blue one is too big for her to play with but it makes a nice puff of air when I squeeze it at her and she thinks it's hilarious. She hasn't mastered stacking the blocks or cups, but she can knock them down and thinks it's hilarious to do. Overall, I definitely would recommend this set. My daughter is 8 months and I anticipate her being able to play with the toys for a while still as she grows and acquires more skills.

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Lots of fun for multiple ages

BWmomof2 . 2 years ago

I got this set of toys for my seven month old. He loves all the different textures and shapes and has enjoyed exploring all of them. I was pleasantly surprised that my nearly three year old also loved the set! He’s engaged with my youngest in playing with the toys, but also has enjoyed them on his own. Both boys have used the set of cups in the bath and love watching the water spin through the smallest cup! My only criticism is that because of the rolling ball on that cup, it doesn’t nest inside the rest of the cups, which makes storage a bit less convenient. All in all, we love this set! I have received this item from Infantino to facilitate my review.

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Awesome set!

Denise K. . 2 years ago

This set is absolutely perfect for my 7 month old son. He giggles every time he knocks the stacking cups. They are also great for bath time. Each cup is numbered and has the same amount of holes it, perfect for creating a little shower of water. He also has fun chewing on the yellow spike. The blocks are great to stack as well and fun to throw around. Colors are terrific for babies! Even his 3 year old brother likes to play with this set! Many years of fun with these! (This review was collected as part of a promotion)

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Great Variety of Toys!

ashleyna37 . 2 years ago

I have always been a fan of Infantino products since becoming a mother years and years ago. This Balls, Blocks, and Cup set is the perfect set of toys for many milestones in your infant's life. I love that each piece is brightly colored to spark your child's interest. Each piece is a different size, shape, and has different textures. This is great for developing fine motor skills as well as sensory skills. My son is at the stage where he loves to feel things and chew on them so I love that the balls and blocks are soft. Overall, this is a great set of toys for your little one to have endless fun!

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Great set of toys!

xsolngngoodnitex . 2 years ago

I've been looking for an assortment of toys that really catch my daughter's attention. Especially toys with fun and different textures. So I was very excited to see this set from Infantino. It has everything I've been looking for and more! My kiddo can stack the cups, blocks, and play with the different textured balls. She has a blast! The colors are inviting and very eye catching. This set is all about sensory play and I love it. So far, we've only used them for tummy time and playing on the floor. But I can't wait for her to try it in the bath as well. These toys are also very easy to clean which is a big plus. We have owned toys that are a nightmare to disinfect. So it's great how easy it is to clean and store. They feel durable as well. Overall, we love these toys and I definitely recommend *I have received this item from Infantino to facilitate my review.*

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Loving the Textures!

Lmanahan . 2 years ago

We love this whole set! So many option a for bath/water play. Em is learning new textures and perfecting her grip with the balls and blocks.

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Baby loves it!

Roop . 2 years ago

This set comes with 16 different pieces and are of 3 different types - balls, blocks and cups. They are all so colorful and they come in different textures. My baby right now enjoys the ball set the most but I see how the products grow with the baby and can be used in many different ways for a long time to come. They are all soft and safe for the baby and playing with them keeps the baby busy for a good while. I would recommend this to others. I have received this item from Infantino to facilitate my review.

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Showing 1 - 20 out of 47 reviews