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Huggies® Pull Ups® New Leaf Size 2T-3T 18-Count Girls' Potty Training Pants

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Good fit for Dance Parties (More Sizes to come)

Oscar Stern . 1 month ago

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] These Pull-Ups are perfect fit for Dance Parties because it'll certainly eliminate a lot of restroom lines, & why wait in Line for the Restroom at dance parties when you can wear your own.

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Better than originals

Meghan6 . 2 months ago

These for my daughter, have worked better than the original pull ups. They also have the cutest designs on them. I wasn't sure because of the plant based but they made me a believer!

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Plant Based Fools

Reality Based Human . 3 months ago

(This review was collected as part of a promotion.) Seriously? Are people actually stupid enough to fall for this "plant based" rhetoric that you are spewing?

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Best Pull Ups Ever!!!

Amber Anania . 3 months ago

My son Ethan loves Frozen a ton, in fact, he's into Frozen this much, that I bought him these pull ups, as Elsa is his favorite princess, and he loves them for the designs, the softness of the diaper, and it held a decent amount, continuing to provide how you're never too old for pull ups, and that they're way better than the childish Mickey and Minnie prints

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Wonderful product except for one thing..

katie d . 3 months ago

Our baby girl has extremely sensitive skin and we tested every diaper and training pant on the market trying to resolve our issues. We found our winner… New leaf pull ups. No more rashes and pain.I would give 5 star but the one thing we dislike is the tear off strips on the sides. She often gets poked and scraped by the corners of tear off strips on the sides. They seem to be inconsistently made. We often get what we call “bad batches”

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usually good but upset with my recent purchases

dani1223 . 3 months ago

in the past month every time I buy a new box they seem to not soak up well and leak really badly. they also tend to rip as I am pulling them up on my child. I do regular changes every hour or so. the longest i go is 2 hours between changes. I also know i have the correct size for my child he is on the smaller weight of the recommended size.

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Love this

Pamreview5 . 5 months ago

Love this pull-ups, they are easy to use, easy to dispose and resistant. I just wish they make one size bigger.. just one lol, I have a big baby! Highly recommended

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Work well

momof23 . 5 months ago

Overall, I believe they work well. They are soft and the velcro sides make it easy to change if needed. I use these strictly for overnights while potty training my daughter. They keep the bed dry and I do not see any leaks so far. I wish they were a bit more like underwear so it would be easier to transition into undies for nighttime, but they work well.

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Better than expected.

Kayleigh1 . 5 months ago

Love the design, super soft and they absorb pretty well, pull up well and easy to take off. They are a little expensive but you get what you pay for.

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Wish they came larger!

rumnougat7 . 6 months ago

My daughter wore Huggies New Leaf for a very long time. I would not describe them as underwear-like, exactly, but the Velcro tear-away sides are convenient for changes. They are very absorbent. The only time we experienced leaks was if we left her in one overnight by mistake. I just wish that they made these in a larger size or two. My daughter has never been particularly big for her age but she outgrew the largest size well before she was 3 and wasn't fully potty trained.

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Mama Leigh . 6 months ago

My child is allergic to literally everything so we used cloth and or organic diapers & pullups. Daycare needed tabs on the side of pull ups and we had trouble finding ones he could use that weren’t so expensive . Finally tried New Leaf (he can’t use regular Huggies diapers) I was for sure they wouldn’t work but they did! And affordable! I don’t have to order they are in my local Walmart !!! I did find however the second box I bought a few of the pull-ups on top had been cut or ripped .

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SO soft!

Hrwille . 7 months ago

These are our new favorite pull ups, for sure. I love how soft they are, and how stretchy. My biggest complaint is that they don't come in overnights yet!

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Super Mom 666 . 7 months ago

I absolutely love these for my 2 year old. The softness is Similar to the huggies special deliver diaper. Work great ! Full coverage training pant. Would recommend to any transitioning toddler. I just wish they came in more characters.

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Great pull-ups

Randa7 . 7 months ago

My daughter still needs something to wear at night and these are great. Super soft and easy for her to put on. True to size too.

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Poor quality control

Mom89 . 7 months ago

We are disappointed by the poor quality control. As these are pull-ups our almost 3 y.o. daughter uses these as replacement for her big girl underpants when going out and dresses herself without assistance. We were lucky my husband noticed this inside a diaper while unpacking them. If gone unnoticed this would have caused a lot of irritation to sensitive skin!

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Cute Design

Gina39 . 8 months ago

I bought a box of 20 yesterday girls 3T-4T and they do run true to size. My little gal has going number 2 on the potty down but it’s the piddle part we’re having trouble with. Obviously these aren’t diapers so they don’t hold as much liquid without leaking. It’s just been hard getting her to at least try and go piddle in the potty every hour ish. But if not changed/checked every 1/2hr to an hour we usually end up with leaks. I haven’t tried the overnight pull-ups yet for fear of leaking.

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Pull Up brand

Rodney768 . 9 months ago

Love them and my baby girl loves them and they work great and no leaks

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ErikaG . 11 months ago

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] My daughter new pull ups it’s more comfortable than others

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very soft

subey43 . 11 months ago

I had been using regular pull-ups and thought they were great! I tried the new leaf when I received a coupon and they are so soft and flexible on my granddaughter. I love the design and softness.

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Tanaya . 11 months ago

By far the best pull-ups for my daughter really soft and it doesn’t irritate her

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Showing 1 - 20 out of 1444 reviews