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Haakaa® New Mom Starter Pack in Clear

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customer reviews

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A must-have

MamaBear . 1 year ago

I regret not buying this with my first baby. It is amazing! I can get 2-4 ounces of milk, all while nursing my little one. I can then use that milk to supplement after breastfeeding without needing to pump or heat up milk. Comes in handy specially at night. Would highly recommend if you want to build your milk stash or if you need to supplement with milk after breastfeeding. Easy to use and clean

Big help for nursing Mom’s

BABs . 2 years ago

I purchased this for my daughter. She found the Haakaa helpful when nursing her baby. She is saving about 3 oz of milk each time she nurses. It’s easy to apply to breast with just one hand. Also there are good videos to help when first using the Haakaa.

A Breastfeeding Must

CourtneyW . 2 years ago

This makes it so much nicer to collect extra milk while nursing. I was able to create a stash without having to pump. It was also so great when you’re engorged and need to self-express. This is a must have product!

Great way to up your reserves

Mom of two . 2 years ago

Good way to save up some extra milk in the freezer. I used it while the baby breastfed on the other side. The lid is a must for those with other kids, dogs, or just mild clumsiness during nighttime feeding. So easy to wash. The suction bottom also is great to prevent spills.

Good product!

Lydia . 2 years ago

This isn't my primary pump, but I have gotten good use out of it. I use it for other side when nursing my baby. Also good for soaking the nipple when I've gotten clogs. I can bring with me easily and use anywhere on the go without all the tubing/equipment of pumping. Also good for catching milk if I'm dripping, so that milk isn't wasted. Would purchase again.

Damage product

BB&B Customer . 3 years ago

I bought this for a friend’s baby shower and need to return because the product was delivered completely damaged. Just an inconvenience.

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Great addition to breast feeding

Mariko . 3 years ago

Works great! A life saver for catching milk from the opposite breast when breastfeeding or pumping. Watch videos online on how to maximize use and you'll love it!

It’s good

De . 3 years ago

It take some time getting use to it and working it. But it’s pretty good. When my right breast was to sore to pump i would put it in my pumping bra when i would pump and I’ll just let whatever let down my right breast fall into it.

Sherilyn . 3 years ago

Works great. Helps my milk come in more.

A Must Have for a New Nursing Mom

Sutton . 3 years ago

This was a lifesaver for me my first days home and on going. It has helped tremendously. I’m a first time mom, my milk came in DAY ONE, so this was a must have as my little one got used to the supply and learning to latch properly. I use when nursing or pumping each and every time. Definitely a must have. Also, the breast pads I absolutely adore, just wish they sold them on their own. They are more absorbent than my lansinoh stay dry pads (I have heavy let downs). I wish they were sold in stores I would definitely purchase had I the opportunity.


Must have!

Amanda . 3 years ago

This is a must have for breastfeeding moms!! I wish I had it sooner with my first baby! I would have had soo much more milk supply built up! I always get this as a gift for moms!


Showing 1 - 11 out of 11 reviews