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Evenflo® Pivot™ Vizor Travel System in Chasse

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Like the concept but

Sandee . 1 month ago

Bought it bc of the hype of this system plus I like how this one has a built in mesh cover so I don't have to find another cover for it. I thought I would be using the bassinet but I realized I don't need it. I wanted to like it but omg clicking it to the stroller is the most irritating thing I always look stupid in the parking lot trying to align it and when it doesn't align like one part is clicked in I can't pull it out. I had people watching me or asking if I needed help. So embarrassing. Esp when my baby is getting heavier I keep trying to adjust this system. I had different brand travel system ( this is my third baby) and I never had problems with those but this travel system I had constant problem with it. I read a comment before that had the same problem but it didn't bother me til I experience it myself. If I knew this would be a problem I wouldn't have gotten this at all. But I'm stuck with it til my baby grows out of this

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Danny . 2 months ago

If you want to keep the car seat in the car and use the bassinet stroller all the time then this is a winner, but the moment you decide to connect the car seat with the stroller, you just messed up! It took an hour for me to disconnect the stroller from the car seat and it was embarrassing, I was at Walmart in the parking lot I had to take my newborn baby out the car seat have my daughter hold him while I struggled for an hour trying to separate it, so I don’t recommend doing it.


love it

Karla . 5 months ago

Super sturdy, nice flow, easy to put together, not heavy but not light.


Love this travel system

KathyR . 5 months ago

Love it! The car seat is easy to use and find for baby. So thrilled that the stroller handle is high as I am tall!

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Love love love

KAtieD . 7 months ago

Just got this set the other day and I already love it! The seat is light weight and easy to install, the stroller has so many options for facing the seat forward, or outward! I love the bassinet feature! It also comes with a nice shade that you can attach a net to, which is great for summer nights outside! Can’t wait to use this all the time!

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Great stroller but needs work

Mar . 9 months ago

I really like the functionality of this travel system. It’s super practical and the car seat is really nice I like the cover that comes with it so you don’t have to be carrying an extra blanket to cover. The thing I hate is the folding part, if you aren’t careful while folding it can pinch you or even cut you like it did to me and two other family members. You need to be really careful while folding the stroller frame and that’s not practical when you are trying to put things away and have your kids with you. Also I hate that sometimes the car seat is hard to get off almost like it gets stuck. Other than that I like how it’s a lot lighter than the older pivot modular system.

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Was sent a display only model

Monica . 9 months ago

I purchased this online with a discount code from the store. I arrived home to a box that said "display only" on the outside. I didn't know if it was a mistake so I started taking out all the pieces thinking they sent me a floor model. No, it's absolutely new alright, except this tags glued and stitched EVERYWHERE stating "Display Only, Not Intended for Sale". Great. So not only did it arrive late, now I have to figure out how to carry this whole box and return it to the store. If any of you ladies get a box with these words, don't bother opening it.

Evenflo Pivot Vizor Travel System with LiteMax Infant Car Seat

Maria . 9 months ago

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I was given this travel system to test by Stellar Product Testing Panel. I have an 11 month old son and a two year old. I mostly used this travel system with my 11 month old son. I loved the functionality of this affordable travel system. I used the carseat function and loved how light the carseat was. I don't need any extra weight to carry around with my 22lb son. I also used the carseat in the stroller and was able to keep my son sleeping while shopping. We used the toddler seat on the stroller for walks and running errands. I was not able to use the bassinet due to the age of my son, but I love that the toddler seat easily converts to the bassinet without having a separate piece. I also liked the privacy shade feature on the stroller. We used the upper shade so the sun wasn't in my son's eyes on walks, and the lower shade is useful for preventing sunburn if you are out for quite a while. I was not able to use the privacy shade on the carseat, but I think it would be useful for a little baby. Transferring back and forth between the car and stroller was a breeze. The carseat easily clicked into the stroller or carseat base without any sticking. Overall this stroller was great. The one feature I did not prefer was the chest clip was not easy to buckle and unbuckle. My favorite feature was how easy it was to fold up the stroller with the toddler seat still attached. As a busy mom it is so nice to be able to fold it up without disassembling and then it stands up by itself after folding. I was very impressed by this stroller and I would absolutely recommend it to a friend.

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Comfortable, versatile, easy stroller

Bella . 9 months ago

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I was given this travel system to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. I am absolutely loving using this stroller. I have been using this travel system primarily for my 8 month old daughter. I have not used the car seat attachment much, as it takes up a lot of space in my car. However I use the stroller for walking almost every day. The stroller is so easy to push and so smooth. I am only five feet and many times stroller handles are uncomfortable for me, but this one feels just right and doesn't hurt my back at all. I love that I can turn the stroller seat to face me as my daughter is at that age where she loves seeing my face all the time. We took this stroller last week with us when we traveled and it made our trip so much easier. Although I've had strollers that were easier to fold, this one is still relatively easy. My daughter was comfortable in her seat all trip, and we pushed her everywhere. I loved that I could use it as a bassinet for when we were out during nap times or late at night. The privacy shade was great plus since it protected her from the strong sun and many mosquitos. As a plus, the basket was big enough to store lots of her baby paraphernalia. For my trip, I also purchased the board for my toddler to stand on, and pushing the both of them was still easy and comfortable for all of us. Overall, I am loving this stroller and would highly recommend.

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A great traveling or just an every day system!

PaigeU . 9 months ago

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I received this travel system courtesy of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. I opened the box as soon as I got it delivered since we were about to leave town on vacation and decided this was the stroller I wanted to take on our 2.5 week travels out of our other few. Let me tell you, I haven’t been disappointed once, this stroller has been all around great! It’s so smooth and pushes so gracefully and the one hand maneuvering is impeccable (I even have carpel tunnel). Its extremely light weight very compact (even more compact when you pop off the seat and fold separate but so easy to pop on and off that the extra step doesn’t even bother me). It’s great for people on the taller side as well (mom 5’9 dad 5’11). The break located on right side of the wheel bar is easy and I like that it’s off to the side because we haven’t once kicked it or the wheel bar. The basket on the bottom is so spacious and I love that aspect as well because it has held quite a bit and even with the added weight the stroller is just as easy to maneuver. The sunshade is large and offers great shading (even in sunny Arizona). My son loves being in this stroller and when he falls asleep when we’re out I just lay him down and it converts to a bassinet if two motions. The infant seat is also very lightweight and just so sleek looking. My son is large though and is about to max out weight and height standards but he fits comfortably still in the seat with no issues! I highly recommend this travel system!

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Awesome everything in one travel system!

Daddio8686 . 9 months ago

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I received this travel system a few days before my family and I took a week long trip about 12 hours away. It was easy to set up, all the parts are easy to connect, the care base felt extremely sturdy (although I wish the level would be on both sides instead of just the one), and the bassinet was awesome for a quick nap at a restaurant. I cannot stress enough how easy it is to go from car seat to stroller. It's super easy to use the privacy shade as well. The ease of use is amazing on this and its compact enough to fit in our small SUV. I would definitely recommend getting this for you and your little one!

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Multi-Function Stroller

SW715 . 9 months ago

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] •The Evenflo Pivot Vizor Travel System with LiteMax Infant Car Seat is truly a travel system that fits so many different needs. The system comes with an infant car seat and an insert that transforms from a bassinet to a traditional stroller. I loved how versatile it is and how each stage of the stroller functioned. The infant seat is super lightweight and clicks into the stroller frame easily; it can so go forward or rear-facing, which was super nice! The other part doubles as the bassinet and traditional stroller. I loved how it was easy to switch back and forth from different figurations. Just like the infant seat, both the bassinet and stroller can go forward or rear-facing. The system comes with a ventilated privacy shade that can be used on the carrier and the stroller. When using the stroller, there is a portion that pulls up from a zipper pocket on the tray, as well as the attachment shade. It covers the stroller completely, which is super nice if your child is napping or you are in the sun. It was very easy to use and remove. The sunshade on the stroller is also very large and covered a good portion of the stroller. Overall the stroll is very nice; the main aspect I liked was the versatility the stroller had. All of the different configurations were so appealing to me. However, there are a few things that I did not love about the stroller. Being on the shorter side, I felt as though the hand on the stroller was a bit too high for me to push it comfortably, I do wish there was a way to lower/shorten it. Also, I wish the storage compartment on the bottom of the stroller had higher sides. It is large and has plenty of room for storage, but I feel as though stuff could very easily fall out. The stroller is very easy to fold and fairly lightweight, the only thing I noticed was it does not fold down as flat as I would have liked. Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this travel system.

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Everything I wanted, and more!

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 9 months ago

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] We got this travel system as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel and it is unreal in terms of convenience. Our biggest complaint before having this one was naptimes. Kids just have trouble napping in normal strollers, but this one reclines back into a straight up mattress. We find, now, that there really isn't a barrier to taking our kids anywhere. This thing checks all the boxes. Not only is it convenient - it's classy looking as well. Very sleek, modern, and compact. The heathered grey sun shade is tight and snug when unfurled - unlike the wrinkly ones on others (nitpicky, but worth mentioning). It also just works. The wheels are smooth and turn on a dime - no fighting it. Just easy maneuvering. It feels solid, stable, and quality. I'd even take it running. The travel system industry has come a long way even since we had our first kid 5 years ago. Picking up a system like this is a no-brainer. Total package. Everything you need.

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Great Growing Stroller!

jennyb . 9 months ago

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The Evenflo Pivot Vizor Travel System with LiteMax Infant Car Seat is a great travel system to use for multiple stages of a child’s life! Putting it all together was a breeze. The first thing I noticed was how lightweight the infant car seat is and it easily snaps into the stroller (and is reversible!). It also has a curved carrying bar which makes it easier to tote. I mainly use the toddler seat, which sits up high and my child loves! My favorite part of the stroller is the ease of transition to carriage if I’m out during nap time. Another bonus is the tires are big and not air - great for all terrains. This stroller comes with it all - a cup holder for mom, a tray for baby, and a privacy shade for both car seat and stroller. The stroller does not fold up very small, but some pieces easily snap on and off if stored in a tighter area or in a small trunk. All in all, a rockstar travel system that we will be using for years! Thank you Stellar Product Testing Panel for having me test the Evenflo Pivot Vizor and review it!

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Amazing stroller

MargaretH . 9 months ago

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This stoller is the smoothest, nicest stroller system I have ever used. The bassinet is a great size, perfect for naptime walks. The bassinet easily folds into a toddler size seat. And if you are on the go, there is an infant carseat that easily snaps into the stroller (it even comes with a base for your car). I love the look and it is a fantastic, high quality option at a reasonable price. My daughter and I will be able to get out of the house a lot more frequently, which is fantastic for any post partum parent! I received this as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

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Only minor complaints, great product!

Rae . 9 months ago

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I received this product to test from the Stellar Product Testing Panel, and I was immediately excited because this car seat and travel system were immediately superior to the one we had been using. My first impression of this car seat and travel system was how aesthetically pleasing it was and how much functionality it had. The car seat is very versatile in providing coverage for your baby in the elements. I love the use of the privacy shade with an option to zip up the front for more coverage, this is especially helpful for newborns. I also love that the travel system has options between clicking in a carseat, or attaching a stroller seat that can accommodate a newborn laying down, or an older baby. Having a travel system that allows you to easily click in a carseat is a game changer… There is a large compartment at the bottom of the travel system base for a bag and it makes it very easy to grab things in and out. This travel system and car seat is much lighter than competitors and is ACTUALLY lightweight. The wheels are really smooth and nice. It handles and steers well. However, the back wheels are wider than the front wheels so that sometimes makes it challenging to enter into place or squeeze between places; you think you’ve cleared it based on the front, but because the back end is so much wider you often get caught or hung up. Other issues to note is that the cup holder is not secure and spins, this has led to spilled drinks. Also, when the stroller is folded down, the latch that holds it in place is not the best. It doesn’t hold tightly together so the stroller pieces can open and close more while it’s folded. This has led to pinched fingers/hands. The only major issue I have with this product is the set up on the car seat base. I found it very difficult to install. It was hard to read the indicator ball to level the carseat because of where it’s positioned on the base. There were not clear instructions on the base like I have seen on other products. To read the directions on how to install the base you need the manual, which is problematic if you need to quickly move the base to another car. Overall, this product is superior to other travel systems and car seats I have used and I highly recommend this product.

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Easy & Convenient

Drew . 9 months ago

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] My overall experience of this Evenflo travel system has been really great! It was very easy to install and use the car seat and the dock- I didn't break a sweat setting it all up! The seat is very easy to adjust and you can remove the cover to wash without difficulty. I mostly used the stroller with the toddler seat, but I did snap the infant seat in a few times and it was very smooth. No hidden buttons or levers that would make it difficult. I really LOVED the the stroller has the mosquito/privacy cover that zips all the way around. Living in the south with lots of bugs and hot sun this provided a lot of peace of mind! The only suggestions I have are to include a tray on the top handle of the stroller for mom/dad for things like keys or snacks you might be carrying along with you. Also, this is not a stroller I would use to run errands as it's quite wide in the back and wouldn't fit through tight aisles. However, it moves and maneuvers very easily! It folds nicely and would fit in most trunks I believe, but there wouldn't be any extra space in a sedan. Overall, I think this travel system is great quality & very reasonable price for how convenient it is! I really appreciate the Stellar Product Testing Panel gave me the opportunity to put it to the test!

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Smooth and functional

MommyMD . 9 months ago

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I was blown away by not only how practical this system is but also how budget friendly it is compared to higher end models. By far my favorite accessory was the extended shade for the infant car seat and stroller. No more sun in their eyes! I commute to work and also take my baby on long walks so when the sun strikes it can be very uncomfortable for baby. I no longer have to worry about this. Amazing! The stroller is really smooth (even my toddler can maneuver). Overall I was amazed by the value. Thank you Stellar Product Testing Panel for letting me try out this system, will definitely recommend it to my friends.

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Vizor is a nice perk

Rachel . 9 months ago

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This travel system is pretty nice! I love how lightweight the stroller is and how high/elevated the child sits. It’s very easy to convert from bassinet to sit-up mode. The Vizor feature for the stroller seems more beneficial than the car seat. Honestly, the Vizor on the car seat is kind of clunky and overkill. I have a car seat cover that I’ve always used for my babies and I would still probably prefer that because it’s a breathable fabric but not see through mesh like this Vizor shade. The car seat is nice and light, and transfers easily to the stroller. Overall it’s a nice travel system but I probably wouldn’t pay extra for the Vizor feature. I would just use a car seat cover or wait and see if I wanted to purchase the Vizor as an “add on”, instead if possible. Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this travel system.

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Great Travel System

KALE . 9 months ago

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This travel system is overall pretty great! First of all, I loved how simple it was to put together. It took no time at all! The car seat is very standard for an infant car seat and very easy to transfer from base to stroller. The privacy shade is a very nice addition, especially because I always manage to forget my car seat cover! The one thing I do wish it had is a bit more padding. I especially love the stroller part of the system. It is very light weight and easy to move. The storage area underneath is very large and able to fit so much. My favorite part of the stroller is the various modes it has and how the bassinet can turn into a seat as baby gets older. I also love that the seat can flip and baby can face you or face away from you like a traditional stroller. It makes it so you can use this one stroller from infant through the toddler stage. Also, the snack tray and cup holder are a nice added bonus! I would definitely recommend this system to family and friends! Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this travel system.

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Showing 1 - 20 out of 89 reviews