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Elvie® Curve Wearable Breast Pump

421 Reviews


421 reviews ·423 ratings


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Most Helpful Positive Review

Easy to set up and use.

Sami.2 years ago

Really easy to use. I could set this up and then let it do its thing! Super easy to put on and then i didnt need to faff around with it unlike manual pumps. It really does express discreetly as it is silent and doesnt require me to be manually pumping it. So i could wear it infront of others and cook clean or feed without having to worry about peolple knowing. It allowed me to pump and store so that other family members can feed my baby and i can go out. I can also get on with the chores while she sleeps and pump all at the same time. Its really comfortable too and fits into my maternity bra!

Most Helpful Critical Review

Some amazing features but some disappointments

undefined.2 years ago
Not Recommended

I was so excited to use the curve as I love the electric pump from Elvie, and although some there are some great features, it didn't live up to expectations sadly. I love that it fits in the bra so comfortably. I love that it doesn't spill unlike other silicon pumps. However, it was frustrating to use sometimes because I couldn't tell if it was working or not. Sometimes after 15 minutes of pressing to get the suction and adjusting the position, the pouch would still be empty. Sometimes I would get 40ml or 50ml but the inconsistency was too frustrating. I don't know if it was my boob shape or not but other silicon pumps work more consistently.

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Jennywren . 7 months ago

I love this product, it’s so simple, easy to use and comfortable to wear. I put it on and can carry on with my day or feed my son from my other breast and it doesn’t get in the way. I would highly recommend this product, it’s been worth every penny!

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Great concept but doesn’t work

Courtabug . 8 months ago

It’s basically a catcher, nothing like the haakaa unfortunately. I was really excited thinking that this would replace the haakaa that my child keeps kicking off.. but it doesn’t do anything except catch what is already coming out :/ Which doesn’t end up working for me.. I needed the suction.. and the suction that was advertised is nothing to write home about.

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Elvie Curve

Sari206 . 8 months ago

Not the best of items, leakage when emptying milk. Suction isn’t too good either.

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Didn't meet expectations

gwen . 9 months ago

I bought the Elvie Curve a few weeks ago because I love how it looks and how it can fit right in your bra - doesn't let baby kick it off easily - but it doesn't perform how I was expecting. I was hoping to find an alternative to the Haaka since it can be easily knocked off by the baby, but this just doesn't give the same kind of suction. I can usually collect about 2 ounces with the Haaka and with the curve I barely can collect a few drops.

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Good at first

Taks . 10 months ago

The curve was really good at first. Super convenient to put in bra on one side and breastfeed on the other. I loved that my baby couldn’t kick it off like my Haakaa. Unfortunately after a couple weeks it doesn’t work anymore, now I only get about 10ml whereas with my Haakaa I can get 100ml.

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Great wearable pump

Cathy . 10 months ago

I bought this in addition to an electric pump and it's great. I use it to express on one side while feeding on the other, or if I have too much supply but don't have time to sit down and express. It's great, fits inside my bra without leaking, I can move around doing things while expressing. Fantastic.

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Doesn’t work for me

Deets612 . 10 months ago

Bought this a couple of months ago and have tried it several times. The suction doesn’t work for me at all. I am a DD breast size and not sure of the size makes a difference apparently not according to Elvie when having for the research for it.

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Trinity . 11 months ago

I bought this item a month ago and I’m just not happy with it. I also have the haaka and I will still be using the haaka. The Elvie doesn’t provide the suction that I need.

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Exactly what I needed!

sp123 . 11 months ago

This worked better than my expectations! It is so exciting to see how much milk I am able to catch after each feeding that could’ve gone to waste. I have been able to begin building a freezer stash because of my selfie curve!

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Works amazing and doesn't get kicked off!!

KatieB . 11 months ago

Fits right in your bra.. doesn't get kicked off.. I'm getting 5-7 ounces just with this everyday!!! Worth every penny!!

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Not for me

PTPT . 11 months ago

I hear that this product Works well for most people. This is just not for me. My nipple touches the side and I can’t get any letdown.

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Not a lot of suction

BB&B Customer . 11 months ago

Doesn’t have enough suction compared to haaka but more descrete.

Love this more than my Haaka

Cal . 11 months ago

So easy to use and doesn’t get in the way. I’m probably part of the group that just couldn’t figure out the Haaka. These are great as they fit in the bra and it doesn’t feel like an intrusion when using while feeding.

So efficient!!

FrancyB . 12 months ago

I bought Elvie curve a month ago because I pump every morning and wanted to get the most out of the limited time I have. It is revolutionary, Sometimes I collect more milk just from the letdown with Curve than from the pumping. This way basically I can double the amount of milk in the same time. Really recommended!!

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Doesn’t work

MB . 12 months ago

Like others, I wanted to love this product but it ended up being a waste of money, I can never get the positioning correct enough to get milk out. It’s a waste of time and energy and I end up having to use my spectra anyways.

Loss of Suction

00k2 . 12 months ago

I bought this as a replacement of my haakaa for ease of use to keep my baby from kicking it off. I do not get much output from my curve which is less than half an ounce. My bigger bust might play a factor that the suction does not last long without using a bra to keep it in place. I've found myself messing with the curve for just as long as i'm nursing my baby to ge basically nothing, i'd rather fight baby to keep the haakaa on.

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Doesn’t work well for me, I have low supply

JW04 . 12 months ago

This product may work just fine for other moms. But it didn’t for my specific scenario, I have low supply (produce about 2 ounces every 3 hours) and I didn’t have luck getting more than a few drops from this. I get more from the Haaka so I will continue to use that instead.

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Wish I had this 15 years ago!!

MegHar . 12 months ago

I have been able to save SO much milk from going to waste by using the Elvie curve to catch my letdown while nursing on the other side. I was on the fence about purchasing but will be getting a second ASAP! My new favorite feeding product.

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Great for discreet milk collection!

J.Sutz . 12 months ago

I bought this because I’ve had such good luck with my Haakaa silicone pump this time around and wanted something that I could use more discreetly when I am nursing out and about. I only use it when I am nursing to collect milk on the other side, and have found that it generally does the job. I definitely do not get as much as I do in my Haakaa, but it is great for using when I just want to talk it inside my shirt and let it go.

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Doesn’t work

SSilver9 . 12 months ago

I bought this to have a passive suction option that worked like a Haakka. I like the Haakka, but it sticks out and is kind of awkward. I liked the idea of having a similar product that lots in your bra. I’ve attempted to use this product several times as instructed and I can’t get any milk out. It’s frustrating because this item is not cheap.

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Showing 1 - 20 out of 421 reviews