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Crayola Washable Kids Paint, 10 Neon Paint Colors, 2oz Bottles

21 Reviews

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customer reviews

Showing 1 - 20 out of 21 reviews

Tons of fun for my lil guy

MrsU2012 . 3 years ago

I ordered this a few weeks ago and my 3yr old loves when he gets to paint. The older kids didnt like how the paint spread but overall everyone had a great time and it's a great value.

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ndb1 . 3 years ago

My kids loved the colors! They were so bright and vivid! Made our pictures so pretty!

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Beautiful colors

Hairchickrea . 3 years ago

We received these painted for free from Tryazon in exchange for our review and they are fabulous. The texture is smooth and easy to work with, a little paint goes a long way, it is pretty sheer but beautiful! The variety of colors is awesome!! Dried quickly and worked on many types of material!

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StefanieC . 3 years ago

I love that these washable paints come in these vibrant neon colors! Really make their paintings come to life in an exciting way- especially abstract work.

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Fun Bright colors

reesey33 . 3 years ago

We got to host a tryazon product party and we had a blast. These bold bright colors are a lot of fun my kids loved the colors and we enjoyed paining on the canvases. I liked the size of the paint bottles as well.

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Very washable

ShaunaB . 3 years ago

This paint is very vibrant and the containers are easy to open. It is also very washable. One swipe of a baby wipe took it off of tiny hands and feet, and clothes just need to be tossed into the wash (even days later) to be cleaned. I gave this paint 4 stars though because it is more runny than other paints my kids have used, which means it doesn't cover the paper or canvas with one stroke. I will be buying this paint again in the future though because of colors and the ability to be cleaned so easily.

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Great Paints!

CMiller . 3 years ago

We love this set of paints! You can't beat the assortment of colors for the price! My kiddos can have all the colors they want for their art projects without costing me an arm and a leg! Definitely recommend!

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Super Pigmented!

CristenH . 3 years ago

My kids LOVED these colors. They're super bright and a little bit goes a long way!

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Easy to clean

Littlmiss83 . 3 years ago

I always dread painting with a toddler because of the mess he always leaves behind. These paints clean easy from hands, clothes and many surfaces. They are nice and bright colors and smooth painting. We love these!

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So much fun!

JojoNichole . 3 years ago

My son and I had so much fun crafting together with these paints! I didn’t even have to worry about him getting it on him or anything else since they wash so easy! We both loved this

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Great for kids and safe for your home

Crystalpower . 3 years ago

I love these paint as you get an abundant amount to pour on a bowl or foil bowl to let the kids get messy. The applynwell into the crayola canvasses and paper. Not to mention they dry quickly especially I. Skin to avoid crazy hands and feet from rubbing on your furniture. The texture can be similar to thick oils as well Incase kids want to add texture to there art. They are easy to spread and clean up. The pack comes with a significant amount of paint to cover a lot of area and good choices for fun bright color. I recommend using these products.

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Love the Colors!

MailesMom . 3 years ago

These were very bright and the kids loved the colors. The paint is very lightweight, though, so you need to do multiple coats, especially if you are painting on canvas, for the color to show up well.

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fun colors

wcollins4 . 3 years ago

Loved the brightness of the colors and the fact it is washable.

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works great with canvas

cher24 . 3 years ago

These colors are bold, and work great with the crayola creative canvas. The colors are vibrant, and mix well! The product is also lasting for many many projects, they seem to be bottomless containers!

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washed off easily

Tami278 . 3 years ago

loved how this paint was easy to use, vibrant colors, and most importantly, washed off my kids' clothes very easily

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Love The Colors

AmberH77 . 3 years ago

We loved these colors on the canvas! So vibrant and easy to use! Kids and adults both enjoyed these colors.

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Easy cleanup

MommaRex . 3 years ago

Love these colors! They paint on so nicely especially on the Crayola canvases. Cleanup was painless. This paint easily wiped off the table, counter and brushes. I'm not afraid to have my toddlers create with this.

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These colors were vibrant and easy to use!

Brauerlove . 3 years ago

We had about 10 people using this set of paints recently, a mix of children and adults, and it was the perfect amount for us. We were very happy with it!

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great colors

shanj . 3 years ago

We painted on paper and canvases and the paint worked great. The colors were bright and they dried pretty fast so the kids could take them home without worrying about running paint. They used the paint and used crayons too. it was really great.

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So Pretty!!

Lynds87 . 3 years ago

My 1&3 year old had a blast painting with these! The colors are so pretty, and mix together really nicely! Also, super washable!

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Showing 1 - 20 out of 21 reviews