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Contours® Vibes™ 2-Stage Soothing Vibrations Crib Mattress and Toddler Mattress

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Vibrating Crib

Stacy . 4 weeks ago

Having some issues with the vibrating. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

BB&B Customer . 3 months ago

Not worth the cost. It eats batteries very fast. The remote wouldn't sink to the mattress.

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No more night wakings!

Vinka . 4 months ago

We used this mattress to move our baby to the crib. He loved the snoo and we thought this would help him ease into a bigger bed. He did so well with this. My main concern was the level of vibrations. There are three vibration settings and the timer goes up to 45 minutes. Our son only needs about 10 minutes on the "gentle mode" and was out. If he'd wake during the night, I would just turn it on again for him and he would go straight back to bed. This has been a lifesaver getting him used to his crib and has given mom and dad a break when it comes to night wakings. Over the following weeks, he started waking up less and less, and at 1 year old we are at 12 hours of sleep though the night now !!! I received this product in return for an honest review.

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Game Changer!

Sandra . 4 months ago

Love love love this baby mattress for my daughter! Ever since she turned 1yr old she's been having trouble falling asleep in her crib without her mamma there. And this mattress legit saved my life! The gentle vibrations mode works wonders as if she feels that she's laying on my chest and feeling my heart beat, she falls asleep right away without crying or standing up. It super convenient that I do not have to go to her room to turn off the gentle vibration mode, it turns off by itself within 15min. Plus the remote is a huge plus if you do need to turn on for a 2nd round just in case. There's two usable sides for this mattress, one is for infant and the other side is for toddler. We are currently using the softer toddler side and my daughter approves this baby mattress! HAPPY BABY-HAPPY MOMMY :)

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Overall I love it

Tanya . 4 months ago

My daughter is turning 6 months soon and I decided to start the transition from our bedroom to her crib in her own room. I received this mattress for free in exchange for an honest review and I am writing one now. I started a few weeks ago with day naps in her room using the mattress I got as a gift from a friend, but I removed it and started using this incredible mattress exactly 2 weeks ago. After a few naps I found out that she likes the firm side better and she literally falls asleep in minutes. I love the firmness of the mattress, however I am not a fan of the vibrations. When I turn on the vibration she stays awake and I think it’s light that you can not turn of if the vibration is turned on. The light is kind of bright so she just stares at it and wont fall asleep. When I have the vibration off she falls asleep very fast so unfortunately she cant take advantage of this cool feature which I personally think is genius. However I love the mattress and how rested she wakes up so we are going to use it for as long as it fits her. I will try again in the near future to turn on the vibration for her hoping it wont affect her sleep. For the attached photo I removed the fitted sheet so the mattress is visible and you can see where the button is located - very easy to turn on and off but also very visible for the baby when light is on. May be a different location of it or some kind of cover for it will make it better.



Geena . 4 months ago

The concept of this mattress is amazing. Putting together was simple. I have used the vibration a few times for my baby who is almost one. She doesn’t seem to mind it but she doesn’t need it either. I’m concerned with long term effects though; would a baby rely on the vibration to soothe himself to bed? I also have noticed my baby trying to grab for the light that is on the side of the crib. There doesn’t seem to be a way to turn that off while the vibration is on.

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Ingenious device

Raluca . 5 months ago

This cool thing!! My toddler falls asleep pretty easy for her nap, but at night it sometimes takes her 1.5 hours. This mattress helped a lot in this case, would put on the whisper mode for 15 min and she falls asleep in maximum 30 min. Using the softer side for my toddler and the quality of the actual mattress is superb.


Wonderful product and fast shipping!

BB&B Customer . 7 months ago

I was going to get a basic mattress, but decided to invest in one that was nicer! This mattress is great because it works for infant and toddler. The infant side is firmer and clearly marked so you know which side you should be using. It fit perfectly in our standard crib. I wasn’t so sure about the vibration option but it seems to be an awesome plus! It has a remote and timer settings so you know how long it will run. Definitely a great investment!

A waste of money

tiredma . 9 months ago

The battery died just now! It’s 4:13am and I was going to go sit in my son’s glider when I realized there was a strobe light illuminating his entire bedroom coming from his crib. Thankfully my husband was already awake to go look for a screw driver in the dark- but that didn’t work because somehow the panel is stuck in there and he used a literal saw to pry the panel out to get the strobe light to stop. Why? Because the battery is dying. Which don’t you think would use more energy? My son is not a huge fan of the vibration- he’s only 2 months old, so we don’t know if it could help later. He starfishes his arms out when you turn it on and wakes himself. Also.. he’s only 2 months so how are the batteries already dying? I guess we’re returning this

The vibrating is not reliable

JoJo K . 12 months ago

The battery connection is weak so the vibrations will sometimes stop randomly or not continue for more than 30 seconds. Mattress is good quality other than the battery issues.

Don’t waste your time, money, or sleep

Michael . 1 year ago

We bought this based on the reviews but should have noted they were all product endorsement reviews rather than actual customer reviews. The idea is great except as somebody else pointed out it does not have any motion just vibration that agitates the baby. We had a snoo for the first baby while great because it had motion the motion also caused an irritating squeak but it worked. The other issue Is even if the baby falls asleep there is an always on night light that wakes everybody back up. Also when the battery is low the light pulsates with the vibration so it’s like a weird EDM party happening in the crib.

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Does not work

Jacqueline . 1 year ago

it does not work at all on my newborn. If anything, the vibration (not rocking motion just vibration) aggravates a fussy baby :( Since this mattress's price cannot be justified without the vibrating functionality, this mattress is not worth the price for me. I now wish I would have bought a newton so that at least it is breathable and chemical free.

Does not calm my baby

Jacqueline . 1 year ago

The mattress itself is on the soft side.. so I am not sure if it is 100% safe; but I figured why not if it can soothe my baby. However, it does not work at all on my newborn. If anything, the vibration (not rocking motion just vibration) aggravates a fussy baby :( Since this mattress's price cannot be justified without the vibrating functionality, this mattress is not worth the price for me. I now wish I would have bought a newton so that at least it is breathable and chemical free.

Poor Battery Life

Keesha . 1 year ago

I was hoping for a review on this myself before purchasing but no one had wrote so I figured I’d let the next person know. This mattress while wonderful operates off of 3 D batteries. We have to replace them every 8 days which is hundreds if not thousands on top of the value over the mattresses lifetime. Craziness if you ask me.

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Love, love, love!

MiaS . 1 year ago

This mattress is amazing. My baby loves it. She sleeps so well. Cannot recommend this mattress enough.

Best purchase I've made

Jacquelyn . 2 years ago

My 18-month-old has always hated sleep. We have never gotten a full night of sleep out of her. However I purchase this mattress with hopes that it would deliver. And I can tell you she has slept through the night every night since we have purchased this thing. I never write reviews I never recommend products but this product let me sleep again

Amazing vibrating bed for the little ones!

DStock . 2 years ago

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Contours Vibes 2-Stage Soothing Vibrations Crib and Toddler Mattress is an amazing 2 stage mattress for infants and toddlers! My 4 year old took over this mattress and he loves the vibrating and he goes to sleep quickly and stays asleep all night now. This mattress has helped my son stay in his bed and he is sleeping better. The soothing vibrations has 3 settings; heartbeat, whisper and gentle mode. It also has a timer that goes up to 45 minutes and can be set with the included remote control that is inside the control panel of the mattress. The remote control also can be hung on a door knob and has big visible buttons that is so easy to use and soft touch that is easy to clean as well. Just a couple clicks on the remote and the mattress is vibrating him to sleep. The bed takes 3 D size batteries and the remote has the button batteries included inside the remote. This well made 2 sided mattress is setup for infants on one side and toddlers on the other side. Infant side is waterproofed and firmer and toddler side is softer and less firm but also has posture support to keep all children comfortable. The mattress has 201 springs that are safe and protected with layers of cotton and hypoallergenic comfort padding. The cover is natural and breathable for baby's skin and will have the heat dissipating away from the children and their delicate skin. This mattress will last for many years for infants and toddlers. I highly recommend the Contours Vibes 2-Stage Soothing Vibrations Crib and Toddler Mattress for your little ones for a great night's sleep that is comfortable!

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So comfortable for baby

Dream2me . 2 years ago

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This is a really great mattress and especially comfortable and secure/safe and firm for our baby. The vibration has helped on rough nights where our baby just doesn't want to fall asleep through the night.

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Nickop14 . 2 years ago

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Oh my goodness, talk about a good nights sleep! Wow! This vibrating baby/toddler mattress is everything! It’s amazing!theres 3 different vibration modes.I never thought I’d be able to sleep through out the night but this is seriously a life changer. My baby is able to sleep more easily in the crib and Not on my chest or arms or my bed!I love that it’s waterproof,hypoallergenic it comes with a remote So convenient and I absolutely love it.

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Perfect for babies and toddlers

Rossy0812 . 2 years ago

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] To start with this is a great mattress for a baby, not only for babies but for a toddler. My baby like the vibrating system. He sleeps better and for longer time. It provides 3 vibrating cycles, for your baby’s accommodation. The mattress is super soft and well made. Also it comes with a control remote where you can use to set up the vibrations. Overall I thinks this is an amazing soothing mattress and I strongly recommend it.

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Showing 1 - 20 out of 26 reviews