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Chicco® Viaro™ Stroller in Graphite

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    Smashes hand when folding

    Holly S. . 1 year ago

    Had the Bravo and loved the handle for folding the stroller. Bought this stroller not realizing it would be different. The Vario has a strap. Fingers gets smashed by stroller frame when it folds down.

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    It’s a good stroller for the price

    jacqueline r. . 2 years ago

    I’m a first time mom and this stroller is good. My only complaints is that it isn’t very easy to fold with just one hand and I wish there was a peek a boo feature.

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    This Nana is happy, happy, happy!!

    Lisa R. . 2 years ago

    I am so pleased so far with this stroller so far! It is so light-weight, incredibly easy to assemble, and truly folds with such ease! The grandbaby LOVES it! Seems comfy for him. Rolls well on grass, a necessity out in the country. Has plenty of storage underneath. Wish it had a peek window in the shade, but that is a minor thing. Can't wait to take him to the zoo in it!

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    Great product so far! We

    Candace C. . 2 years ago

    Great product so far! We haven't had our baby yet, but are excited to use this wonderful stroller. It is easy to maneuver and folding is a breeze. The carseat sits nicely in it as well, which was a big reason why we bought it.

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    Perfect stroller

    Denise r. . 2 years ago

    I purchased this stroller June of 2018 with my first son and I loved it. I had a csection and once dr cleared me at 6 weeks I was able to carry on and off the car. I love how I could easily snap the car seat to the stroller and go. My husband worked nights so for his first year it was just baby and I after I got out of work. I would go to the grocery store or shopping, just us two and I would put the groceries in the spacious basket underneath. It’s still very easy to maneuver fit perfect in my 2017 Honda Civic. I liked how the shade can go all the way towards the front and not just on top. It’s also very convenient because it has a cup holder for both mom and baby and I would also put snacks in the front and baby would be content while I shopped. The one thing that I still don’t know is how to clean it. I’ve tried taking the cloth off but I haven’t looked it up either. Other than that it’s still perfect and use it with my second son born august 2020.

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    baby stroller

    BB&B Customer . 2 years ago

    I bought the Chicco Viaro stroller for my grandson, we love it. It's very easy to open & close, It also steers very easily. We would recommend it to anyone.

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    Candice S. . 3 years ago

    easy to fold, able to use with my fit2 carsrats, daughter loves it, easy to ensemble, its perfect!

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    Love it

    Jennifer . 3 years ago

    Works great for me and my son super easy to adjust the seat and comfy as well haven’t had no problems compared to my other stroller . Recommend.

    Lightweight, easy to open and

    Kelli H. . 3 years ago

    Lightweight, easy to open and close, so far loving it

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    Super easy and great quality

    Pa45 . 3 years ago

    I bought this for our 4th child. I love it. It’s super simple and easy. Easy to wipe down. We have had no issues!

    Great Stroller

    kbrownie3 . 3 years ago

    This stroller is amazing. It is smooth and has just the right amount of storage space. It fold easily too. I love that the carseat clicks right in, its perfect when you have a newborn!

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    Good but could be better.

    Roy Reed . 3 years ago

    I like everything about this stroller except the wheels. Went for a walk in the neighborhood and when we returned the wheels were loaded with very small pieces stone from the road. The basket is perfect for shopping.

    Maneuvers great!

    Becks . 3 years ago

    This stroller maneuvers wonderfully. Easy to direct. Rides smooth. Works great on surfaces from blacktop to partially packed sand on the beach! I could easily push it with one hand on smooth surfaces and not have it head in a direction not wanted. Folds super easy and not too heavy to lift. Nice amount of space underneath to store diaper bag and whatever else is needed to be put down there.

    love it!

    Nina . 3 years ago

    I was staying to add a combo stroller and car seat to my registry but all the combos had bad reviews for the strollers so I decided to add separate items. I absolutely LOVE this stroller. My husband was the one that picked it out. It’s so easy to close with only one hand and the ride is smooth

    love it!

    Nina . 3 years ago

    I was staying to add a combo stroller and car seat to my registry but all the combos had bad reviews for the strollers so I decided to add separate items. I absolutely LOVE this stroller. My husband was the one that picked it out. It’s so easy to close with only one hand and the ride is smooth

    Mostly smooth ride

    Savannah . 4 years ago

    This is a smooth stroller but there are some things I am not really excited about. First of all, the wheels come out really wide, so I hit most doors when I'm going in and out of stores, peoples homes. Second, the handles are not adjustable so as I stand at 5'8" it makes me hunch forward. Third, the stroller rolls around in the back of my car because there is no lock to keep the stroller together. It is easy to open and close, the canopy is awesome, and it swivels easily from left to right. Overall, I would recommend this stroller to someone who doesn't mind any of these things. It takes up a lot of space in my trunk and if I could go back, I would get a more compact stroller!

    Great quality great Cadillac for my grand baby

    Minnie . 4 years ago

    1000 0/0

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    Not a fan

    TSmith . 4 years ago

    The style was what I wanted while the function of the stroller is poor in my opinion. Closing the stroller is tough then most, I cracked my nail trying to close it. The steering and turning is difficult getting around corners and justover all Maneuvering little maneuvering. I’m very disappointed


    T2019 . 4 years ago

    Should have bought sooner , great with chicco key fit 30

    great basket

    kaykay05 . 4 years ago

    When I looked at strollers in store, I realized there were two main features I really wanted: a large and easy basket, and cup holders. This stroller has been great. I can store so much in the basket! I can fit two jackets, the diaper bag, a camera bag, and a blanket and still get things out easily. It’s also easy to fold up and put in the back of my van. I absolutely love this stroller! We go on far more walks now than we ever did with just an umbrella stroller.

    Showing 1 - 20 out of 38 reviews