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Chicco SideKick™ Hip Seat Carrier

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No more mom hip tilt here

DViz10 . 5 months ago

Our son is almost a year and has decided he wants to be held a lot more now. I can already feel the “mom hip tilt” happening so I wanted to try this product! Its easy to put on, simple styling and classic look that even my husband doesn’t mind putting it on. And obviously the best part is the support. The pressure on your hips and back is so much less! My son seems comfortable as well! The only downside for me is that I am more if a left hip carrier so the cute, useful pocket is in the back instead of the front, but I can still access it if needed.

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Lara E. . 10 months ago

I wanted to like it but was very uncomfortable wearing it.

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Very convenient

Kara G. . 1 year ago

This eases the pain in my back nicely

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Perfect for baby that doesn’t want to be out down

Katy . 1 year ago

It works well, maybe mot as well as my expectations but it does alleviate a good amount of the weight from holding my son. We would buy it again

Love it, but...

Valarie N. . 2 years ago

It’s so nice to take my baby on walks and be able to put her down in an instant so she can explore, and I use it at home when she’s feeling extra needy and won’t let me put her down. I really love this carrier! However, it’s a bit challenging to put on on the left side- it’s easier to put it on the right side then push it over to the left, which is the side I like to carry her on, a very minor detail. And the Velcro is loud and always startles my baby when I’m removing it. Other than those two things, I’m in love.

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Great support

Matt . 2 years ago

Great support for a such a simple product

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Very handy

Jessica T. . 2 years ago

This product does help alleviate the strain of constantly having to hold your little one. I wish it was a little easier to put on/take off though. Also it looks to be designed for right hip carrying- when we all know most of us hold our babies on our left. The “convenient” zipper pocket is all the way behind you when worn on the left side and can’t be accessed easily at all. I like knowing that wearing this is preventing possible back/spine issues so I would still recommend the sidekick overall.

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Rubs the hip bone

Eva H. . 2 years ago

Maybe my waist is too short, but it seems no matter how tight I close the belt, after 2 min of carrying one of my twins (20 lbs) I get a bruise on my hip bone. Only wore a few times around the house and I would return if it wasn't such a hassle.

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Great for Mom and baby

Janeen B. . 2 years ago

The SideKick is easy to use and great for a parent on the go. I use the carrier in the grocery store and sporting events when my child wants to be held. It provides comfort for me and the baby!

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Sidekick-Great technology and comfort

Brenda M. . 2 years ago

As a grandmother with many grand kids, this hip seat carrier is a life and back saver! It is very easy to use, comfortable to wear, and even has a zippered pocket for my phone, pacifiers, etc. I highly recommend!

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Back Saver

Matt M. . 2 years ago

I was skeptical at first, and had reservations about how I would look with a giant fanny pack, but then my 4mo old decided he wants to be up and held 300 hours a day. We have never looked back. It is really convenient and a back saver. The pocket is big bonus; perfect for holding what you need as you walk around. It goes on & comes off with ease, which makes it all the more functional for transitioning to the different stages of play we go through.

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Comfortable and Easy to Use

Catherine W. . 2 years ago

I got this for my 8 month old and it has saved my back and allowed us to stay outside longer as the weather gets great. Perfect for taking to outdoor events and super easy to pack up. It is much easier to use than slings that are hard to get on and off and it can easily transfer between people.

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Fantastic Product

Beth V. . 2 years ago

I'm using the Sidekick seat with my 4 month old grandchild who loves to be held as she falls asleep. The Sidekick is fantastic because it eases the strain on my back and arms. My husband uses it too, as well as my granddaughter's parents. We all rate it 5 stars and are happy to have it in the house. I like that there's a small pocket on the side to put keys and such if I need to when I go outside.

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Functional and Nostalgic

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 2 years ago

A few years ago I had to have back surgery. Holding a kid on my hip for hours would cause discomfort. That was until I tried out the Chicco SideKick Hip Seat Baby Carrier. This carrier is pretty sweet. It straps around your waist, is adjustable and has two generous pockets. I can fit my cell phone, wallet, Binaca breath spray and Chapstick in the main compartment and still have room for a first aid kit in the side pocket. If you are in the market for a multifaceted/functional piece of child rearing gear, you should definitely consider this product.

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Sidekick review

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 2 years ago

This is the best invention !! It’s so easy to use and will save my hips!!

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Comfortable for mom

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 2 years ago

The sidekick helped me to stand straight and not lopsided while holding my 4 month old on my hip. Long term this would help with back pain from carrying baby. It also doubles as a fanny pack.

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Quality product

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 2 years ago

Love the SideKick. I like that it helps distribute the child's weight and may help with my back. The fabric is very nice and it securely fits my body.

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Comfortable and Innovative

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 2 years ago

I tried using my Sidekick today am so excited and ready to use it with my precious cargo. My grandson is too young to currentLet carry using it, but it won’t be long. Great concept and it is going to save my back!

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Showing 1 - 18 out of 18 reviews