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Cetaphil® Baby 5 oz. Soothing Baby Body Wash

32 Reviews

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32 reviews ·34 ratings


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customer reviews

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One of the only

katyb728 . 9 months ago

One of the only products out there that is fragrance free. So many baby products have scent to them. Leaves baby nice and soft!

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midnightskyy . 10 months ago

My sister uses this on my niece in her bath before bed. It has a calming smell and doesn’t irritate my nieces sensitive skin

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So soothing!

katricep . 10 months ago

I really like how this product makes my baby skin feel soft and it soothes his dry skin. The Cetaphil Baby soothing wash lathers up nicely!

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I’ve been using cetaphil

kendrac66 . 1 year ago

I’ve been using cetaphil soothing baby wash on my son since he was a newborn. He is 2 years old and we still use this product during every bath. I love the gentle smell of this wash. It has never irritated or dried out my son’s skin. It’s a bit more pricey than other brands, but I use cetaphil face and body wash for myself and don’t mind spending extra money to ensure my son has good products as well. Highly recommend to others!

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What I love about

jacquelineisabel . 1 year ago

What I love about this body wash for babies is it is for sensitive skin and it’s as super gentle and really moisturized his skin. It is a smaller bottle of product compared to others but it really is amazing to use. If you are like me and didn’t want you baby to get any type of reaction this body wash is for you.

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The smell is SO

kitten_87 . 1 year ago

The smell is SO YUMMY!! This is way more gentle on your children’s skin and doesn’t strip their skin of moisture. Compared to main stream brands this one is far superior. It leaves my sons hair so silky soft and yummy smelling. I use it on my delicate areas as well. 100% recommend to all parents

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love this wash!! i

jessied9803 . 2 years ago

love this wash!! i have sensitive skin so i was so worried about my baby having sensitive skin too! We have used this since her first bath and we bathe her daily and she hasn’t had any dryness or reactions. i also love the smell!! highly suggest

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My all time favorite

caitlynb33 . 2 years ago

My all time favorite baby wash! The smell is amazing and unlike any other baby line I have tried. It always leaves my sons skin soft and never irritated. It is tear free and never bothers his eyes. The pump makes for a super convinient bath time.

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Great Body Wash

jenstanley . 3 years ago

We love this baby wash. It helped clear up my baby’s dry skin and has a nice fresh smell.

Not bad

Mich . 3 years ago

Great on my baby’s sensitive dry skin. Just wish there was a bigger portion.

Good product

ALW . 3 years ago

It helped with getting rid of my baby’s cradle cap... awesome!

Worth it!

Glorya . 3 years ago

Works wonder on my daughters eczema prone skin and got it for a great price!

marlinab . 3 years ago

Great product. No fragrance and felt great on the skin. However just didn’t work on my baby.

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lovelessarcana . 3 years ago

My daughter has eczema. It mainly flairs up on her arms. Using this body wash was recommended for us by our Pediatrician. It has made a huge improvement for her skin. It's hydrating and unscented which is huge when dealing with eczema. I definitely would recommend this product for others! 5 Pack Cetaphil Baby Soothing Wash For Dry Skin Eczema 5 Fluid Ounces Each

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emilyc138 . 3 years ago

My baby has very sensitive skin, this will forever be one of my options for my children.

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Made skin worse.

Robby . 3 years ago

STAY AWAY if your newborn has baby acne/eczema!!! It made my son’s skin worse. He went from patches to a face full of rash. Poor baby looked like an overripe strawberry. A friend also mentioned it did the same to her newborn son.


breer6 . 4 years ago

Great body was for sensitive skin. Doesn’t have a strong fragrance or anything but does the job

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melissasuebeauty . 4 years ago

I enjoyed this baby wash. I like the little to no scent of cetaphil products because scents can add dryness and cause irritation to sensitive skin types, which my son has. This is affordable and a nice wash that won’t dry out baby skin

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laurenheale . 4 years ago

This moisture was is just great! I use it with the matching lotion. It is pretty affordable. Works great on my babys eczema prone skin helped sooth, was very gentle. There are a couple alternatives that I love as well vut this one is comparable to my #1 favorite which is the aveeno moisture wash. I would 100% recomend this wash used with the matching lotion.

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brittanyf3bd4 . 4 years ago

I love that this has lotion added to the body wash for extra moisturizing. It has kept my baby’s skin clean and smooth

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Showing 1 - 20 out of 32 reviews