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Cetaphil® 7.8 oz. Baby Moisturizing Wash

172 Reviews

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172 reviews ·173 ratings


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customer reviews

Showing 1 - 20 out of 172 reviews

Best for baby

enya2605 . 6 months ago

I swear by this gentle wash to keep my baby’s skin soft and moisturized, it’s very gently and does not irritate her at all. It has a faint scent that just enhances that delicious baby smell. I have been using this product ever since baby was a newborn, she’s now 9 months.

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No complaints

ajm1 . 7 months ago

I use this on my newborn daughter and she had no complaints when I got in her face or in her eyes. It was foaming and smell nice although not your traditional baby smell

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raylenec4 . 10 months ago

After developing a rash with another brand our pediatrician recommended this brand. His skin cleared up within a couple days. I love the smell

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Cetaphil baby wash

jordanh120 . 10 months ago

Love how gentle this product is for my little ones skin. Not an overwhelming scent and gentle on his skin. Would recommend.

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Most Gentle Baby Wash!

haleym193 . 10 months ago

This is the most gentle baby wash I have encountered. It doesn’t irritate my baby’s skin at all. It is unscented.

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I received a sample

adil7ebf . 11 months ago

I received a sample of this, and it's all we've been using so far for our 8 week old. He seems to have some skin sensitivity and this has worked well on his skin and hair.

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I first tried this

alkalina . 11 months ago

I first tried this as a sample I got in one of the baby bags from my baby registry. I don’t remember which retailer but I instantly loved the smell. It is such a light and good smell. I feel like it leaves my now toddler’s skin feeling soft and moisturized. I give it 4 stars because as a shampoo I’m not too impressed. It leaves his hair feeing hard and dry. While this is great for the skin not so much for the hair. I use a leave in baby conditioner to make up for it. But if you want a great smelling baby (as if they didn’t smell great already) this is a good wash to try. [product:cetaphil-baby-wash-&-shampoo-78-fl-oz]

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My favorite baby wash

mercid . 12 months ago

My favorite baby wash product on the market. Doesn’t irritate me or her at all, the smell is amazing and a little goes a long way. I highly recommend this stuff! It’s incredible

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My absolute favorite baby

bjardine1019 . 12 months ago

My absolute favorite baby wash ever. It smells so good but is still gentle and moisturizing on their skin. It's not heavy or hard to get off when washing their hair!

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I love this stuff.

nikkip82 . 12 months ago

I love this stuff. It smells like baby powder and helps get my little guy clean. He gets compliments on how good he smells.

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We love this gentle

carmenh75 . 1 year ago

We love this gentle wash. My baby has sensitive skin & this soap is perfectly mild. The scent is amazing, very clean and refreshing. Also love the way it lathers. Very affordable especially when you buy the value pack which comes with lotion

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Absolutely love this product

senp . 1 year ago

Absolutely love this product for my 5 month old . The scent is very minimal but just enough that you know your baby is clean. Affordable as well.

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I was skeptical of

honeycolombia . 1 year ago

I was skeptical of this baby wash but my husband made me buy this one and i was super ify about it but when my son was a newborn i used this for his delicate skin . This works very good 

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Since our daughter was

allies9d1a . 1 year ago

Since our daughter was brand new we used this baby wash on her. She smells so nice and it keeps her so clean and soft. It’s our preferred wash even over the natural brands. The smell is subtle but sweet

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This wash smells so

cassiau . 1 year ago

This wash smells so amazing and does so great on my daughters skin. It is gentle for her hair and her body! I definitely recommend this and I’m so happy I received this at my baby shower!

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I've been a fan

jog24 . 1 year ago

I've been a fan of cetaphil since I heard about them so I had to use them for my baby. No regrets! Recommend.

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I love using this

toyajersey . 1 year ago

I love using this product on my baby, it leaves him smelling so baby fresh but doesn’t dry out his skin. It has great fresh scent and lightweight on a washcloth. I am happy with this purchase and will be repurchasing. #cetaphilbaby

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My son loves when

fernandac305 . 1 year ago

My son loves when I give him bath using this body wash. It smells so good! I recommend!

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Smells great and is

katiee97 . 1 year ago

Smells great and is gentle on our kids skin. Never leaves their skin dry and doesn’t hurt if it gets in their eyes.

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I love this stuff!

kaylaw215 . 1 year ago

I love this stuff! I feel like it’s so good and gentle for babies skin. And it’s a great price as well!

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Showing 1 - 20 out of 172 reviews