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Bright Starts™ Oball Rattle™ Easy-Grasp Toy in Teal

24 Reviews

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24 reviews ·32 ratings


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customer reviews

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favorite toy

Madison . 2 months ago

This ball is baby crack for my 3 month old. I hook it into the baby gym and she loves it even more.

Best ball ever

Landon . 6 months ago

Best ball ever, soft plastic to chew on, easy to grip and hold for the little hands, and of course and little rattle to help

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beware washing it

Riss . 7 months ago

my baby just entered the stage where everything goes in his mouth. he dropped the ball into the floor so I washed it at the sink with soap and water and left it to dry. there's white mold I assume under the clear plastic rings. i can't give this back to him now.


Great 1st toy

Sherrie . 9 months ago

My great niece loves this toy so much. I got the teal one because I have a new grandson too but will definitely be ordering more. Both of them just turned 3mths old.

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MORE colors please!

BB&B Customer . 1 year ago

We have a few of these. Perfect as a rattle or a teething toy or just a simple toy for baby to swat at on their play gym or car seat. My baby has enjoyed since 2-3 months old. If they made more colors I would buy a few more

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BB&B Customer . 1 year ago

My daughter loved this toy, until our dog killed it lol. It was easy for her to grab and she loved the rattle sound.

My baby absolutely love this!!!

Melody . 2 years ago

My baby absolutely loves this toy. Since we gave it to him around 2 months, he would wave it around and he would hold onto it while he was sleeping. I love that he can play with a ball so early. I also love that it rattles a bit, but not too loud. He is almost 5 months now and just smiles when we hand it to him.

my grandson loves this ball

kathy . 2 years ago

my grandson loves this ball

my baby loves it

yera . 2 years ago

Its very easy for her little fingers to grab the toy and it was very satisfied when she shook it it made noise. She loved it so much I gifted one to my niece and she loves it too. Wonderful rattle/toy

Gift-great rattle

BB&B Customer . 2 years ago

This rattle works great because a baby is able to grasp the toy with his/her hands. Have one and bought one as a gift.

Top Rated toy by a baby PT

Selene . 2 years ago

My baby had to have his tongue tie clipped recently and this little toy was recommended to us by our LC. I even read about it a little online (silly, I know, because it's just a ball) and it was highly recommended by a baby physical therapist as well! Great little toy!

Perfect Toy

KFifer . 2 years ago

The Oball Rattle is awesome! It is super light weight and with all the holes in the design it makes it really easy for her to grab it and move it around herself which is much more entertaining than mom just shaking it around. I definitely recommend this.

Heather . 2 years ago

so lite and easy for my baby to grab he absolutely loves it.

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One of baby's favorites!

Cynthia . 2 years ago

4 stars purely because I had ordered a teal ball, gotten a blue, returned in store (said they had teal in stock) and all they had was a pink. So we now have a pink ball. Nevertheless, baby girl loves this toy. And it's easy to clean.

Nice toy

Mama . 2 years ago

My little one likes this toy alot. Its great because my LO can grasp it easily and she likes the rattles in it.

Baby favorite!

Brianna . 2 years ago

My daughter loves this toy! It was the first toy she was able to independently play with. It was easy for her to hold and the rattle kept her interested


MC . 2 years ago

I had seen this ball plenty’s of times but didn’t think it was a toy my son could benefit from but I was wrong! This was a toy that my sons PT had on our first visit it’s easy to grasp with their tiny hands and he won’t let go so after the appointment we went straight to bbb to get one to have at home.


Lizett . 2 years ago

My baby is 5 months and this is her most used toy since she was 2 months. It’s the perfect size for her little fingers to grab. When it rolls away it encourages her to move around her play mat. Once she starts crawling it will continue to to be used because she will chase after it.

TSki . 2 years ago

This rattle ball toy has been recommended to me from several people. Though our little one isn't here yet we went ahead and purchased it. We've seen our nieces (all three) enjoy playing with it over time. It's something they can easily grip and shake.

Great Toy for Grabbers

Nicke . 2 years ago

My baby is 4 months and he loves grabbing this ball. Fun to see him play with something he can hold on to.

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Showing 1 - 20 out of 24 reviews