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Bravado Designs Small Original Full Cup Pumping and Nursing Bra in Black

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    Highly recommend for pumping

    Stephanie S. . 1 year ago

    Comfortable enough to wear all day. Great utility. Very soft, while providing support

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    Whole the first time I wore it

    Crystal C. . 1 year ago

    Wore it once and it ripped, definitely was excited about it and wore it to pump on the 5 day of my newborns life and it already has a hole. Very disappointing as I don’t have another pumping bra and am stuck with this because I don’t have anything else to use.

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    High hopes, but didn't fit.

    Olive B. . 1 year ago

    I had high hopes for this bra, but the fit was far too tight. I followed the sizing instructions, but it was just not right. This is just the risk of buying a bra online and not trying it ono before purchase. It looks like it would be comfortable and super useful for those lucky ladies that this would fit.

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    Great everyday Bra for a new mom.

    Kimberly C. . 1 year ago

    High quality product. Fabric lies flat even after a few washes. Great to wear under any outfit, comfortable enough to wear all day or even sleep in. Sizing runs a little small - I would recommend sizing up if you fall in the middle/upper range of the sizing in the chart.

    LogoOriginally posted on bravadodesigns.com

    Works well but uncomfortable at first.

    Nadine C. . 1 year ago

    I think this bra is super practical for those planning to do both direct bf and pumping. I’m currently nursing and pumping once a day and this works great hands free! Big game changer. However, the bra needs to be broken in before use. I bought two to start and for both, I initially found the band really uncomfortable that I had to remove it midday. I did buy the right size because any looser pumping hands free would not work. Eventually, the band loosened up and is now comfortable. I’m still breaking in my second one after I gave birth and it is unbearable to wear while breast feeding due to the tight band. Setting aside the fabric to bf makes the side of my boob ache so bad I have to take it off. I do not experience it in my older more broken in bra so I know it is temporary. I still think the product is worth buying though.

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    Good overall but smaller fit

    Stephanie L. . 1 year ago

    Overall good but fits small. I recommend sizing up.

    LogoOriginally posted on bravadodesigns.com

    Great nursing bra!

    Laila G. . 1 year ago

    Amazingly breathable, comfortable and easy to use. Highly recommend. Bought one while pregnant and just bought three more for nursing!

    LogoOriginally posted on bravadodesigns.com

    Not adjustable

    Jeanny H. . 1 year ago

    I actually wish I ordered only these bras instead of the ones that you seperately wear. The only downside is the sizing is very snug which is in part to keep the pump in place. Iam a 38 DD and full cup size Lg just fits. I ordered my sister her size and it does not fit her it is too tight. Only the straps are adjustable. This bra is a huge help for pumping! I cannot pump without it

    LogoOriginally posted on bravadodesigns.com

    Not the best pumping bra

    Carly P. . 1 year ago

    The bra fit is ok, not the most comfortable straps. I put my pumping cups in and it didn’t hold them as tight as other pumping bras so I haven’t used it since. It was weird that part was looser despite the bra being on the tight side

    LogoOriginally posted on bravadodesigns.com

    Supportive and comfortable

    April G. . 1 year ago

    Great pumping bra. Supportive and super comfortable. I have 2! Love the racer back for summer as well. Great product.

    LogoOriginally posted on bravadodesigns.com

    It’s a comfortable bra however

    Brianne S. . 1 year ago

    It’s a comfortable bra however if you have large breasts, in my opinion it is not supportive enough for pumping.

    LogoOriginally posted on bravadodesigns.com

    Works well! Although it is

    Myriam F. . 1 year ago

    Works well! Although it is a little loose for my breast size especially on one side. Would like to have a smaller size (xs). Look good too!

    LogoOriginally posted on bravadodesigns.com

    good bra

    Sherry C. . 1 year ago

    i like this bra. i'm still pregnant, so haven't actually used it for nursing, but it fits well and is comfortable and supportive.

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    Exclusive Pumpers Dream Bra

    Rose S. . 1 year ago

    Love this bra it is my new favourite. I’m an exclusive pumper and with this bra it’s one less thing I have to remember or put on when I sit down to pump 6x a day. It’s comfy and very supportive and doesn’t dig in anywhere. Only small issue is the fabric of the pumping bra has stretched a little and no longer holds the flanges as tight and so my movement is a little more limited while pumping so I don’t lose suction.

    LogoOriginally posted on bravadodesigns.com

    This bra is great for

    Caristy P. . 1 year ago

    This bra is great for everyday wear and pumping. Being able to pump hands free comfortably is so helpful with an infant. The material slides over easily to feed as well, it doesn’t feel bulky or uncomfortable. Great quality material that is soft and comfortable!

    LogoOriginally posted on bravadodesigns.com

    Really awesome bra

    Rebecca F. . 1 year ago

    This is a wonderful bra. The style is very cute, the quality is great, it's comfortable and really supportive, and the pumping function is wonderful. The only reason I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is that it doesn't come in an XL. The L fits me great and looks lovely, but it's too tight for me to sleep in. Please make an XL! Other than that, I highly recommend it. I got the grey and the animal print. I found the black tighter than the others.

    LogoOriginally posted on bravadodesigns.com

    Easy to use, extremely comfortable

    Tonya W. . 1 year ago

    Easy to use, extremely comfortable but still supportive. Fits true to size. Easy to take on and off. Would definitely recommend and will definitely be purchasing more.

    LogoOriginally posted on bravadodesigns.com

    Perfect nursing and pumping bra.

    Florence S. . 1 year ago

    I cannot take it off. It is perfect! Supportive in all the right places and very easy to nurse in. It hold the pumps making them hands free. I ordered all the colors.

    LogoOriginally posted on bravadodesigns.com

    Good but...

    Raven C. . 1 year ago

    This bra is extremely comfy and looks nice. I'd recommend this bra to someone IF they have a medium to small bust. I am a UK34H/US34J and while this bra works (and works well!), it isn't as supportive as the hands free clip accessory. Because I have very large breasts and a lot of breast tissue, when I use this bra, my nipples and flanges point and face downwards...making it more difficult to completely empty my breast. If you're have large breasts like me, the hands free accessory will offer a great deal more support than this pumping bra. However, this one is awesome for on the go or when I have time to do breast compressions while pumping.

    LogoOriginally posted on bravadodesigns.com

    This bra is easy to

    Daria R. . 1 year ago

    This bra is easy to use and fits according to the size chart. Overall it looks good and feels like you are wearing a normal bra. I highly recommend this bra if you are exclusively pumping.

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    Showing 1 - 20 out of 151 reviews