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Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Auto Air Purifier in White

291 Reviews

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291 reviews ·294 ratings


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Most Helpful Positive Review

Cats can turn it off and on

Idna.2 years ago

This is my second blue air filter. I was very happy with the first and the new automatic adjustment was very appealing for my next purchase. But I have quickly discovered that for a home with cats, the new operation controls on the TOP of the unit make it a fun new toy for the cats to play with. They hop right up and walk and sit on the very sensitive touch controls. They appear to enjoy seeing the lights and breeze changes they bring up. The older version can happily run 24/7 on low, but this one needs my attention several times a day to turn it back on to auto after cats have switched it to high or off. One other thing I am disappointed by is the outside prefilter. The older version came with two tight fitting stretchy covers that effectively capture lots of dust and cat fur. Easy to vacuum and switch out for washing. This new one came with one loosely woven cover that the cats are attracted to scratching. I will need to order another to replace it. On the bright side, when the auto feature is on it works very well. We had masonry work going on outside and even with all windows closed the blue air detected high levels of dust and went into high mode. This was reassuring. For a home without pets or toddlers who will surely play with the settings, this is an excellent choice.

Most Helpful Critical Review

Died after 33 days

GSOnc.2 years ago
Not Recommended

I cannot get this to work. I have 4 other blue air 211+ filters that work flawlessly. This "auto" feature is not ready for prime time. IMHO, stick to the 211+ and NOT the auto

customer reviews

Showing 1 - 20 out of 291 reviews

Awesome product - definitely recommend!

karf . 2 weeks ago

Great air purifier! We have been very happy with our purchase!

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Love it

Wendy HC . 3 weeks ago

Modern, stylish design and works SO much better than our former machine! Highly recommend.

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Great Air Purifiers

Army Mike . 3 weeks ago

I researched air purifiers for two weeks and pucked the Blueair 211+ Auto. After receiving and using for a couple days I ordered and have received two, (2) more. We placed one in our kitchen, the 2nd in our master bedroom & the 3rd in our bonus room. I like that you can set it on low and if it detects it needs a higher speed/out put it does so automatically. The units are also very quiet.

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Amazing blue pure to 11+ auto

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 3 weeks ago

Before I bought the blue pure to 11+ auto my house was filled with dust and I was constantly cleaning. I couldn’t see through my glass top tables for the dust after plugging it in and running it the first day I could see my glass top tables it lifted everything off and clean them out amazing, so I ended up buying another one for my lower level as I have two levels in my house. This product is great.

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Love it!

NinaB11 . 4 weeks ago

Love this air purifier! It can clean a smoky room of 1000 ft in minutes!

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Very happy with our Blue Air 211+ Auto

ElizabethCC . 4 weeks ago

Love this air filter. It is quiet and seems to be effective. My husband had COVID prior to the holidays and noone else our our household was affected. This was not the case the past two times we had COVID (we did not have Blue Air at the time). This air filter is also beautiful. We have blues and greens in one room and bought the Aurora Light color that matched. It looks perfect. We have this larger unit (211+ auto) in our bedroom because it is a large room. We also have the smaller unit (411+ auto) in every other bedroom and in the family room. We are quite happy with our purchase. We have had them for several months now - highly recommend!

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Love it!

Lynn H . 4 weeks ago

After a week of use I was able to tell the difference in the air inside of our place! I LOVE this thing! I'm going to get another for our bedroom. This one is currently in our living room.

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Solution to excessive cat dander in the air!

Lance D . 4 weeks ago

I purchased the Pure 211 Plus Auto for our master bedroom to help deal with cat dander produced by our 4 exclusively indoor cats who all like to hang out on our bed. The product has made a definite improvement in the bedroom air quality. I'm breathing better, am experiencing less nasal congestion, plus this air purifier is extremely quiet! I highly recommend it.

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Great design and value, very quiet.

Rich Novak . 1 month ago

Easy to set up, very quiet, has good capacity for the price. I like the large filter surface area and the ionization that increases the efficiency. However, despite the ionization it still doesn't produce measurable ozone (according to the manufacturer's tests) so that is good. The automatic sensor does seem to respond to events that cause dust in the room, but most of the time on auto it is on the lowest, quietest fan speed. Attractive styling. I've had one for about 6 months in my bedroom, and recently purchases a second for the family room, along with a 411 for a bedroom.

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Don’t notice a difference.

Not thanks . 1 month ago

Don’t notice a difference. Barely blows on automatic.

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Great buy

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 1 month ago

Great product, it’s so quiet. We’ve recommended to several friends.

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Nice look and quiet

BHarvath . 1 month ago

Fits nicely in the room and is very quiet. Love knowing the air is clean!

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Quiet, Efficient, and Effective

LPBG . 1 month ago

This unit has made a noticeable difference in the air quality in my living/dining area. We no longer have weird lingering cooked food smells from the nearby kitchen. It’s very sensitive and will kick in to high gear when a candle is blown out across the room. Very happy with my purchase!

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Blue Pure 211+ Auto

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 1 month ago

Two smokers, two packs of cigs. and ten hours in a closed room. Two hours later, we walked back into the room and could not smell anything. How`s that for a review?

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This works

Lilly R . 1 month ago

We have two dogs so pet hair and dander is a constant. We’re also always cooking so food smells is also a constant. This air purifier has made a significant difference in our air quality. I’m noticing food smells don’t linger and have seen a reduction in the floating pet hairs.

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MAL3 . 1 month ago

Super quiet ! Good value for the money. Still too new to give a better review.

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Very pleased with this model!

BabsAL . 1 month ago

Works well! I upgraded my small model for this larger model for my bedroom suite and am very pleased. It works well, is quiet and was a great addition. My smaller one was then able to go in the exercise room.

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Exceptional quality and excellent air purification

Ed Bellows . 1 month ago

Exceptional quality and excellent air purification. A variety of control options to meet daily requirements.

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Blue Pure 211+

wlmnc . 1 month ago

This is my fourth BlueAir machine...I have two 211+ and one 605. All are great. I have had very few allergy problems since I got the first one. And the agent was very kind in recognizing my recent purchase came damaged and immediately sent a replacement!

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Clean purest air ever!

Bubbah . 1 month ago

Great Air purifier at a reasonable price - Wonderful features

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Showing 1 - 20 out of 291 reviews