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BABYBJÖRN® Baby Carrier One in Beige Leopard

426 Reviews


426 reviews ·429 ratings


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Most Helpful Positive Review

Wheelchair parenting

Wheelchair Mum.3 years ago

I am a full time wheelchair user. I have a 1 year old and recently purchased a Baby Bjorn One. I regret not purchasing it sooner! It leaves my shoulders clear to push my wheels, it sits baby off my lap forward facing to allow free bending forward, the straps don't move or rub and are very comfortable. The baby loves it! Looking forward to using it more as the better weather comes in. It really helps me bond with my baby, keeping her close while I'm out and about (or in the house!) the head support flap takes some getting used to stopping it from popping back up. Daddy also loves carrying baby and finds it easy to adjust the size.

Most Helpful Critical Review


Mariam.3 years ago
Not Recommended

I was in love with this carrier and used it ~20 times & it was a lifesaver when we were travelling. Unfortunately, the belt buckle SNAPPED as I was about to put my baby into the carrier and when I contacted their customer service explaining how concerned I am and the situation, the customer service representative didn't seem concerned whatsoever and gave the impression that they're used to these types of situations (she offered to send me a new belt buckle for me to replace the old one). Let me be clear, the carrier snapped in such a way it could not be used and would be so unsafe for a baby! I'm so glad my baby wasn't already in when the carrier snapped!!!

customer reviews

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Perfect baby carrier! (if you are tall enough)

Aga Marie . 4 months ago

This carrier has quickly become one of my very favorite carriers. I was hesitating quite long time before buying it, because the reviews were very inconsistent. All in all, I decided to give it a try and it was the best decision. Carrier is very well made, seems to be sturdy, really comfortable for both the wearer and baby. But, I think it is not the best choice for the shorter people, as the construction is really long, and I can’t imagine shorter people to be comfortable in it. For reference I am 5’8 and it fits me perfectly. I am very happy I have finally gave it a chance!

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Wish for more colors 100% cotton (not leopard)

Linnea . 4 months ago

So sad :( that the safest material (100%) is only available in leopard. That style is not for everyone. I might need to buy it anyway because safe materials are important to me (and the baby). Wish it was available in gray.

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Baby carrier one, leopard

Heidi . 4 months ago

Cute and practical. Easy to put on and adjust the straps. My daughter was very happy.

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Good Baby carrier

Sònia . 6 months ago

In my view it’s the safest baby carrier in the market

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Too hot, doesn’t feel safe for baby

an68 . 8 months ago

We received this as a gift and upon opening it and trying it on, we immediately knew our little baby would get too hot in such thick material. We requested to exchange it for the mesh version and baby bjorn will not allow it.

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Great carrier

Lila . 8 months ago

Amazing product!! Lovely design and great features. I miss some hoodie/shade but other than that I am in love

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Great product!

Diana Corales . 9 months ago

Before buying this item, I had done countless research on baby wearing. Ive read forums and reviews, and had watched even youtube videos just to make sure my baby will have the best product. True enough, it did not disappoint. The materials are luxurious and are of great quality. Easy to use is an understatement. The carrier has made bonding with my lil one so much easier, and freeing my hands to do other stuff. Genius product and would highly recommend!

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Jas . 9 months ago

Super great to be more hands free now and able to multi-task while also getting in nice bonding time with baby!

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1000000/10 the absolute best carrier

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 9 months ago

Get this carrier NOW! My babygirl is in love with it, it’s the only thing that calms her down and I can get so much done around the house. She is so calm when we go out shopping, before she would scream. I told all my family & friends to get this as well. It’s worth every penny & also super cute.

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Cheryl . 9 months ago

This was a baby shower gift, and seem quite pleased!

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Sadie . 9 months ago

Amazing. Worth every penny! I’ve tried so many baby wearing carriers and this one takes the entire cake. It’s comfy, super supportive, my baby loves it. Doesn’t hurt my back. AND it comes in leopard print??? Amazing. Absolutely superb. Will be using for all of our kids. 10/10.

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Baby carrier one

Ed . 10 months ago

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] It is a little heavy, doesnt all bend when u take it off as it takes up space. Also very stiff

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Great baby carrier

Ccm . 10 months ago

Fabulous pack - great material ! Very functional and great looking

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Must have baby item!

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 11 months ago

I use this everyday. My daughter loves it for nap time. It helps me so much, I’m able to be hands free and do things. I wish I would have bought this sooner. I would recommend this to every new momma! Definitely a must have baby item that can grow with your baby!

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C . 11 months ago

Life saving - easy to use, great quality and saves back and arms!

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Ergonomic & confortable

Marine . 12 months ago

Very confortable for the parent carrying the child.

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Worth it!

Alice . 12 months ago

So pleased with our Baby Bjorn carrier so far. The material feels really good quality and I like that it's easy to wear, fits snuggly and is easier to adjust compared to others on the market. Planning on keeping it as an investment piece for our other babies and convinced it will last the course!

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Great features!

Annezina . 12 months ago

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Never stop using it, since I bought it! Best material quality, my little Manolis feels great and always sleeps after a few steps!

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Great quality carrier!

Morgan . 12 months ago

By far the best baby carrier I've used! My baby is comfortable and the carrier is easy to adjust.

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Way too complicated

NW . 1 year ago

I originally used the Baby Bjorn Mini, and it was hands down my favorite baby accessory of all time. When I lost the Mini in an airport, I decided to just go ahead and replace it with something that would grow with my 6 month old and that's how I ended up with the Carrier One. After having gotten used to the Mini's simplicity and ease of use, the Carrier one feels like a terribly complicated pain in the neck and I honestly don't even bother using it. It's sitting in a closet gathering dust because I can't bring myself to try and figure it out. Maybe it just requires more patience than I'm willing to give it. Either way, it's not for me.

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Showing 1 - 20 out of 426 reviews