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Baby Jogger® City Select Modular Stroller 2 Eco Collection Single-to-Double in Harbor Grey

668 Reviews

$489.99was $699.99 (30% off)

668 reviews ·669 ratings


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Most Helpful Positive Review

AMAZING experience with this stroller

Tweetsda.9 years ago

We looked into so many strollers for our twin baby girls. We found the City Select with the second seat and was hesitant because of the price. We looked around some more and went back to the city select. It is so smooth and easy to fold. The wheels are perfect for anything, we even took it on the hard sand at the beach. We bought the trays and use the stroller as a "high chair" for the girls when it's meal time and we're not home. We used the Britax car seats and the attachments for the stroller we so easy we just clicked in and strolled off. PERFECT stroller for twins!! I only rated the comfort of the child 4 stars because I wish the seats were able to lay down a bit more.

Most Helpful Critical Review

Nice stroller but.....

Leni.9 years ago
Not Recommended

Had my stroller for 1 year. Love it but would wish a few things would be wish it could stand upwards when folded- in the house must always lay it flat which takes up so much space. Wish the wheels would lock when folded. Wish the closing mechanism was easier- very stiff, always break or bend my nails. Love how easy it is to interchange the seats and face them any which way. Tilts very easily back and or forth. Loved my bassinet too. Love the handles- go up and down to adjust to your height. Love the large storage. Nice smooth ride. Like the option of a double stroller


|6 years ago
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customer reviews

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Good Stroller, Not a Travel System without Adapter

Webery . 2 weeks ago

The stroller so far seems well made. There is a little slop in some of the joints and latches, but nothing too bad. The worst part is that the ADAPTER ARE NOT INCLUDED for the City Go 2 infant car seat. After some research, I can see that the City Mini 2 stroller comes with the adapters. Why not include them with this one too? It would really make this a great value as a travel system if they were included.

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Worth the price

Mama2020 . 2 months ago

Love the product, used it much more than other stroller due to convenience of this stroller.

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Multiple parts broken in less than 1.5 years of us

Luna . 3 months ago

I have had this stroller less than a year and a half and I have already need to replace the brake system and the wheels. I didn’t expect to pay this much for a double stroller to have it keep breaking. Very disappointing.

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Not great for uneven surfaces

Mom of two . 4 months ago

Unfortunately regret this purchase. The stroller looks great, but for what we need not very functional. We bought this as we need a double stroller. This is an expensive stroller and on top of that you have to buy a bunch of accessories to make it work as a double stroller. Second seat, and adaptors for second seat/baby seat are not included. This model also does not fit the toddler seat which is bizarre to me, why? You can buy the glider as another extra, which we did, but this does not work well when you have two seats on the stroller, as the child standing on the glider, has no where to put their head, or makes it really awkward for the person pushing the stroller. We went with this stroller as liked that the kids would sit behind each other, making it easier to get in and out of doors while walking, but the main reason this stroller is terrible choice for us, is that we mostly use it outdoors which is it not really good for. If the surface you are pushing it on is uneven (leans to one side) like a side walk or paved trail, this is awful, to pulls to one side. We have our toddler in the front seat and our baby in the baby seat up in the back and the weight of the toddler (only 26lbs) in this heavy stroller pulls it very hard to one side. It is a lot of work on the person pushing the stroller to keep it on the path. I wanted to love this stroller as looks awesome, has a great big storage area, works great in a mall or flat surface, any rough or unlevel surface it is hard, awkward and disappointing to use. I wish we were still in the 90 days to return it.

No need to look any further

AshinKc . 6 months ago

I wish I would have purchased this stroller from the get go. It’s AMAZING!! I will never need another stroller!

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Love and definitely recommend

Peaches . 7 months ago

Love how light weight it is and easy to assemble, very easy to push with two kids

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Baby jogger city select eco

Nicole10 . 7 months ago

The new eco model is very nice and light. Folding the frame and lifting it is so much easier then the older version. I like how much room there is between the two seats and I like the feel of the material.

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Not compatible with existing accessories

Kathy L . 7 months ago

New version of City Select stroller is nice. Bought it for my daughter to replace single stroller when she just had her second child. However, Baby Jogger should have made accessories interchangeable with the new version but did not. We had to buy new adapter for Baby Jogger car seat she already had. Also tray and another accessory she had from original stroller would not work with the City Select 2.

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1st time. Baby jogger purchase

Whip06 . 7 months ago

I fell in love with the Baby Jogger brand when we rented one at Disney World. While I really like the configurations available, I was not as happy about the weight of the stroller. I also feel that a stroller that costs this much shouldn’t nickel & dime you for accessories (the car seat adapter and the 2nd seat adapter should just come included)

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LindseyIzzy . 8 months ago

For being such a "high end" stroller it is so noisy! thought we'd try something different then our first UPPABABY because we now need a double stroller but this is NOT quiet! It rattles with every bump. so unhappy especially with it being so expensive!

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City Select Double stroller

Jayash . 8 months ago

Best stroller I’ve found and used! It was easy to assemble on my own. I love how the seat is, my child is able to sit fully upright and be a part of whatever we’re doing when we are out and about. I liked the ease of adding a second seat or infant carrier. I also like the fact that the handle extends as my husband is 6’3 and it is comfortable for him to push. It’s also very smooth.

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Buy in now

Mom1 . 9 months ago

FYI. I bought the City Select less than 2 years ago so that we could expand the stroller when baby number 2 comes. Well, we're rapidly approaching the arrival and our version has been discontinued. Extra parts too. We spent the extra money on it because it had options. Just putting this out there that if you're looking for a stroller that will expand with your family, you better buy the double now. Expansion parts won't be available a year from now. You'd think the company would have the decency to support their products for at least several years. Guess not.

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Needs a cup holder

Carolynn . 10 months ago

The stroller is amazing! I love it. I am only giving 4 stars ⭐️ because I cannot find an attachment for cup holder or something like the parent console. The one on the website doesn’t work for this stroller.

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Love love love!

LaurenS . 11 months ago

I love this stroller! It’s so smooth to push and looks so comfortable for my baby. I love how large the storage basket is.

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Not an all inclusive travel system

Chapin . 11 months ago

I really like this set but am a bit disappointed now that I received it. Based on photos online, it shows multiple pictures of the stroller being used with just the car seat. After receiving the eco stroller and the city go 2 car seat, the car seat does not fit into the stroller. You have to buy connectors for it. Now I have to come up with more money to buy those. I am just glad I purchased this weeks ahead so I can get prepared. They should really state something about this in the description so people know.

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Love this stroller!

Surprise5 . 11 months ago

I love the height of this stroller. I’m 5’7”, he’s 6’2”, and on baby #5 we finally have a stroller with a high enough handlebar that we’re not hunching over or having to walk so close to the stroller that we’re kicking it when we walk. The all-black, matte frame and the leatherette handlebar are so sharp looking. I can’t wait for some warmer months so we can take it outside more! My only complaint is that it doesn’t stand up on its own when folded. I don’t think I’ve ever had a stroller that does that and it would be really nice.

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Love this stroller

DaDz . 11 months ago

Bought this stroller for our first baby and are loving it. Love the basket underneath, there is so much room to put everything I need in it and more. We bought this stroller to use with multiple children but currently are only using it as a single stiller.

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Best Stroller Out There!

Aly12 . 11 months ago

I bought this stroller after owning an older model for my nanny kids. I have always been a baby jogger fan and when I saw the new stroller I knew I had to have it. It collapses so small and the leather accents are to die for. This stroller pushes so nicely compared to other high end models that are similar and believe me when I say I’ve used them all as a nanny.

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Loved it until needed 2nd seat

Mattie15 . 11 months ago

Loved this stroller. But now I’m ready for a second seat and Baby Jogger discontinued my model and no adapters or seats are available. So the investment I spend is now useless as the expensive LUX I bought can’t grow with my family. Very disappointed and wouldn’t recommend.

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CharlestonMom . 11 months ago

We love our baby jogger City Select stroller! Smooth ride for baby, light weight for mama, and tall enough for dad!

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Showing 1 - 20 out of 668 reviews