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Baby Brezza® Formula Pro Mini in White

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6 Years Later

Kelly T . 3 weeks ago

I’ Just purchased the mini because we had the formula pro with our first child. Loved it but it isn’t working six years later so we got another! Excited about the smaller design

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Amazing Makes Night Time Easy

Lizbeth R . 3 weeks ago

Love it !! received it as a gift’ easy for dads to use !! Wont be disappointed ☺️

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Huge Amount Of Water Leaks From Machine At Lest 3 Times A Day .

Marcelo R . 3 weeks ago

Machine is a huge help with a baby especially at night, but it’s not working properly and I can’t get if fixed

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tarynelizabeth.2003 . 3 weeks ago

first had the original brezza pro and it was huge and i’m not kidding it’s bigger than my coffee pot. decided to get the mini and i’m absolutely in love it about the size of the slim keurig it’s holds the same about of formula and water as the bigger ones. in this case go big or go home is not it!

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Convenient And Easy

Amanda R . 3 weeks ago

It’s so easy to set up and works great for all size bottles!

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Cannot buy extra funnels for this product!

Penny . 3 weeks ago

It is absolutely INSANE that you are selling a NEW Formula Pro Mini but you literally have no replacement funnels or parts for it "yet". And the company suggests getting multiple funnels so you are not having to clean them as frequently. Customer service reps state the company will consider sending once you provide a picture of the lot number (needing to take apart the machine since it is on the bottom) and proof of purchase (even though it was a registry item). As if someone would make up wanting to buy a funnel for this product?!!??! Cannot justify even placing on a registry if you are going to be cleaning funnel parts in the middle of the night with a baby.

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It’s Wonderful

Adrienne H . 3 weeks ago

It’s easy to use. The only reason it received a 4 star is because sometimes the milk comes out cold.

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Just Buy It

Keiyonna C . 3 weeks ago

I love it! I have a fussy baby when she wakes up from sleeping but this helps tremendously cause it makes the bottle super fast

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Mini Pro

Ashley B . 4 weeks ago

Love this machine! Wanted the portability of the mini and this is perfect for travel use and our smaller counter space.

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Love It

Philip B . 4 weeks ago

Works great; wish it had the same temperature setting as regular pro.

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So Convenient And Easy

Julia M . 4 weeks ago

I love it, makes middle of the night bottles so much easier and quick!

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I Like It But

Sonia A . 1 month ago

I like it, I mean I’m all in on baby brezza products just kinda wish it was smaller, it’s almost as large as our regular one.

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Super Fast

Rachel I . 1 month ago

We bought two. I do wish that it would come with the riser and an extra funnel.

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Great Product

Emily H . 1 month ago

Great product to help meet my child’s feeding demands

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Mini Pro

Troyneisha B . 1 month ago

i just got mines in the mail and i was so happy because i was so tired of scooping and shaking bottles i love this - and i just order the bottom part to make it higher for taller bottles cause i didn’t know about that until after the fact but other this that i love this

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It’s Great

Hannah W . 1 month ago

Weird set up with formula but once you have the chart it’s good

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Great, But.....

AMY I . 1 month ago

The machine works wonderfully, but I find formula piled up inside that should have been in the bottles.

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Life Changer!

On You S . 1 month ago

This is so convenient for mamas who are combining breast and formula!

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Loving It!

Melissa W . 1 month ago

Making life so easy! We can bring it to the bedroom for midnight feedings, we can always it with us to grandparents house, or leave it in the kitchen. It’s the best!

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Anthony L . 1 month ago

This machine is one of the best products for my little one

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Showing 1 - 20 out of 172 reviews