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Aveeno® Baby® 5-Count Eczema Therapy Soothing Bath Packs

197 Reviews

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Most Helpful Positive Review


undefined.9 years ago

My Baby Was born at 34 Weeks, he was 4 Pounds and his skin was every bit as fragile as he was. Until this day, he can only use Aveeno Wipes, and the barrier cream or else his skin flares. Because he is so sensitive, when he cries he still gets red spots on his face that look like pimples, and his Eczema flares on his face at 6 months. So Yesterday I did what I should have done long ago, I prepared his bath, and slipped him in with his toys to see if it really worked. 1 day later, he looks like a different baby, his skin is soft, and I mean SOFT! he is happy, he isn´t Scratching his face like crazy anymore if ever, and the RED marks, and bumps are GONE! so all I have to say is, Thank you Team Aveeno, for making me and most of all My baby, HAPPY! sincerely, A Happy MOM

Most Helpful Critical Review

Symptons after using the product

Sunflower.9 years ago
Not Recommended

I used a whole bag of the power for my hand and forearm eczema, I soaked in prepared product for about 5 minutes. Afterwards I went to bed sleep. The following morning when I woke up, I felt my eyes and throat very, very dry. I use water to rinse my eyes and to gargle my throat vigorously. I believe these symptoms were caused by one ingredient - calcium silicate - in the product ( If the product is applied to a baby, the baby will not be able to express his/her feelings and that can have serious consequence. I believe this ingredient should be eliminated in the baby skincare products.


|4 years ago
We want to hear more about this. Give us a call at 1-866-428-3366. We're available Monday-Friday 9AM-5:30PM ET. When you call mention your username to our team. We hope to chat soon!

customer reviews

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Helps alot

nadiaeli . 4 weeks ago

My child has dry skin also my daughter. And I put this daily. And it really keeps their skin healthy and the eczema is not dry and it helps to not crack or itch. I highly recommend it make sure you are consistent

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Aveeno baby eczema therapy soothing bath treatment

davynes . 4 weeks ago

It helps with eczema and leaves my little sisters skin very soft and nice her eczema is starting to get better she not scratching as much as she was .

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Great for eczema

mommapx4 . 1 month ago

We use this when our little has a bad eczema outbreak. We try to minimize their triggers, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. We also try not to use topical steroids, so this bath treatment is a helpful tool.

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jessia2258 . 1 month ago

My son has been dealing with excema since he was a baby and this is definitely a staple in our routine care we try to do this atleast once every few weeks unless we are having a flair up and then we use a few times a week and it definitely is a miracle worker

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great for bath time!

alexiso64 . 1 month ago

having eczema flare ups are the worst especially for babies but it seriously helps to soothe baby’s skin and after bath time it’s clear that it actually works!

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Great for eczema and diaper irritation

bondh . 1 month ago

One daughter had terrible diaper rash and irritation and this really helped soothe the hurt. It was also very helpful with her eczema flares and didn’t dry out the skin.

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Easy to use

The24/7Mommy . 2 months ago

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] My babies have sensitive skin and I use this twice a week.

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Soothing for Baby's Skin & Eczema!

Kf3355705 . 2 months ago

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Bath treatment is soothing for babies and small children.

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Soothing Even for Adults

ammorganponders . 2 months ago

I love this product. I have sensitive skin. Aveeno baby is perfect because of its oatmeal skin protectant. It leaves my skin feeling soft. Perfect for a nice warm bath.

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10/10 soothing for all types of skin

liiishaaaaa . 2 months ago

This is a product that the entire family can use. Even if you don’t have skin issues this product is very soothing and hydrating for the skin.

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Aveeno eczema bath

eliza21xo . 2 months ago

This eczema bath treatment really soothes my babies skin as a newborn. He had very dry skin and I would use this at bathtime. Seemed to calm his skin down and kept it nice and hydrated.

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Best boost for dry skin

tonir41 . 2 months ago

This is a great option for kids with eczema that are not tolerant of other skin treatments or formulas. I would highly suggest this brand for the ingredients and the fact that it smells really nice unlike other baby products.

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Aveeno baby eczema therapy soothing bath works gre

tarynm11 . 3 months ago

I bought Aveeno baby eczema therapy soothing bath for my daughter. She suffers from eczema. I was not sure how good it would work. I have tried so many that didn't work. To my surprise it worked! It left her skin so soft and didn't make her itch at all. I tried it and loved it also. It made my skin soft too. I definitely recommend trying Aveeno eczema bath if your child suffers from eczema.

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kimmiehoogc . 3 months ago

We use this when our kids have diaper rash or any other type of skin irritation. The product really calms down their skin, it is amazing.

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kavitam3 . 3 months ago

I love these oatmeal baths. I give my baby one at least once a week. It’s very hydrating on her skin. I also pair it with the body wash and lotion

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Great For My Daughter

pattyb18 . 3 months ago

My daughter has bad eczema all over her body and it don't take much to make her have a break out and this stuff is about the only thing besides oatmeal that will soothe her skin. It's been her favorite out of everything we have tried and we have tried so many products. I highly recommend it for anyone with eczema and sensitive skin.

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This product really helps with eczema.

marharytap . 3 months ago

This does really work! My son suffers from eczema since he was a baby, and very few products actually help, this is one of them. He is a bit scared of it as I put it in the bath water (it makes the water cloudy), but soon after he forgets about it. It relieves the itchiness, makes skin softer after just one use.

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Ehh mostly oatmeal.

breed21 . 3 months ago

If you have a mortar and pestle or something to grind oatmeal then just do so with cooking oatmeal. I was disappointed because the main thing listed was collodial oatmeal. I used regular oatmeal before and this product was obky slightly easier to clean. My son did try eating both oatmeal and this bath. He didnt get sick and it seemed to do okay for his excema.

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kylie952 . 3 months ago

i have sensitive skin and i definitely liked this when i need my skin to relax and it definitely soothes my skin great!!!

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Great stuff!

hannahb550 . 3 months ago

I always have this product in my house! Great for my daughter who suffers from eczema. I would definitely recommend this oatmeal bath! Also great for poison ivy!

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Showing 1 - 20 out of 197 reviews