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Aveeno® Baby® 18 oz. Calming Comfort Bath

391 Reviews

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391 reviews ·398 ratings


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customer reviews

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Best smell

pamelabeatriz . 2 weeks ago

My baby was not sleeping very good, and we were starting a bed routine which included this calming bath. The smell is amazing and every night after bath my baby would go to sleep and was a lot calmer

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A Delight for Baby

cricket . 3 weeks ago

This calming and comforting bath smells so good, and leaves baby clean and fresh with no irritation. Doesn't sting eyes or cause any redness.

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mariahj1619 . 3 weeks ago

This is a nice bath wash for my daughter, especially before bed. It has scents of lavender and just smells nice all around. It made my daughter's skin soft and I'm not sure if it was the bath or the wash, but she is calmer before bed when we use this and bath her. Aveeno is gentle on her skin and that's what we like!

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My son loved his nighttime routine. Warm bath then

kellyr253 . 4 weeks ago

My son loved his nighttime routine. Warm bath then a massage with Aveeno baby calming comfort then snuggles. He always fell right asleep so I did it with my other son when he was born. It works like a charm.

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Rev1991 . 1 month ago

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I was using this product for my baby from 2 years.This was just amazing.Highley recommend .

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the best!

SSilva . 1 month ago

Recently switched to Aveeno baby products for my kids. Absolutely love these products. Makes my babies skin so soft.

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mama's favourite item

sandym . 1 month ago

This was my go to item when my kids were little. Used this in the bath for them and it made a huge difference!!

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valerief32 . 1 month ago

I would recommend every Aveeno product, I haven't tried one yet that I didn't like. This one is a good one, it cleans, smells good and helps calm things little guy that lives with me.

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Better than the best

mollyr94 . 1 month ago

This is all we have ever used on her. It leaves a sweet clean smelling baby, it’s gentle on her skin, and it helps us sleep better at night! A staple part of our night time routine!

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candicemason4da84e7c . 1 month ago

This product was so good! Very nice, had a nice scent, but not too overpowering, and gentle on baby’s skin! I definitely recommend!

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Love baths

xosanox . 2 months ago

My little ladies love bathtime when we use this soap. It is nice and soothing for them. It is cleansing while calming them and keeping their skin silky-smooth and fresh.

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Baby bath

aribat1 . 2 months ago

Use for my daughter for bedtime and it really helps make bedtime bath’s easier

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sharonm219 . 2 months ago

If you are looking for something gently on your baby skin this is the brand that you sjould go for. Not harsh on baby skin and scents arent strong

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Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 2 months ago

This smells so good and it really helps the little loves to relax in it smells so good not over powering and doesn’t irritate

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Baby aveeno

ashaleyd . 2 months ago

far no complications on my baby’s skin. Works well on sensitive skin too. Lotion is light and not too creamy. It smells good and it’s calming. The will be a perfect gift for baby shower… I highly recommend for sensitive skin

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amandas0914 . 2 months ago

I always use this Aveeno calming bath! It helps my son go to sleep all night, and it smells amazing as well!! I fed recommend!

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jennie111585 . 2 months ago

Absolutely love this brand m, the verity and the scents they offer. My go to brand for my little one. Love their verity packs as well

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Calming comfort for infant

laurens235 . 2 months ago

I love using this for bath time on my son and daughter. It calmed them with the lavender it didn’t have a strong smell and gentle on their skin.

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elizabethw207 . 2 months ago

Soft on the skin and for sensitive skin. My sister in law swears by this and uses this on all her children. Also no worries for strong fragrances it’s has a light smell.

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Works well

laikenb3 . 2 months ago

Used this on my daughter for awhile now. Smells great and works well. We both like it! I like that it had the calming aspect for night time baths.

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Showing 1 - 20 out of 391 reviews