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What can we help you find?What can we help you find?

Preparing for Your 2nd+ Baby


Congratulations on your growing family!

When it comes to preparing for your 2nd baby (or more), there are many benefits to having been there before. One of them? Many of the items you packed away after your first child outgrew them can be re-used by your second child!

For a number of reasons, however, there are several items you may want to buy new for your second child. The list below is designed to help you figure out where you may want to add to or replace items in your baby supply arsenal. We also recommend a personal shop with one of our expert registry consultants to walk you through your specific needs and concerns. While no appointment is necessary, you're sure to get one-on-one assistance when you call ahead.

New Safety Regulations

Some categories like cribs and car seats have passed more stringent safety regulations in recent years. Especially for car seats, safety standards are regularly reviewed. Your registry consultant can help you determine if your items are still compliant.

New Technology / Product Introductions

Some categories like bottles and monitors regularly update technology to make them more comfortable for your baby, easier for mom and dad to use and more convenient.

General Health & Hygiene

All the products that your first baby chewed on, peed on, pooped on or that came into contact with food and milk, may be ones you want to consider starting fresh with for baby 2+. Think about all your bedding, pacifiers, bottle nipples, breast pump accessories, and feeding or teething supplies.

New Gender or General Wear & Tear

Depending on the gender of your children and the level of wear & tear on any hand-me-downs, you may want to add to the layette, bedding and room decor you already own.

Make Life Easier

A double stroller!! Will both children still be stroller age? A double stroller or a standing platform for your stroller will be a great asset in getting everyone out and about.


Your everyday consumables are probably ready for a top up. Think about your supply of diapers, wipes, ointments, baby shampoo and diaper pail inserts.

Don't Forget About YOU

Pregnancy & postpartum skincare help keep your skin refreshed while gentle on the baby within.

And Celebrate Your New Big Sibling!!

Big sister/ big brother t-shirts and gifts from big to little and little to big all help your new big sibling feel a part of all the excitement.