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What can we help you find?What can we help you find?

Buying Guide to Strollers


Strollers make it easy to get your baby out and about. And there are so many fantastic styles - from simple umbrella strollers that fold and go for easy portability, to rugged jogging strollers that make handling rough terrain a breeze.

So how do you decide which stroller is right for you? Check out our guide to make it simpler to narrow down the field.


How do you think you'll use it?

Activity Choose
Lots of city walking and up and down subway stairs Choose a stroller that's lightweight for maximum portability.
Occasional strolls through the neighborhood and out-and-about excursions You can probably manage with a more basic model, including a larger stroller that doesn't have to fold so compactly.
Jogging or running A jogging stroller is a must - a standard stroller won't keep your baby comfortable or safe while you run. (You should only jog with your baby once your pediatrician gives the OK.)
Managing rough terrain A jogging or all-terrain stroller works on uneven terrain, or look for a standard model that has larger wheels and shock absorbers for a smoother ride.

How many children under 3 do you have?

One A single stroller will be just fine, but if you're thinking about more kids soon, get one that will last for baby number two!
Two or more You'll need a double (or larger) stroller to manage solo trips. If you find them too unwieldy, consider using a single stroller and a baby carrier. If you have an infant and an older toddler, look for a single stroller with a riding platform for your bigger kid.

Once you have decided how you will use the stroller, consider quality. You can get a good quality stroller in pretty much any expense level. But the higher-end models offer better materials and more features. These can include a lightweight frame, convenient one-touch folding mechanisms, the smooth ride of wide wheels, and even extra padding that will help keep baby more comfortable. Think about which 'nice-to-have' features are worth the investment to you. To help you decide check out the features section in this guide.