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What can we help you find?What can we help you find?

Buying Guide to Newborn Essentials


Congratulations! Welcoming the new baby means shopping for the essentials - and learning about all the different items your little one will need. To simplify your search, we've created this handy newborn essentials guide, which outlines exactly what you'll need and how much you'll need of it. And when you add items from this guide to your Baby Registry, shopping is super easy for gift-givers, too!

Newborn Essentials

Newborn Essentials

Note: Ages are approximate.

Item First 3 Months 3 to 24 Months 2 to 4 Years
1. Side-Snap Tees, You need 4-8 Don    
2. Receiving or Swaddling Blankets, You need 4-6 Don    
3. No-scratch mittens, You need 1-2 pairs Don    
4. Gowns, You need 2-4 Don    
5. Footies, You need 4-8 Don Don  
6. Bodysuits (Short and Long Sleeve), You need 4-8 of each Don Don  
7. Bibs and/or Burp Cloths, You need at least 6-8 Don Don  
8. Caps/Hats, You need 1-2 Don Don Don
9. Socks, You need 9-12 pairs Don Don Don
10. Separates, You need 4-6 T-Shirts/Tops, 3-5 Pants, 2-4 Sweaters   Don Don
11. Outfits   Don Don
12. Shoes, You need 1-2 pairs   Don Don
13. Blanket Sleepers/Wearable Blankets, You need 2-4   Don  
14. Seasonal Items Don Don Don