Interactive Toys

Parents who want to jump-start their young child's learning skills know that interactive toys are a great choice. Teaching a baby letters, shapes and numbers is fun and easy with a variety of interactive items, such as magnets, bath toys or sing-a-long DVDs. Your child's room becomes educational when it is decorated with letter and number items like rugs, mats, wall stickers and growth charts.

Alphabet-shaped and number-shaped refrigerator magnets and foam "floaties" encourage number and letter recognition. Refrigerator magnets are learning tools for young children to play with while you cook, and foam letters, numbers and shapes make bath time fun and educational (sticking to bathtub walls when wet). Instructional DVDs featuring alphabet and counting songs and rhymes are fun for your whole family to watch together, and they have the added bonus of enhancing musical skills in young children. Colorful rugs and foam mats featuring letters and numbers come in a variety of sizes and make decorative additions to your baby's room. Affix number and letter stickers and growth charts to your baby's bedroom walls to complete the educational motif.