Sesame Street

At the Sesame Street store at, your little one will figure out how to get to Sesame Street with the help from their friends, including Elmo, Cookie Monster, and more. With the variety of Sesame Street toys and, of course, friendly neighbors, they'll be able to let their imagination run wild with all of their favorites. Every door will open wide when you sit down and watch one of the numerous Sesame Street DVD movies that are available at If the television isn't your preference, you can take a magic carpet ride and look through our variety of Sesame Street books that feature Big Bird, Grover, Abby, Oscar, and the whole gang. Some of the books even make noise, giving your baby a wonderful way to interact with the colorful creations even before they understand the words inside. When they learn all they can from the playful plush, informative videos, and education–filled stories, they'll surely be able to figure out how to get to Sesame Street.