Bikes, Trikes, & Scooters

The best way to get your kid ready for bike riding as they get older is to start them young. Thanks to's wide variety of scooters, bicycles, and tricycles for kids, it's easier than ever to let your little one ride in a safe, fun manner. They can start with an easy trike that comes with a push bar, so you can help guide them along as they pedal away. From there, your child can move to a balance bike, where they can learn how to keep steady and steer, prepping them for a big kid bike. Of course, there are other wheeled options out there as well, including electric scooters for kids that let your child cruise around on a safe, electric–powered scooter. Your cool dude can even shred on a skateboard or longboard. Always remember that their noggin needs to be safely protected by one of our durable helmets. Whether your little one is just looking for their bearings or ready to ride on their own, we have the right ride for you and your kid.