Blocks, Stackers & Sorters

Parents of babies, toddlers and young children know the importance of building the mind through the early stages of development. Baby blocks, stackers and sorters encourage children of all ages to use their imaginations while learning new skills. They come in an assortment of shapes, colors and sizes suitable for your child's age. These learning tools hold educational value to stimulate your child's mind during playtime.Baby blocks are made from childsafe materials and are covered in soft fabric. Contrasting colors, different patterns and creative characters engage your baby during play. Stackers are made so they are easy to grasp and help develop eyehand coordination. Use sorters to aid your child in identifying shapes and understanding how pieces fit together. Blockers, stackers and sorters for toddlers and young children are made from wood and plastic. They provide more of a challenge and inspire your child to explore new methods of creativity.