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Toys for Infants

It often seems like yet another holiday or special occasion is right around the corner. Every occasion requires that you pick out a gift for the special people in your life. When it comes to gifts for babies, you have tons of options. Fortunately, we're here to help you make the right decision. Looking at our list of the top 100 toys is just one way to get an idea of the hottest toys. You'll find baby toys as well as playthings for toddlers and older kids who have better motor skills. Just make sure to stick with toys that are suitable for the child's age.

Babies and infants develop quite quickly. If you have a niece or nephew you only see a few times a year, you might be surprised when they go from barely sitting up to crawling quickly around the floor. The best baby toys come in designs that are suitable for those up to 6 months of age as well as kids between the ages of 6 and 12 months. Plush toys are popular with smaller babies because they love having something they can grasp in their little hands. Consider interactive toys that encourage them to move around such as a water table, too. Other baby toys for smaller kids include an activity mat with multiple activities they can enjoy on the ground and a teething ring that keeps their emerging teeth cool.

Once babies are 6 months old, you can start looking at toys for infants that make the most of their motor skills. Many kids in this age range love activity centers because they can do so many different things with them. Playmats usually have some type of image printed on a large rug that parents can place right on the floor. Infants love using their dolls and other toys to create stories that go along with the mat. Parents will love walkers and jumpers as much as their kids do. These toys allow kids to run around the house and build up their leg muscles.

Toddler toys are best suited for kids between the ages of 12 months and 3 years old. Little guys and gals who love vehicles will get a kick out of some car and truck toys designed just for them. These toys replace the old-fashioned metal parts with plastic parts and add large wheels and sounds. Foster a child's imagination with a play center such as a kitchen center that has lights and sounds. Play centers can also resemble the grills they see their parents use for cooking and food trucks or grocery stores that come with fake money and food that looks realistic.

The character shop is a good place to find toys for kids who are 3 or older. These children can move more easily and often talk quite a bit. They might love a wood vanity set for playing dress-up or a replica vacuum they can use all over the house. Don't forget about educational toys, either. Kids who love learning often get a kick out of toys that teach them new things, such as interactive desks and tablets for children. Puzzles and games appeal to most kids, too. Get help finding the best baby toys and toys for kids of all ages at buybuy BABY.