Reading is an essential part of childhood and bonding with your child as you read a bedtime story together is one of the many precious parts of parenting. Whether you are looking for a special new baby or birthday gift or seek to create an exciting introduction to reading for your little one, custom baby and toddler story books are a thoughtful purchase that will pay dividends over time. Personalized baby books make lasting memories and are destined to become cherished keepsakes.Browse our little library of story books specifically designed to be personalized – each book is put together in a way that makes it seem as if the book was written just for your child and no one else; when you find the perfect book, simply use your smart phone or tablet to upload the requested text (options are story-specific and might include your child’s first name, last name, gender, hair color, siblings’ names and the like) and we’ll take care of the rest, ensuring that your personalized baby story books are created and delivered exactly as specified.Grandparent alert: imagine how enchanted your grandchild will be when they visit, and you share a special story by reading together from a book that bears their name. Give little ones’ pride of ownership by presenting a personalized story book they won’t find anywhere else.New baby? Custom baby books are the perfect gift for the new parents or baby; don’t overlook siblings: for the new big brother or big sister, a custom story book detailing how great a sibling can be makes a perceptive and welcome gift that will not soon be forgotten.Taking care of books and toys is important, as is sharing. When you give children story books bearing their name, it can help to reinforce the importance of treating belongings with care; personalized books are also a good way to encourage sharing of experiences and possessions.