Got kids? Then you’ve got stuff. Kids and stuff just go together, and when kids go places, they want to take their stuff too. Backpacks and totes let your little one bring books, toys, snacks and more wherever they go – daycare, preschool, a trip to grandma’s or a play date – it’s all good when they’ve got their favorite things at their fingertips.Personalized backpacks make it easy for your child to keep track of their stuff while leaving hands free to play, carry a beverage or a favorite toy, plus it’s fun to have something all your own and marked with your name. Browse our selection of kids backpacks any time for ideas; when you find the perfect backpack for your little one, simply use your smart phone or tablet to upload the desired text (initial, monogram, name or nickname), choose a font or thread color if those options are offered, and we’ll see that your custom kids backpack is delivered as specified. How cool is that?Looking for a fun and functional child’s birthday gift? Personalized kids backpacks are the perfect gift and select custom backpacks ship in as few as 1 to 3 days so it’s easy to hit deadlines on short notice. Your child’s name will be skillfully embroidered on the backpack, so it won’t be mistaken for another child’s – what a great way to start the first day at school plus it’s perfect for sleepovers and travel.You only have two hands, and one of them usually holds your cell phone and car keys, so an extra hand is always helpful. Personalized backpacks for toddlers free up your hands and theirs, making it easier to go places with your little one and do what needs to be done.Sending your child to daycare or preschool? Pack snacks, juice packs, toys and more – personalized preschool backpacks keep littles ones organized and ready to tackle the school day with everything they need.