Personalized Gear

If you love it, put a name on it! You love your baby and you love your baby stuff – personalize your baby gear with your little one’s initial, monogram, photo or name for even more love. Looking for a great baby gift? Personalized baby gifts make a lasting impression and are certain to be used and appreciated. Check out our selection of popular baby gear including stroller blankets, car seat covers, diaper bags, nap mats, backpacks, totes bags, changing mats, luggage and more – each item is ready to be personalized so you can create a completely custom baby gift you won’t find anywhere else.New parent? It can be overwhelming, so take it one step at a time. Selecting a stroller is important; make it your own with a personalized stroller blanket. Keep your little one warm and cozy in chilly weather or drape it over the canopy for privacy and shade; monogram it to add a personal touch and create a lasting keepsake. Personalized baby gear helps to eliminate mix-ups at daycare or in the car and helps to prevent lost stuff, plus it makes it easy for your child to identify their belongings.Need some fun and functional custom baby gear gift ideas? Nap time is easy when you cozy up on a nap mat with your name on it; personalized backpacks carry snacks, toys and school work with style. Mine, mine, mine – a personalized tote bag bearing your name in bright colors or a favorite family photo stands out in the crowd – a picture of your pet makes it even more fun. Going places? Personalized luggage is easy to find on a baggage carousel plus little ones feel special when they drag wheeled luggage embellished with their name. Make a name for yourself when you give personalized gifts to family and friends – you’ve got this!