Rail Guards

Creating the perfect nursery is just one of the many joys of planning for the new arrival. Whether you are expecting, adopting or looking for the perfect baby gift, a personalized addition to the nursery is always welcome, and cozy crib bedding helps to keep baby safe and warm. Regarding crib safety, crib rail guards protect your little one as well as your crib. Keep your baby from chewing on the crib rails and potentially ingesting wood or other harmful materials while also reducing the likelihood of bumps and bruises by cushioning an otherwise hard surface with padded crib protectors; protect your crib finish and complete the look of your nursery at the same time.Create a completely custom look in your nursery when you personalize the crib railing protectors with your baby’s initials, monogram or full name. Thoughtful gift ideas include personalized baby blankets, pillows and baby bedding bearing baby’s name or monogram. A monogram is a motif of two or more letters, generally initials, interwoven or presented in a decorative design; typically, the surname initial is the largest and central motif while given name initial(s) of the first and middle name are presented in a smaller font size to the left and right of the central letter.Monogrammed or personalized crib bedding is the hallmark of an elegant nursery, and it’s easy to introduce this sophisticated touch and put the finishing touches on your nursery when you add personalized protective crib rail covers. Quilted tie-on rail guards are an alternative to crib bumpers and help to preserve your crib for later use; they may coordinate with or complement your current crib bedding and are an easy and affordable way to update the look of your nursery. Put the focus on your little one with custom monogrammed crib bedding and celebrate your family name.