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As a future mother, you probably spend a lot of time getting your nursery ready and making sure you have everything your baby needs. You should make sure that you have the maternity essentials that you need, too. The right clothing will keep you more comfortable than your old clothing does. You can even pick pieces with elastic panels and other features that grow as your baby grows inside you. From maternity clothing to body pillows, you'll find it all here at buybuy BABY.

Most women wear their old clothes during the first trimester. Depending on how fast your baby grows and how comfortable you want to feel, you might switch to maternity clothing when you're four to five months along or further in your pregnancy. The best clothing will fit comfortably today and once you give birth. You can snag a new pair of jeans and some tees for relaxing around the house and doctor's appointments or pick up some clothing that is suitable for the office. Maternity clothing even comes in designs that are suitable for a day at the office or anywhere else you work. Shop for clothing from some of your favorite brands like Elvia and Bee & Willow.

Pregnant women often suffer from aches and pains in their backs and other parts of their bodies. Shopping for maternity shapewear and other essentials can help you reduce some of the pain you feel. It's easy to pick up a support belt in a neutral color that matches your skin tone. No one will even know you have it on under your clothing. If you aren't ready to announce your bundle of joy, go with a corset or similar shapewear that hides your bump. You can also use shapewear under your clothing when you want to create smooth and sleek lines. There are even slips and leggings that compress your body to prevent swelling.

First-time mothers usually aren't sure what they need. Here at buybuy BABY, we help you find the maternity essentials that you'll need during and after your pregnancy. Do you have trouble sleeping and find that you can never find a comfy position? Pick up a body pillow to get the sleep that you need. Body pillows come in different designs that include those you can wrap your whole body around and others that provide support when you sleep on your side. Other pillows allow you to use them in multiple ways to get comfy in any position. We also have lumbar support pillows you can use when sitting on the couch or in an office chair and wedge pillows that fit behind your back.

At buybuy BABY, you can create a registry that includes the maternity essentials you need today and in the coming months along with everything you want for your new baby. Once you create a registry, you can share it online and let your loved ones know which gifts you prefer. You can add maternity jeans and coats to your registry along with dresses and socks. We also have tights and leggings that are perfect for pregnant women of all sizes. Don't forget that you can shop on our website or schedule your pickup from a local store. Find all of the maternity essentials you need today at buybuy BABY.