You protect your child in the car by using a car seat, but what about when you are out in a crowd or on an airplane – a safety harness is one way to keep tabs on your little one and add another measure of safety. There are many different types of child harnesses; a backpack harness is a popular choice for parents who have concerns about the perception of putting their child on a leash. Typically the backpack features a detachable lead or rein which allows the caregiver to hold on to the backpack and thus remain attached to the child. An airplane safety harness provides an added measure of safety for children old enough to be in their own seat but too small for the seat belt alone to provide adequate protection. Use a kids harness to help your child learn to walk by balancing naturally without tugging or twisting little arms; a security harness keeps children nearby while walking in crowded places or while seated in a high chair, booster seat or stroller.